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General information about the Balchik resort

rental car balchik bulgaria
rent a car balchik bulgaria

The blue sea, lush greenery, white cliffs, houses with red tile roofs – Balchik is considered a true gem of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Guests and tourists get to plunge into the mesmerizing atmosphere created by the ancient history, wonderful nature, as well as the comfort and tranquility of the town of Balchik.

The resort town of Balchik is located 40 kilometers away from the city of Varna, in one of the cozy Black Sea bays shielded by Cape Kaliakra.

Balchik is one of the many ancient towns on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The settlement received its name due to the surrounding white cliffs (“Balchik” stands for “white”). Today, the white-stone town is a popular recreation and tourism destination. The wonderful, mild climate, the diversity of the flora, the well-established hospitality industry, and the friendliness of locals give a unique charm to vacations in Bulgaria.Balchik is an inimitable and peculiar town. Its streets are situated on the slopes of the mountains, which creates unmatched panoramas. Every house in Balchik has a character, although all of them feature the quaint coastal style. Balchik is especially beautiful when you’re looking at it from the seaside. It’s particularly vibrant in summer and spring when the flowers and greenery are abundant. The resort does not get a large number of tourists; the locals have a quiet and calm life. Balchik is a place of harmony and tranquility. You just enjoy your life here, without any hassle, worries, or stress. Many people come here for a family vacation.

Balchik has all the necessary conditions for a wonderful vacation. It has cozy sandy beaches, a calm sea, several kilometers of the coast with a port, various cafes and restaurants with good cuisine, balneologicalcenters and mineral springs, a yacht club with the best equipment, and most importantly – affordable prices. Vacationers, especially those who appreciate historical heritage and culture, choose Balchik for its peculiar architecture and unusual terrain. Situated in proximity to the big cities of Bulgaria, Balchik is suitable not only for a long vacation; you can enjoy unforgettable excursions here.

There are three city beaches in Balchik: new, palace, and central. Central Beach is the largest; there are paid sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as a cold mineral water spring. New Beach complex is located near DvataPetela Hotel. This beach is the smallest, but it is the most suitable for swimming. It has a gentle comfortable entry into the sea and a lovely sandy beach with paid sunbeds and umbrellas. The beach also has a private pool and a water slide.

Palace Beach is located next to the park “Summer Residence of the Romanian Queen Marie”. It is a narrow strip of sand between the sea and the promenade.

In fact, you can swim in any place on the resort’s coast: near the Palace, the descent into the water is fitted with steps; the bottom is sandy; there is a concrete embankment.

The climate at the resort is mild, temperate continental. The long summer is warm and great for sunbathing and swimming from May until September. The sunny days and fresh, quiet nights will make your holiday inBalchik unique and unforgettable.

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car hire in balchik bulgaria

Car rentals in Balchik, Bulgaria

The hotels of Balchik are famous for their fairly high level of service. Hotels with 2, 3, and 4 stars welcome guests of the resort. The early booking option allows you to save on your hotel expenses, provided that you arrange your vacation in Bulgaria in advance. The hotels are situated in picturesque places along the coast or in the depths of the park, so an unforgettable view from the window is guaranteed, while the homely comfort will add a special touch to your stay. Almost everyone comes here for a family vacation, with children of different ages.

Balchik is an ancient town with a rich history. However, the history of Balchik as a resort started only recently – at the beginning of the 20th century, when Queen of Romania Marie of Edinburgh chose this destination for her summer residence. It was built according to the projects of Italian architects and designers. Her residence included a three-story central palace in the oriental style with a towering minaret, stone arbors with astonishing columns, and several modern buildings for private time and leisure, including several guest villas. The mixture of Eastern and European styles is largely due to the queen’s desire to bring the Muslim and Christian faiths closer.

The queen’s throne has an unusual design; it was erected under a dilapidated tree on the lower level that overlooks the beach. Sitting here, Queen Marie enjoyed watching the sunset. Of particular note is the small chapel – originally built on the island of Crete, it was soon dismantled and moved to the queen’s residence.

In 1955, a botanical garden was founded in the territory of the park, and it is still considered the most magnificent garden on the Balkan Peninsula. It is one of the most popular attractions in Balchik. Some of its numerous highlights and peculiarities are the broad alleys, more than 250 species of cacti, 200 species of trees, and innumerable exotic flowers. The pride of the Botanical Garden is the alley with about 250 species of aloe and cacti. The extraordinary collection of roses is a unique work of park art. More than 50 different species create a continuous alley of colorful flower garlands that bloom throughout May-August to the utmost delight of visitors.

Many tourists are attracted by the local ancient parable about the silver well of wishes. They say that a person whose soul is burdened with sins will not be able to see his or her reflection in this well, and few dare to gaze into the abyss. (In reality, this phenomenon does not depend on one’s sins; it is caused by the solar incidence angle.) Another belief is, if you toss a coin over your shoulder into the well, your wish will come true.

The main attraction in the resort town is the Historical Museum located in the town’s central square. Fans of ancient history will appreciate the original exhibits that date back to the Bronze Age. The museum’s display allows you to admire the magnificent Roman and Greek statues.

The Ethnographic Museum in Balchik is situated in the picturesque restored house of Atanas Shterev, who was a wheat merchant. It is viewed as a marvelous monument of the country’s historical heritage. The museum displays the material culture of peoples of the past years, as well as the formation of local arts and crafts. The samples of furniture, household utensils, and the interiors of urban and peasant dwellings allow guests to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Bulgaria of the late 19th century.

Connoisseurs of architecture will enjoy a stroll through the wonderful architectural complex of the Bulgarian Renaissance epoch. The perfectly preserved brick and stone houses have two, sometimes three floors. The upper floors overhang the lower floors, which was typical of that period. In combination with wooden structures, such a design imparts the houses with a special lightweight feeling.

It would be impossible to visit all the sights and places of interest without a reliable vehicle. There are several options for solving the transportation issue. The most common one is to use public transport. However, this option is not very convenient for a modern tourist or a guest in our town. Despite the well-developed bus system, it’s not uncommon for public transport to be crowded, which can make your travels significantly less comfortable and pleasant. Besides, traveling by bus ties you to rigid timetables and routes, which can prevent you from fully enjoying your vacation and the places of interest. There’s also the risk of making a mistake and getting on the wrong bus. Another solution is ordering a taxi. Of course, this option has obvious advantages. But a strong downside is the ubiquitous dishonest drivers who frequently deliberately overprice their services for foreign tourists. Thus, the best possible solution to the transportation issue is renting a car. In this case, you pay a fixed sum per day of using the rented car, regardless of the distance traveled.

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Renting a vehicle from Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria in Balchik

As a successful car rental company with more than 10 years of solid experience, Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria offers the best car rental conditions in Balchik and many other cities of the country. Customers are not required to provide a large package of documents and have the option to reserve a rental car in Balchik Bulgaria  remotely, via a phone call or email. The low requirements and affordable car rental prices in Balchik, Bulgaria, have brought us among the leaders in the sphere of car rental services, as evidenced by the multitude of positive Balchik car rental reviews posted by our customers.

Our large fleet of vehicles allows you to book a rental car in Balchik for any purpose and task, from small cars for city trips to spacious minibusses for a large and tight-knit family of travelers.

If you want to enjoy the resort of Balchik, to visit all of its complexes and unique sights on your own, you can do this with comfort after contacting Sky Rent A Car in Balchik, where you can easily obtain a car for hire.

If you’re going to arrive by plane, you can book a car from Sky Car rental in Balchik Bulgaria in advance and then pick your vehicle at the airport. Another convenient option is to entrust your travels to the professional drivers provided by Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria Balchik, who will readily take you to any location in the city.

Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria, Balchik also provides rental car delivery services: our representative will bring your rental vehicle to the specified location at the appointed time.

Applying for a car rental will only take a few minutes of your time. You need to contact our employees in any way convenient for you; name the car you are interested in; specify the time and place where want to receive it; confirm the reservation of the rental car. Exactly at the appointed time and place, our representative will be waiting for you with the full package of documents necessary for the comfortable use of the rental car. After signing the papers and receiving brief instructions, you can set off on a long and exciting journey in your car for hire in Balchik, enjoying the sunshine, sea, joy, and smiles, completely immersed in the atmosphere of your vacation or business trip.

Through the efforts of our company, car rentals in Balchik Bulgaria are no longer an expensive and time-consuming service requiring an extensive package of documents. We care about your comfort and safety, which is why the paperwork takes minimal effort and all the vehicles we offer for rent are regularly inspected to eliminate the possibility of unforeseen road situations. With a rental vehicle from Sky Rent A Car in Balchik, you will reach your destination in full accordance with your plans. Moreover, we pay special attention to protecting your life and health in the event of an accident, which is why our vehicles for rent meet all the requirements of active and passive safety for both the driver and passengers.

If you aren’t familiar with your destination and wish to avoid the hassle associated with finding the necessary addresses and directions, the most convenient option for you is to rent a car with GPS. To make your stay and travels unforgettable, interesting, and exciting, just contact Sky Rent A Car in Balchik Bulgaria and book a rental car on advantageous terms. Ordering a rental car in Balchik online takes only a couple of minutes – hardly longer than a phone call at our round-the-clock line: +359 894 622 363.

Car rental offices of the Sky company are available in all major cities of Bulgaria. This ensures high-quality and fast services to all guests coming to Bulgaria. The proximity of our offices to the airports of Bulgaria saves your time on car rental services in Balchik. The Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria consultants will meet you at the airport and give you all the necessary assistance for an enjoyable and comfortable stay in the resort town. The company has a variety of cars and offers them at some of the lowest car rental prices in Balchik – and throughout the country. Renting a vehicle from Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria, Balchik you can be sure you’ve struck an excellent deal. If you need to book a rental car in Balchik, it’s best to resort to professionals. And Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria is rightfully considered the best company in the sphere of car rentals in Bulgaria.

The excellent climatic conditions, mineral springs, magnificent architecture – these are the exceptional component of an unforgettable vacation at the Balchik resort. And a rental vehicle from Sky Rent A Car in Balchik will ensure you remember the vacation as a carefree, inexpensive, and highly enjoyable experience.

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