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Primorsko is a town situated on the Black Sea coast. Its location is fairly close to other Black Sea towns: Kiten, Duni, Sozopol, Burgas, Nessebar, Varna. Primorsko lies 60 kilometers away from International Sarafovo Airport (Burgas).

Primorsko sits on a peninsula between Stamopolu and Devil’s Bay, at the foot of the Strandzha peaks. It boasts of the largest and longest beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. One of the town’s most remarkable sights is the beachfront that occupies 1190 square meters of protected dunes and beaches. Typical lagoons are Ropotamo, Alepu, Arkutino, and Stamopolu. The distinct features of the local nature are oak forests, lots of greenery, and a broad beach line with fine sand. The resort is considered safe for young children due to the calm sea, gentle descent, and flat bottom. The town offers its guests many places for active recreation and rousing nightlife.

Many foreign and Bulgarian tourists come here on vacation every year. What makes Primorsko a sought-after tourist destination is its favorable climate, beautiful nature, historical and cultural monuments, friendly and hospitable locals, and a variety of attractions for every taste. The town is equally suitable for a relaxing family vacation and a thrill-filled adventure with bright emotions and loud parties. Buses run daily from the town to the neighboring resorts and cities, as well as to the capital of Bulgaria. Primorsko has many entertainment opportunities for visitors: a water park, restaurants with traditional Bulgarian dishes, fast food restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, bars, clubs, shops. Sea sports such as surfing, water skiing, personal watercrafts, fishing, boat trips along the Roporamo river, beach volleyball, tennis courts, and so on. All this is just a small part of the merriments available to vacationers. Along the entire coast of Primorsko, there are ruins of ancient and great cities waiting to be explored.

About 1120 plant species grow in the territory of the resort town. Forests cover 71.39% of the total area. In the areas called Topolova Kaba and Dudino, you’ll find two ancient trees planted 370 years ago. On the coast, you’ll see a lot of mussels, snails, sea crayfish, and other sea creatures. The coastal cliffs are the nesting place of shelducks, rock pigeons, Alpine and common swifts, and European kestrels. Kentish plovers make their nests right on the sand, and the most famous local birds are European herring gulls commonly referred to as silver gulls.

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Cultural life and attractions

Not far from the town of Primorsko, there’s hidden the unspoiled world of wilderness, dunes, and bog flowers. It is here that the Ropotamo nature reserve is located. It covers an area of 1000 hectares on both sides of the Ropotamo River. Its territory includes small reserves: the Arkutino swamp and lagoon with an abundant variety of plant species; the Snake Island famous for its snakes and cacti; Sea Wormwood named after the medicinal herb that grows here; Water Lilies – a garden of lilies in the old river bed. The Ropotamo River is 50 kilometers long, formed by the Rosenka and Tserovska rivers that head down from Strandja.

The Ropotamo reserve contains many rare plant and animal species, some of which are included in the Red List of Threatened Species of Bulgaria. Here you can encounter 226 bird species, such as the chaffinch, common tern, whooper swan, mute swan, heron, pelican, sea eagle. and others. The reserve also contains 50 species of mammals. As to the flora, here you’ll find about 600 species of higher plants, which constitutes approximately 18% of the entire floral diversity of the country. You can observe all these natural treasures up close by boating up the river. There’s also a tourist center with a display hall where you get access to exhaustive information about the reserve.

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Tourist attractions near Primorsko

There are many rock formations near the Ropotamo River. The most famous of these is the Lion’s Head, which was declared a phenomenon in 1947. It is a natural assemblage of rocky pieces that form the image of a lion’s head in profile.

The Arkutino beach boasts of the cleanest and most pristine beachfront. It serves as the border between the swamp and the sea, while the bed of the Ropotamo River is separated by high coastal dunes. Water lilies cover the surface of the freshwater bog, while marsh irises, swans, and herons can be spotted between the reeds.

Beglik Tash, the Thracian sanctuary and observatory, was discovered in 2003. It is the oldest Thracian megalithic sanctuary on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. It dates back to the end of the Bronze Age. Beglik Tash occupies 12 square meters and is a huge circle of stones laid on the rocks. Book a vehicle from the car rental company Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria and travel comfortably throughout Bulgaria, with no limitations whatsoever!

Cultural sites and monuments

Starting from the Duni resort settlement to the town of Primorsko, the Black Sea coastal strip is extremely rich in cultural monuments of the Thracian Early Iron Age, antiquity and the Middle Ages. There are three Thracian fortresses: Malkoto kale, Valchanovoto kale, and Maslen nos.

The Thracian fortress Malkoto kale is situated about 3 kilometers northwest of Alepu, on the highest peak of the same name. The fortress occupies 4 square meters and the fortress wall includes large rock formations that served as fortress towers in ancient times.

Other fortresses and cultural monuments are Burham Fortress, Valchanovoto fortress, Lion’s Head, Petrov Bair, Ranuli, Maslen Nos Fortress.


There are four dolmens in the territory of Primorsko. The first of them is located above the left bank of the Chenger river, the second and third dolmens sit on the western slope of the Kitka peak, and the last (the “Snake Hole”) is above the Georgiev spring on the saddle between the Kitka and Petrov Bair peaks. Dolmens are Thracian megalithic monuments that were used as burial places of tribal leaders in the 12th-6th century BC.

Sacrificial stones

Two sacrificial stones were discovered in the territory of Ropotamo. One of them is Apostol Tash; it is located northeast of the Kitka peak, not far from Maslen Nos. The other one is Beglik Tash, which is situated to the east along the ridge, south of the Gulf of Saint Paraskeva. The sacrificial stones are both cultural monuments and natural attractions. Apostle Tash is a heart-shaped stone turned the other way around. Beglik Tash has a streamlined shape and lies in its natural position on the rocks.

Ancient and medieval marinas

The marina of Chersonesos, Tera, Oriospotamo, Padama, Saint Dmitry in front of the mouth of the Roporamo River.

In front of the mouth of the Ropotamo River, there used to be a large pier. You can see its century-old ruins from the edge of the bridge opposite the mouth – all the way to the end of the cliffs in the sea. This entire territory is full of discoveries.

The marina of the Maslen Nos Fortress is located in the southern water area of the island. The pier of Vatrukhi (or Vaterukhi) sits in the Gulf of Vatrukhi (the word stands for “toad”), southeast of the mouth of the Ropotamo River and north of the Korak Nos.

The Eneolithic settlement Stamopulo was discovered in 1922 in the Kachkata area, 3.5 kilometers north-west of Primorsko. The name of this place is translated from Greek as “sit” (“stamato”) and “bird” (“puli”).

The Snake Island is located to the northwest of the mouth of the Ropotamo River, 200 meters from the coast. It is the smallest island in the territory of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, also known as “Saint Toma”.

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