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If you’ve decided to pay a visit to beautiful Bulgaria during your vacation, Golden Sands is one of the best resorts in the country for a tranquil and hasteless vacation. But the beginning of a successful vacation is inevitably accompanied by transportation problems, as the resort is quite large and it isn’t convenient to go around it by bus or taxi. The public transport is often crowded with tourists, while unscrupulous taxi drivers may deliberately overprice their services, which entails unplanned expenses for unlucky visitors. But there is a solution – acquiring a rental car in Golden Sands. The car rental services market offers favorable conditions and prices for rental vehicles in Golden Sands. But Sky Rent A Car in Golden Sands stands out against them. We have been operating in the sphere of car rental services for more than 10 years – not only in Golden Sands but throughout Bulgaria. The quality of our services and reasonable prices are evidenced by numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers. Join their ranks now by filling out an application for a rental car in Golden Sands with Sky Rent A Car Golden Sands.

There is a beautiful ancient legend behind the name “Golden Sands”. A gang of reckless pirates buried an enormous treasure of gold coins on the coast of Varna. Nature took vengeance upon the pirates, turning the gold into marvelous golden sand.

Golden Sands is popular among tourists for the excellent fine sand and the long wide beach. The Golden Sands resort is situated 20 kilometers to the north of Varna. This destination is considered a precious gem of the Bulgarian coast, thanks to its unique nature reserve park, wonderful climate, fine golden sand, refreshing sea, and warm sulfuric springs where vacationers can improve their health.

The long beach at the resort sometimes reaches up to 100 meters in width and offers enchanting fine golden quartz sand. The summer is exceptionally warm here, allowing vacationers to enjoy sunbathing from May to October. The average air temperature in summer rarely exceeds 27° С, while the crystal clear, calm water remains warm (22-25° С) even at night. Golden Sands also offers hot healing mineral water springs, where visitors can enjoy a natural wellness treatment and improve their health. Visiting the numerous ethnographic workshops at the complex, you will discover the charm of authentic traditional Bulgarian souvenirs made by skilled craftsmen. Golden Sands provides wonderful conditions of stay, innumerable opportunities for entertainment and sports, wellness and beauty procedures, etc. The resort has been awarded the prestigious international environmental award Blue Flag – more than once. Nearby is the city of Varna, which is rightly called a stupendous gem of the Bulgarian coast. Its variety of exciting and fascinating sights includes historical and cultural monuments, entertainment centers, restaurants, and many other must-visit places.

Most hotels in Golden Sands are fairly new and located in the middle of a magnificent forest that goes down to the sea. Modern satellite television, communications, homely comfort, and all the goods and services that you might need during your vacation are an integral part of the Bulgarian style of hospitality encountered at the Golden Sands resort. The above list is complemented by sports centers, conference rooms, tennis courts, fitness clubs, saunas, shopping malls, beautiful restaurant terraces and cozy confectionary cafes with sea views, as well as car rental companies offering every guest to rent a car in Golden Sands on the most favorable terms. The range of services indeed includes everything you could have dreamed about.

Booking a rental car does not take a lot of time or a myriad of different documents. Moreover, you do not even need to personally visit the office of the car rental company Sky Rent A Car in Golden Sands. All the necessary paperwork can be performed remotely.

Get a taste of the marvelous Bulgarian cuisine in Golden Sands

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The green avenues of the resort host numerous and varied cozy restaurants with a high quality of service and a breathtaking menu. Here you can taste the traditional Bulgarian cuisine, combining the exotic characters of oriental dishes with the European flavor. If you are a fan of game, fish, Asian food, as well as pancakes and borsch, if you like to relax with a mug of cool beer, then you will undoubtedly find a plethora of specialized restaurants catering to your tastes.

Immersed in the green of the forest, the restaurants are finished and furnished in the national Bulgarian style and offer an authentic folklore program, creating the welcoming comfort of a Bulgarian house. While you are in the gentle embrace of the irrepressible Bulgarian folklore rhythms and dazzling colors of national costumes, you will be presented with the most delicious national dishes. You can enjoy the inimitable taste of fresh fish from the Black Sea in small restaurants on the coast. The freshness of the Bulgarian rakia, the vigor of red and white wines will become another pleasant discovery on your summer vacation.

Some of the highly appraised traditional Bulgarian dishes are:

– Shkembe is a soup with a burning, spicy flavor (must be eaten hot). This dish is often used as a hangover remedy, and it sets you in a good tone for the whole day.
– Shopska salad is prepared from tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, bryndza (white cheese), green pepper, and olive oil.
– Milk salad consists of parsley mixed with yogurt, walnuts, and olive oil.
– Tarator is the famous cold milk soup made from fresh cucumbers, dill, garlic, and walnuts.
– Shopska bryndza is prepared from fried bryndza with onions and tomatoes and covered with an egg.
– Kebapche is fried minced meat with traditional spices.
– Banitsa stands for pastries with meat or bryndza.
– Shish kebab is a kebab with red pepper and onions.
– Caramel cream is a delicious dessert made from milk, caramelized sugar, and eggs.

Wellness and beauty treatments in Golden Sands

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The mineral healing springs in Golden Sands grant beauty and health to vacationers all year long. Of these, four are especially beneficial. Based on their healing properties, there were built fitness and balneotherapycenters.

The resort offers about 100 types of medical services in combination with various recovery and treatment programs. All year round, natural factors are used in these programs: the crystal clear air, special climate, ultraviolet radiation, seawater rich in salts and trace elements, healing mud, and many types of plants that have medicinal properties.

The balneotherapy center successfully treats diseases such as arthrosis, arthritis, stress conditions, chronic pharyngitis, neurosis, asthma, bronchitis, and others.

In addition to traditional methods, the center employs treatment utilizing bee products, such as bee venom and propolis, as well as traditional Chinese medicine methods.

Golden Sands has several hotels that provide balneotherapy services:

– 5* Admiral Hermitage,
– 4* Iberostar Izgrev & Obzor Helios spa,
– 3* Ambassador.

The above hotels offer many types of balneotherapy programs. Their balneotherapy centers are well equipped for providing medical treatments.

We care about the comfort and safety of our customers who rented a car from our company. We make sure every rental car in our fleet in Golden Sands is technically sound. This guarantees you’ll face no unpleasant situations throughout your trip using a rental vehicle from Sky Rent A Car Golden Sands.

Golden Sands is a paradise for fans of active leisure and sports

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If you are a fan of sports entertainment and crave an active vacation, the Golden Sands resort will be a crucial discovery for you. Catamarans, boats and yachts, water skiing, surfing and boats, ring balloons, inflatable banana boats, water parachutes, and jets are just a few of the attractions available to fans of sea thrills. The easiest and most convenient way to get to the active leisure hotspots is by using a rental car in Golden Sands.

The shadowy park on the waterfront offers 10 tennis courts, as well as volleyball, archery, mini-golf, and basketball courts. Riding a bicycle in the park or using the services of a rickshaw will bring you new, unforgettable emotions. And horseback riding enthusiasts will rediscover the exotic character of their favorite sport with the help of seasoned instructors and gentle horses.

You will have an opportunity to succumb to the temptation that is the plethora of pools with pure mineral water. You can also have fun on the fast water slides or to relax using the services of a massage therapist.

For sailors, the yacht port “Golden Sands” offers three piers designed and equipped for more than 100 guarded lots for yachts with the possibility of connecting to electric and water networks. Here you can rent a yacht or book a boat trip, even on a Fairline 36 motor yacht.

Children’s sports centers, archery shooting ranges, tennis, bungee jumping, mini-golf, electronic and computer games, bouncy castles and trains – all of this is designed to let your children dive into the wonderful world of fairy tales.

At the Golden Sands resort, your children will be happier than ever. The discos, live and puppet performances with favorite characters will gift the young vacationers many fascinating and unforgettable moments.

Your kids will be truly in a heavenly mood, swimming in the children’s pools, enjoying water slides, playing giant chess, or splashing out their emotions on the go-kart site.

While you take pleasure in leisure or sports, your child will be under the reliable supervision of the best teachers in one of the Golden Sands kindergartens. The entertainers will amuse your children with special programs and performances that are offered in almost all hotels of the complex.

To apply for a rental car, you need to contact us at the indicated phone numbers or e-mail. Tell our specialists about the brand and model of the rental car you are interested in. If you want to use the rental car delivery service, specify the time and place of your arrival. Provide your passport details. Once your application is reviewed, you will be able to book and acquire a rental car in Golden Sands. You can be sure that your rental car will be waiting for you at the exact appointed time and place. Our representative will give you the necessary documents for using the rented car both in Golden Sands and throughout Bulgaria. The entire Sky fleet of rental vehicles is available for hire without any mileage restrictions. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest extent, without worrying about the kilometers traveled.

The sea is also a children’s friend in Golden Sands. Calm and warm, devoid of any marine predators, it attracts them and offers an opportunity to swim without any risk to life.

The cultural life in Golden Sands – attend all events with Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria

Concerts, folklore and other performances, as well as open-air marches, are just a small part of the program of the Golden Sands Information and Cultural Center.

You can acquire a ticket for various opera or ballet performances or jazz concerts within the Varna Summer International Festival. The program is eventful: you will enjoy the works of talented Bulgarian artists, feel the excitement of classical musical art, or dive into the captivity of Bulgarian folk dances and songs.

Beauty contests, beer fiestas, avant-garde fashion festivals, or retro car exhibitions – wherever you are, you’re always in the center of the never-ending summer holiday.

At night, Golden Sands starts an endless celebration of sounds, lights, and nightly fun. The entertainment programs are filled with the temperamental southern theaters, excellent cuisine, and fine drinks. All of this will entice and encourage you to participate in the boisterous celebration under the starry sky.

Slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and a huge variety of other games of hazard will invoke an unprecedented gambling spirit in you – you might not even suspect you have one.

If you want to dance in the new, modern night clubs on the seashore, the resort can offer everything you need. Afterward, you’ll finish the evening with a glass of beer or a cocktail in one of the beach bars.

To make your seaside vacation truly unforgettable, add a couple of trips across Bulgaria to your amazing days on the beach. Special routes and excursions organized by the resort complex will help you get familiar with the distant past of Bulgaria. You will discover splendid monuments of European and world civilization, touch the culture and art of many peoples that passed through the territory of Bulgaria, leaving behind the human spirit masterpieces.

Passing through the country, you have a marvelous chance to discover the magic of ancient Nessebar, the mysterious gardens of the Balchik palace, the grandeur and splendor of the Tsarevets fortress in VelikoTarnovo or the Renaissance grace in Zheravna. Near Varna, you will get acquainted with the enchantingPobiti Kamani rock phenomenon.

If you want to enjoy the resort and have a look at every resort complex and unique sight, the best way to do it is to contact Sky Rent A Car Golden Sands, where it’s easy to acquire a car for rent in Golden Sands.

If you have arrived by plane, you can rent a car from Sky Rent A Car in Golden Sands directly at the airport. Another option is to rely on Sky’s professional drivers who will take you to any desired location in the city.

Rent a car in Golden Sands from Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria

Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria has representative offices not only in Golden Sands but also in all major cities of Bulgaria. This allows the company to provide high-quality and fast service to all visitors of Bulgaria. The proximity of our offices to airports will save your time, making renting a car in Golden Sands as time-efficient as possible.

Sky Rent A Car also provides rental car delivery services. The vehicle you ordered will be delivered to the specified place at the appointed time.

If you aren’t familiar with the city, you don’t have to worry about navigating if you choose the convenient option of a rental car with GPS.

The ancient cities of Istanbul, Cairo, and Ephesus will remain with you as unforgettable memories, as you have the opportunity to take an excursion to any of them by plane, ship, or bus.

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