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Today, many vacationers crave new experiences and look for holiday destinations in Bulgaria where they have never been before. If you’ve already visited the larger and better-known resorts of sunny Bulgaria, but you like this country and have no desire to go somewhere else, you should consider the resort village of Kranevo as a new destination for your vacations.

Rest assured that the level of service here will be as high as at any other resort on the Black Sea coast. However, due to the lower prices at local hotels, the cost of your vacation will be more budget-friendly, allowing you to save a pretty penny – likely even more than you might expect. Kranevo is an excellent choice if you’re looking for fun and affordable vacation opportunities with plenty of sight-seeing and beach leisure. You’ll be able to avoid spending a fabulous sum and overpaying for the big names of hotels and the number of their stars. If you choose Kranevo, you won’t be disappointed, as it offers the same crystal-clear sea, fresh air, beautiful coastal forests, warm and sunny weather, sandy beaches, good-natured people, and a high level of hospitality. Rest assured after visiting these places once, you will want to come back here again. Kranevo will accommodate you with as much comfort and high-quality service as at any other Bulgarian coastal resort.

Take advantage of the beneficial services of the vehicle rental company Sky Rent A Car in Kranevo and order a car for rent by phone or at our office at Varna Airport. Our representatives will ensure you receive high-quality and affordable car rental services in Kranevo. The village of Kranevo neighbors on many other exciting resorts: Balchik, Kavarna, Golden Sands. You can easily visit all of them using a rental car. If you’ve got a car at your disposal, you can go to a neighboring resort on a whim, diversifying your vacation experience. Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria is ready to offer the most favorable conditions for car rentals in Kranevo.

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Kranevo and its surroundings to explore with a Sky rental car

Kranevo is a resort village in Bulgaria in the northern part of the Black Sea region. The village boasts of a large park with varied flora and fauna. The beach strip is fairly short (6 km) and merges into the Albena coastline. The coast here is gentle and the sea has no strong currents, which makes Kranevo an ideal destination for families with children. The village has a special fishing spot where you can go on a fishing adventure.

As a resort village near Albena on the Black Sea coast, Kranevo is known for its spacious beach, crystal-clear air, and the abundance of children’s recreation centers. The village used to host a multitude of international pioneer camps, which have since transformed into wonderful recreation centers for kids. The village is situated two kilometers away from the large resort of Albena and 25 kilometers away from the city of Varna. The Kranevska River passes by Kranevo, so every fishing enthusiast has the opportunity to engage in leisurely fishing on the river banks.

Renting a vehicle in Kranevo from our company is simple, fast, comfortable, and, most importantly, inexpensive. The procedure for booking and ordering a car for rent in Kranevo takes a few minutes and requires only a few documents. Everything can be done remotely; you do not even have to personally visit the office of our car rental company in Kranevo. The prime focus of our organization’s policy is to save the precious time of our clients.

The village has many modern hotels and villas, where you can rent an apartment or a room. There are children’s camps in the territory of Kranevo, so the resort can offer an abundance of opportunities for a family vacation and children’s sports recreation. The coastal area offers plentiful entertainment options: you can play volleyball, basketball, or football; rent a bike, catamaran, jet ski, or water sled. You can also perform a parachute jump with an instructor.

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Quick and easy car rentals in Kranevo

The main historical attraction of the resort is the remains of the magnificent Katricia Citadel, which still towers above the village. They say it was built by the ancient Romans. A beautiful lighthouse is situated 3 kilometers away from Kranevo, and it is seen from many kilometers away, including on the road from Varna to Balchik. Incidentally, if you travel to Balchik, you can take an excursion to the breathtakingly beautiful palace of Queen Marie of Romania and stroll through the garden and the amazingly vibrant park that surround the palace. Not far from this location, there sits the famous rocky Aladzha Monastery; the diligent monks built it by gouging out magnific cells and a temple in the solid rock. If you decide to pay a visit to the city of Varna, you can take a stroll along the streets of the old city, visit many museums with interesting exhibitions, and the dolphinarium.

To get a rental car in Kranevo from Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria, you need to take just a few simple steps. Contact our managers by phone or e-mail, name the rental car you are interested in, and specify the time and place of your arrival. After your application is reviewed, you can book and take a rental car in Kranevo. Rest assured your rented car will be waiting for you at the appointed time and place – together with our representative, who will hand you over the keys and all the documents required for using the rental car. Immediately after signing all the papers, you can set off on a long and exciting journey to interesting places and attractions of the beautiful village of Kranevo.

The resort of Kranevo boasts of a broad variety of restaurants and bars that offer not only Bulgarian and European cuisine but even Indian and Chinese dishes. Although there are no large shops in the village, there is a 24/7 supermarket, as well as a plethora of stalls and pavilions scattered along the coast.

Kranevo is famous for its hot mineral waters. Many people come here annually to alleviate their ailments, such as disorders of the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, as well as cardiovascular and neuralgic diseases.

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