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The resort town of Albena offers pleasant vacations for visitors of all ages! Among the major resorts of Bulgaria, Albena is one of the youngest, most progressive, and loveliest destinations for a wonderful holiday with your family. The excellent natural conditions, crystal-clear air, mild marine climate, lush and diverse vegetation, gentle warm sea, and a 7-kilometer-long beach strip with silky fine sand make the resort highly suitable for both children and their parents. Albena is truly a special destination where the beauty and energy of nature can improve your health and wellbeing! The resort of Albena sits in a magnificent, vibrant bay in the northern part of the Black Sea coast, just 30 kilometers away from the sea capital of Bulgaria, Varna, in the territory of the Baltata State Nature Reserve.

However, before visiting all the sights and other places of interest, every guest faces the need to find a solution for the transportation question. Of course, public transport or a taxi is always an option. But if you want to build your routes independently of the bus schedules and to avoid getting deceived by dishonest taxi drivers, the best way to solve this problem is to get a car for rent in Albena. And the best car rental conditions in this or any other location in the country are offered by Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria. This car rental company has a large fleet comprising several dozens of vehicles for every taste, purpose, and budget. We can offer anything you may need: from small city cars to executive saloon cars and spacious minibusses. Moreover, our company’s rental car prices in Albena are the most favorable on the market of car rental services in Bulgaria!

The Albena resort is well-known far beyond Bulgaria’s borders for its clean and neat landscaping. The lawns, parks, alleys, benches, arbors, flower beds – everything is invariably well-groomed. The town received the Blue Flag Award for the high level of environmental cleanliness and protection. Albena is the first private resort in Bulgaria; it is considered a single complex and owned by one legal entity. Therefore, not only the adjacent grounds of hotels are well taken care of; the whole territory of the town is well-maintained.

Albena’s beach is the widest in Bulgaria. The strip of pure white-golden sand sometimes reaches a width of 250-300 meters. Off the coast of Albena, the sea is shallow, which makes it perfect for children – they can play in the shallow water without any issues or fears. On the beaches of the resort, the sea bottom is clean, without stones and seaweed. For an additional fee, you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach.

The climate of Albena is surprisingly favorable. The average air temperature ranges from +24° С to +27° С, while the water temperature is stable at the level of +25° С. July and August are the most suitable time for a beach vacation at the resort, which is why these months are the peak season when Albena sees the greatest number of visitors.

Some of the must-see attractions in Albena are the Historical Museum and the Ikon Gallery. You can also go to the beautiful old town of Balchik that houses the residence of the Romanian Queen Maria and the picturesque Botanical Garden. Not far from Albena, there lie the ruins of the Arat Teke monastery with the majestic seven-dome tomb of St. Ak-Azal-Babu. This landmark is incredibly impressive even in its current ruined state.

It is both educational and entertaining to visit the village of Obrochishte with its well-preserved Ottoman fortress or the nearby villages of Aspsrukhovo and Gabyrnitsa. Here tourists can learn the secrets of ancient Bulgarian crafts and treat themselves to various types of bee honey. In general, tourism offers are numerous, so every guest of Albena will be able to find a trip that suits their interest.

A harmonious addition to the beautiful coast is the Baltata Nature Reserve. Established in 1978, it is of particular interest to scientists. The Baltata Forest that occupies 183.2 hectares along the Batov River valley is the most northern liana forest in Europe. Albena’s proximity to this unique reserve with diverse flora and fauna encourages the resort management to strictly adhere to the EU-approved environmental standards and make a solid effort to preserve the environment. This also boosts the resort’s prestige and allows tourists to fully enjoy the wonderful nature of this corner of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, with its diverse vegetation, fresh air, neat beaches, and clear seawater.

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Hotels and car rentals in Albena – everything a tourist needs to know

The hotels of the Albena resort provide for a pleasant, comfortable, and relaxing vacation. The resort hotels are situated on hills in the park area and on the seashore, offering beautiful park and sea panoramas. Even if your hotel is located far from the coast, you won’t have to take a long walk to the beach. The hotels provide free buses or mini-trains that take the guests to the beach. But there is another, more convenient option: using the services of Sky Rent A Car in Albena and ordering a rental car by phone or online.

With Sky, it’s very simple to rent a car in Albena, Bulgaria. This option is neither time-consuming nor expensive. To acquire a car for rent in Albena, you need to contact us by phone or e-mail and tell us the make and model of the car you are interested in. If you have not yet made your choice, our specialists will be happy to help you. The next step is to specify the time and place of your arrival in the town. Once your application is approved, you can reserve a rental car in Albena and pick it up upon arrival. Rest assured that our representative will be waiting for you at the exact appointed time in the specified location. They will bring along the full package of documents for the rented car, which will allow you to travel comfortably and safely not only in Albena but throughout the country. After receiving brief instructions and signing the necessary papers, you can set off on a long and fascinating journey through sunny Bulgaria. All of our rental cars are provided without any mileage restrictions whatsoever. So grasp this opportunity to dive headlong into the beautiful atmosphere of Bulgaria and admire the sea, beautiful plains, magnificent mountains, and golden sands at the best resorts of the country.

Besides, Sky Rent A Car takes the matter of protecting the health and safety of clients very seriously. Therefore, we only offer rental cars that are fully technically sound. All vehicles in our fleet undergo regular maintenance at specialized shops. This gives you a guarantee that your trip by a Sky rental car will be devoid of unpleasant road situations associated with vehicle breakdowns or failures. We can guarantee that if you opt for the car rentals in Albena from Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria, you will never regret your choice and you will want to rent a car from us again during your next vacation in Bulgaria. Worth noting, our fleet of rental cars comprises mainly modern vehicles with advanced active and passive safety systems. This guarantees not only a high level of comfort but also a superb degree of safety in the event of an accident.

The symbol of the Albena resort is Dobrudja Hotel, which is situated a mere 150 meters away from the beach area. The hotel offers several restaurants with excellent international cuisine, a panoramic cafe, two day bars, indoor and outdoor pools, balneological and medical centers, a shopping mall, a business center, and other services.

In addition to Dobrudzhi, the resort has about 40 hotels with 2-5 stars, as well as comfortable villas with 2 or 3 stars. In recent years, many hotels in Albena have been renovated to meet the modern criteria of high-class vacationing. Most of the hotels are surrounded by landscaped green areas. The resort of Albena is well guarded and has a security system.

The hotel complex of five identical hotels located on the very seashore catches the eye of every vacationer. The hotels are Nona, Yelitsa, Boryana, Mura, and Slavuna; they offer their guests the highest level of comfort according to the All-Inclusive system.

It should be noted that recently almost all 3* and 4* hotels have switched to the well-known All-Inclusive system, even though initially the Bulgarian resorts did not specialize in this type of catering.

Albena is the only resort in Bulgaria that has a hotel intended exclusively for young people. It has an interesting and original name: COM Hotel.

Noteworthy is another distinctive feature of most Albena hotels. The housing and meals for children are free, which makes this resort a paradise for families with kids!

Albena is an all-around great vacation destination for children. In addition to children’s pools on the coast, water slides and bouncy castles, there are many original entertainments. The resort has an amusement park with a Ferris wheel designed for kids, as well as swings, slides, and stairs. There is also a miniature railway, an inflatable trampoline, an autodrome. Your children can ride a pony or a donkey, take part in a sandcastle competition or express themselves by drawing on the asphalt. Hotels additionally offer hourly animator and educator services at kindergartens and clubs.

Older children can drive a kart, ride a bicycle, skateboard, or play paintball and mini-golf – there are playgrounds for every activity. Your child will be happy with the variety of available entertainments.

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A vacation in Albena is always relaxing and worry-free with Sky car rentals Bulgaria

The Albena resort will suit the taste of fans of outdoor activities and sports. You can find both land-based and aquatic activities to your liking. Experienced trainers and instructors from sports schools will help you develop new skills so that your stay in Albena results in many fascinating memories.

Craving a beach vacation? In Albena, you will never get bored! Its beaches offer a range of amazing options: surfing, water skiing, jet skiing, diving, and boat trips.

The Albena sports base is considered one of the largest recreation and sports bases in Bulgaria and Europe. It boasts of a sports hall with multifunctional playgrounds for handball, table tennis and mini football, volleyball; there is a ground for field hockey, soccer fields, various types of tennis courts, swimming and diving pools. Nearby is a modern equestrian center with fields, riding halls, and training areas. Albena has the necessary facilities for a total of 42 sports.

In addition to professional facilities, the resort offers other sports and entertainment bases: climbing gyms, bowling centers, mini-golf courses; almost all hotels have gyms and aerobics rooms.
The high quality and swiftness of services, the professionalism of the staff, minimum requirements for customers, our low car rental prices in Albena, the option for ordering a car for rent online, and the service of delivering the rental car to any place in the country – thanks to all these features, our company has become an absolute leader in the car rental market of Bulgaria over the 10 years of operation. The correctness of our development vector is confirmed by the many positive Albena car rental reviews written by our satisfied clients. We invite you to join their ranks! Just call Sky Rent A Car in Albena and entrust your travels to professionals. Renting a car from Sky is the best investment in your comfort and safety during the vacation. We are sure you will not regret your choice!

A relaxing vacation in Albena offers plenty of ways for you to improve your health. The oxygenated fresh air, pristine nature, clean sea, medicinal herbs, and various natural products will help you gain strength and vigor. The well-organized balneological and medical centers can give you professional assistance in improving your health and wellbeing.

Do you want to enjoy the resort of Albena to the fullest extent? Do you want to travel between the resort complexes and visit all unique sights without limiting yourself to rigid schedules and routes? Contact Sky Rent A Car in Albena and acquire a vehicle for rent from professionals in the car rentals field. If you travel to Bulgaria by plane, you can rent a car at the office of Sky Rent A Car at the airport as soon as you arrive. Another option is to entrust your transportation to professional drivers provided by Sky – they will readily bring you to any location in the city at any time of the day. Sky Rent A Car in Albena also provides rental car delivery services – the car you ordered will be brought to the specified address at the appointed time.

If you aren’t familiar with the town of Albena and the vicinity, you won’t have to bother looking for addresses and directions if you rent a car with GPS in Albena. To make your stay in Bulgaria unforgettable, interesting, convenient, and exciting, you just need to contact Sky Rent A Car in Albena and place an order at favorable conditions. Ordering a rental car in Albena online from Sky takes only a couple of minutes – roughly as long as a phone call at Sky’s round-the-clock phone number: +359 894 622 363.

Among all the companies offering cars for rent in Albena, Sky Rent A Car is undoubtedly the best choice. Our company offers affordable rental cars in Albena for trouble-free and relaxing trips throughout Bulgaria. When choosing a rental vehicle, keep in mind that Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria offers many additional options: snow chains, a roof rack, GPS, child seats, and much more. We guarantee that our car rental services in Albena will allow you to forget about the stress and worries associated with traveling. Entrust your transportation to us, so that you can fully enjoy a tranquil and relaxing vacation with your family, friends, and loved ones.

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