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The company Sky car hire Bulgaria has car rental offices in the cities of Sofia, Varna and Burgas. We have been successfully working on the car rental market in Bulgaria for more than 10 years, which is confirmed by numerous reviews of car rental from our clients. The secret of the impeccable reputation of Sky car hire Bulgaria lies in the professionalism of our employees, fast work speed, round-the-clock customer support and inexpensive car rental. Be sure that cheap car rental in Bulgaria is possible only with us. Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of experience in the field of car rental, and we offer you to use the car rental services in Bulgaria in our company, evaluating the quality of our service. In order to do this, you only need a couple of minutes of your time and a few simple steps. Renting a Car Bulgaria is very simple: you either need to visit personally one of the offices of Sky car hire Bulgaria, or contact our specialists by phone or email address, according to the contact information that can be seen on our website, then name the make and model of the car that you would like to rent, name the time and place where you would like to pick up your car for rent, book a car and, after processing your application, rent a car. Thanks to the efforts of our company, you can now rent a Car Bulgaria in a matter of minutes and with a minimum set of documents. You can book rental cars remotely, which is especially convenient if you don’t know the city well and don’t want to waste time looking for our office. You can be absolutely sure that a representative of Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria with the car you like will be waiting for you exactly at the time and place you have appointed.
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Bulgaria is a wonderful country with a moderate continental climate, located on the Balkan Peninsula. On the southern side, it borders on Greece and Turkey, on the western side – with Macedonia and Serbia, and on the north side – with Romania. Warm summer, sunny and long autumn, mild, very snowy winter in the mountains, and spring – early and stormy.

In ancient times, these lands belonged to the powerful Macedonia and was inhabited by the Thracians. Around 46 BC these lands became part of the famous Roman Empire, which were divided by them for more convenient management into three large parts – the Balkan Mountains, Thrace and Lower Moesia. A little later, the Slavic tribes that appeared here merged with small Thracian settlements, which easily accepted their way of life, rituals and traditions. This was also facilitated by the fact that the Slavic peoples have always been distinguished by their peacefulness towards representatives of different peoples and actively cooperated with local residents in all spheres of life.

This continued until 681, when the famous Khan Asparukh, for the first time in world history, erected the first Slavic state, which was called the First Bulgarian Kingdom, with its capital in Pliska, in Moesia. This state existed for a long time at that time – until 1018 and occupied vast territories from Macedonia to Byzantium.

In 870, Bulgaria was baptized and has been practicing Christianity ever since. Moreover, the Bulgarian Church positions itself as completely independent and has its own patriarch. This contributes to the fact that the country today has a huge number of beautiful churches and cathedrals – monuments of the rich history of Bulgaria.

This state reached its greatest prosperity during the reign of Tsar Simeon from 893 to 927, when, under his leadership, the capital was transferred to the city of Preslav and the borders of the country were expanded to the shores of the Adriatic. The power of this ruler was so great that even the unshakable Serbs recognized his power and named him their sovereign. Culture and writing flourished throughout the territory. The first schools of writing in the history of Europe were opened, which at that time was an almost impossible task.

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Today Bulgaria is a rapidly developing European country, both economically and culturally, ranking 11th in terms of the area of its territories, and 16th in terms of population. We can say with confidence that Bulgaria is the capital of resorts and attractions of the entire European Union, ready to receive tourists in unlimited numbers and at any time of the year. For several centuries Bulgaria has been considered the main health resort on the Black Sea coast. The country, which entered the European Union, is currently actively developing as a resort power. New entertainment centers, hotels and shops are being opened on Western investments that are actively pouring into the development of the Black Sea Riviera.

Bulgarian history is unusually rich. All the greatest cultures of antiquity (Greeks and Thracians, Romans and Byzantines) left their indelible mark on it. The capital of Bulgaria – Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe, the first mention of which dates back to the 8th century BC. One of the capital’s attractions is the Bani Bashi Mosque, a monument of the Ottoman era, where Muslims who live in Sofia and who come there for a while, pray to this day. You can also visit the church of St. Petka of Samardzhi, built at the end of the 14th century, at the dawn of the Ottoman era.

In Sofia, the most famous temple is the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky. It was erected in memory of the Russian soldiers who fell during the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke. This largest monumental Orthodox church in the Balkans has become a symbol of the country’s liberation. Golden domes, magnificent ornamental painting, icons painted by V.M. Vasnetsov), create extraordinary solemnity and give a sense of awe when visiting this wonderful architectural monument.

Other cultural and historical sights frequently visited by tourists are the Church of Sveta Nedelya, Russian Church, Synagogue, National History Museum, Clock Tower, Alexander Battenberg Square and Hali Market.

The second largest city in Bulgaria is Plovdiv. For tourists, it is interesting, first of all, for the opportunity to visit the perfectly preserved antique amphitheater, in which performances are held to this day, built in the II century by Emperor Marcus Aurelius. You can plunge into the atmosphere of the Thracian period in Old Plovdiv, which has become an open-air museum, examining the ruins of Ottoman mosques, fortifications, wooden houses built during the Middle Ages. Here, at the top of the Liberators Hill, stands “Alyosha” – a monument to the soldiers of the Soviet Army who liberated Bulgaria from the Nazi invaders during the Great Patriotic War.

Another popular tourist destination is the cultural and industrial center of Bulgaria – Varna. In chronicles, this city was first mentioned in the 6th century BC. The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located on Cyril and Methodius Square. The magnificent collection of icons and frescoes attracts the attention of visitors. Illuminated in the evening and at night, the cathedral evokes a sense of awe and a sense of being faced with something incredible.

One of the symbols of the city of Varna is the Marine Park, located on the Black Sea coast. Tourists will undoubtedly be attracted by picturesque gazebos, clean alleys and paths along which there are many benches. The Bridge of Desires is popular. Lovers from different countries come here. Locals say that a wish made on the bridge and not uttered aloud will definitely come true. Visitors to the park can also head to the Naval Museum, Observatory, Aquarium, Terrarium, Zoo and Dolphinarium. In the near future, it is planned to create a Little Las Vegas on the territory of the Marine Park, where a casino, a yacht club, restaurants and several luxury hotels will be built.

But you can have a rest in Bulgaria not only in summer! Winter holidays in ski resorts, where a lot of gentle slopes safe for beginners are equipped, snowboard and ski schools with friendly and competent instructors are open, will certainly delight you. Small hotels right in the ski area – in the forest. What more could you wish for a wonderful winter vacation with your family! And with Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria you can easily, inexpensively and comfortably reach them without wasting time looking for public transport or ordering an expensive taxi. With us, your vacation at any time of the year will become unforgettable, and you will definitely want to visit these places again in a rented car from Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria.

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Recently, one of the most prestigious in Eastern Europe has become the resort of Bansko, a small romantic city-museum with narrow streets, original folklore, churches and old Bulgarian architecture, located at the foot of the Pirin mountain range. Comfortable modern hotels, the latest systems of tracks and lifts, snow cannons attract lovers of alpine skiing and snowboarding from different parts of the world here. For vacationers there are mountain restaurants and cafes.

But in order to visit all the named sights, interesting places and institutions, it is necessary to solve the acute issue with transport, because they are located at a great distance from each other. Of course, you can use city buses or fixed-route taxis, but attachment to the time of departure and the route of travel greatly limits your freedom of action while traveling, and a passenger taxi can cost you a very large sum, if there are not rare cases when private and unscrupulous cabbies deliberately inflate the price of their services, wanting to make more money from careless tourists. The best solution to this problem would be a car rental. Among the large number of offices that provide car rental services, the company Sky Rent A Car Varna  stands out, which will pleasantly surprise you with the quality of its service and the low price of car rental, and it takes a few minutes to reserve and rent a Car Bulgaria. In addition, all rental cars presented in our catalog are provided with no mileage limitation, which will allow you not to count the kilometers traveled while traveling in a rented car.

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Bulgarian cuisine is very similar to Georgian and Armenian. Everyone who comes here should definitely try the culinary delights of this wonderful people. Many national dishes are cooked in a large oven on a metal grill. Fresh or pickled vegetables are used to prepare various side dishes and vegetable dishes. Also, vegetables go well with flour, egg, fish and meat products. The most beloved Bulgarian salad is made from fresh vegetables and shopska cheese. The cold soup with sour milk “tarator” is very unusual. Hot spices are popular in Bulgaria. One of the main features is the heat treatment of products over low heat. This method of cooking preserves the most nutritious properties of the food. The original taste combinations and the magnificent aroma of the dishes will be remembered for a long time.

And one more integral part of the Bulgarian cuisine is wine. On a chilly winter evening, you will surely be warmed by a glass of magnificent Merlot, Chardonnay or Cabernet made by local winemakers.

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How to relax in Bulgaria?

With the onset of the tourist season, the question of choosing a vacation spot is increasingly raised. Bulgaria is an excellent option. Here you will find everything you need for any family member. Excellent service, clean beaches, ancient architectural monuments – all of this is becoming a tasty morsel for tourists from all over the world.

Albena resort is one of the most picturesque places in Bulgaria. This is the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. There is everything you can imagine: a trampoline park, attractions, festivals, mini-trains, water karting, contests, wellness programs and much more. In addition, the clean and warm sea is within easy reach. There are shallow waters, the beaches are well-groomed and beautiful. The excursion includes familiarization with traditions and archeology. In any hotel and hotel there are observation platforms with a magical view. For lovers of active evening and nightlife, there are bars, swimming pools and discos.

Albena resort is one of the most picturesque places in Bulgaria. This is the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. There is everything you can imagine: a trampoline park, attractions, festivals, mini-trains, water karting, contests, wellness programs and much more. In addition, the clean and warm sea is within easy reach. There are shallow waters, the beaches are well-groomed and beautiful. The tour includes familiarization with traditions and archeology. In any hotel and hotel there are observation platforms with a magical view. For fans of active evening and nightlife, there are bars, swimming pools and discos.

Beach word
If we talk about beaches, almost everywhere there is neat fine sand. It is very rare to see floating algae or shells. This is immediately removed, as they monitor the purity and smell of water. The seabed is gently sloping, the farther from the coast, the greater the depth. Therefore, it is convenient to learn to swim, there is enough safe space for this.

Extreme entertainment
For extreme tourists there is an opportunity to go rock climbing, water skiing, and also fly by helicopter in Nessebar. If we are talking about winter holidays in the country, then you should pay attention to the ski resorts of Bortsovo and Pamporovo.

Kitchen question
The national cuisine of Bulgaria amazes the imagination with its taste and smell. These are savory spices, an abundance of vegetables and fruits. Traditional dishes: dolma – grape leaves stuffed with cottage cheese and Shopska salad, as well as a very unusual dish – sour milk soup. Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and grated cheese are added to it. They also serve simply tomatoes stuffed with feta cheese. And there is also good news for wine lovers – 1200 varieties of grapes grow in Bulgaria, so wine as a product is simply great and for every taste.

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Holidays in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the most popular holiday destination. It has a very beautiful scenic nature. People of any age and with different amounts of money can relax in this country. The holiday season lasts from May to October. In summer, the temperature is plus 30 degrees, and the water is plus 25.

In the summer, tourists from different countries and the residents of Bulgaria who live in different cities come to the resort town of Varna. The cost of living in the resort town is much higher than in the capital of Sofia. Indeed, many people come during the holiday season.
Now let’s look at the most popular resorts.
The resort “St. Constantine and Helena” is located in the north of Varna. Located in the vicinity of a beautiful park. There is a lot of entertainment for both adults and children. However, the rest is very calm and measured, since the entertainment and all the conditions for rest are located in the hotel area. This resort is perfect for couples with children or for people who want to relax in peace and quiet. Sports lovers can spend time on special sports grounds.

Sunny Beach Resort is great for children, as there are many different things that delight children’s hearts. However, adults can have a good time here too. Therefore, this resort is well suited for families with children.
A famous resort in Bulgaria is a place called Golden Sands. This resort is considered the pearl of the Black Sea coast. There are beautiful beaches with golden sand. The resort is located north of the city of Varna and is located in the Golden Sands National Park. You are provided with many modern hotels. This is a place for people who prefer active evening relaxation, because in the evening they turn on the lights and turn on the music. A large number of restaurants, bars and clubs can be found along the promenade. The Golden Sands resort is a great place for young people and people who prefer a nightlife.

In addition to resort areas, in Bulgaria you can visit various excursions, visit the botanical garden of the former Romanian Queen Mary, visit the monastery and taste wine drinks.
In Bulgaria, you can have a great time of relaxation, enjoy nature, tranquility or a cheerful incendiary evening. A wonderful country awaits you, in which the bright sun shines, there are good beaches and a warm sea.

Holidays in Bulgaria at any time of the year will leave an indelible impression, and you will certainly want to visit this wonderful country more than once, and using the car rental service in Bulgaria from Sky car hire Burgas Bulgaria, you will also want to drive a new car from our fleet!
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