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The cradle of one of the greatest civilizations in history, which is also the capital of modern Greece – the city of Athens, experienced its peak two and a half thousand years ago. However, the ruins of the former power of this city attract millions of tourists every year, making Athens the largest economic, administrative and cultural center of Greece.

The rapid development of the city also favorably affects the level of service for people who come to these regions. However, not only hotels and restaurants are ready to offer you a high level of service. The car rental market does not lag behind. Here, among many representatives of this industry, Sky rent a car Athens airport stands out, which has been successfully operating in this field for many years.

Conveniently located on the Central Plain of Attica, and surrounded on all sides by majestic mountains, Athens accommodates about three million inhabitants, which is one third of the total population of the country. Like several millennia ago, today this city is a powerful maritime power, passing through its main port of Piraeus more than half of all cargo going to Greece, which automatically includes it in the five main cruise ports in the world.

History and main attractions from Sky rent a car Athens airport

The capital of Greece is the crown of creation of the ancient world. According to legend, in ancient times in modern Athens, the powerful king Krekop, who was half man and half a snake, reigned supreme. When the time came to choose the patron of his city, he said that he would give such an honor to the one who would present the most valuable gift for his village. At the same second and out of nowhere appeared the powerful brother of Zeus – Poseidon. Striking the ground with his trident, he created a huge and incredibly beautiful fountain of seawater. Immediately after that, the beautiful goddess Pallas Athena appeared before the astonished people, who presented as a gift an olive tree of amazing beauty. King Krekop appreciated the gift of Athena and, considering it more valuable than the fountain of seawater, recognized Athena as the patron saint of the city.

Today it is an extremely curious city, which harmoniously combines ancient traditions and the rapidly developing modern world, forming one whole. The symbol of the Greek capital and the cherry on top of the ancient history of this city is the pompous Acropolis. In addition, Athens is considered the birthplace of modern democracy, because it was here that meetings of the most powerful judicial body in Greece – the Council of Elders – were held.

To visit all the interesting places of this city, you will definitely need transport, because Athens is a very large city. Of course, you can use the “traditional” modes of transportation, be it metro, buses or taxis, but these methods are not suitable for everyone. It is very easy to get confused in the web of the metro, taking a bus means tightly tying yourself to the route and time of travel, and in a taxi, you can simply be deceived, deliberately increasing the cost of the trip, counting on easy money from unsuspecting tourists. The best solution to this problem is to rent a car. However, here, too, you can easily make a mistake by contacting an inexperienced company. In order not to get into a mess, pay your attention to the company Sky rent a car Athens airport. Here you can rent a car quickly, inexpensively and with a minimum set of documents. In our company, cheap car rental is not just a big word, it is the main principle.

Climatic conditions of Athens

This paradise is famous not only for its hospitable population. The local climate, considered one of the most favorable for recreation in the whole world, is also glad to welcome everyone who sets foot on this sacred land. From the first second after arrival, you will be greeted by warm and friendly rays of the sun, and the sea air, with pleasant notes of pine needles, envelops the wanderers who have visited this place, giving everyone a feeling of freshness. For more than half a year, a hot summer reigns supreme here, transferring the reins of government to a warm and slightly humid winter for only a few months, which is very stingy with snow and frost. Rains here during the summer months are also very rare.

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Interesting excursions from Sky car rental Athens airport

Most people who visit Athens come here to enjoy the heritage of Greek culture and its history, as well as to see with their own eyes the ancient works of art. However, for those who came here to plunge headlong into the endless sky, the warm sea and the magical beauty of the coast, there are also opportunities for recreation. From almost anywhere in the city, you can contemplate the crown of humankind’s creation and the main symbol of the city – the famous Acropolis, which anyone who steps on this sacred land must visit. In the very center of Athens, there is the most beautiful Syntegra Square, just dotted with small and cozy cafes where you can enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee and relax before a long journey. There is where to travel, believe me.

Travel will be much more interesting and convenient if you contact Sky car rental Athens airport, Greece, which has been offering car rental in Athens, Greece for a very long time. Absolutely anyone with a driver’s license can use our car rental services in this heavenly place. Moreover, our pricing policy covers a wide range of clients, allowing you to rent not only the car that you like, but also the one that will be affordable. Together with car rental, we also offer a wide range of additional services to make your stay even more comfortable. For example, you can order a car with delivery to any place and time, which allows you to cheap car hire in Athens, Greece, literally without leaving your hotel.

The main component of any vacation here is excursions. However, before heading out to explore the cultural heritage of this city, just take a stroll through Plaka, the old quarter of the city. It is located almost at the very foot of the Acropolis, and is famous for its labyrinths of mysterious and narrow streets, like diamonds strewn with ancient buildings, organ grinders, taverns made in a traditional style, where it will not be superfluous to try the delights of the local cuisine. Athens seems to be woven from the unique works of art and various architectural creations. The list of interesting places is so extensive that it will take more than a dozen days to fully explore all the sights. However, even a small study trip will help to at least a little throw off the veil of mystery and mystery of this place. Spare some money and be sure to book excursions to the Acropolis, Meteora and several museums that you like. Fortunately, the cost of such entertainment, as a rule, does not exceed one hundred dollars.


The path of almost any tourist who comes to Athens will necessarily pass through the central Sintangma Square and Omonia Square. The first one can please the curious gaze with the building of the Parliament of Greece, and Omonia Square – with its avenues and streets, along which you can go to the National Park of Athens. This green oasis in the center of the ancient city is especially surprising with its beauty, contrasting favorably against the backdrop of centuries-old temples and other buildings. Just imagine – luxurious greenery intertwines with ancient ruins, busts of various poets of Greece and outlandish animals. It is an amazing sight, and you just have to see it.

Moreover, Sky car rental Athens airport is ready to help you see it. Just contact us in any available way, indicate to our managers the car that you would like to rent, indicate some personal data and that is it – you can book a car for rent. Car rental in Athens airport, Greece has never been so easy, thanks to the fact that Sky cheap car rental Athens airport always strives to simplify and optimize the booking process as much as possible for the comfort of each client.

However, Athens is not only rich in its gardens and parks. A huge number of different thematic museums will also be a must-see. One of these is the Greek National Museum, which houses a couple of tens of thousands of different exhibits that you can look at forever. Curious finds of eras that have sunk into oblivion, stone statues and other ancient products – the cradle of the thousand-year history of Greece, collected in one place and one time. At the same time, the world famous Byzantine Museum offers to admire no less curious icons of the Cretan and Macedonian eras.

In addition, if we are talking about local attractions, it is worth mentioning the equally famous symbol not only of Athens, but also of the whole of Greece – the great Acropolis. This place should be placed on one of the first lines in the list of must-see attractions for anyone who has ever set foot on the sacred land of this glorious city. Indeed, it is on this very place that such a noble city was born many thousands of years ago. The “necklace” of pompous temples dedicated to the patroness of the city is simply striking in its scope, still remaining the crown of the creation of human hands.

No less striking for you will be the fact that Sky cheap car hire Athens airport offers a huge number of different cars for rent, ranging from small and economical subcompacts to roomy minibuses and executive sedans. Sky cheap car hire Athens airport has a car for all wallet sizes.

The Archaeological Museum of Ceramics invites everyone to contemplate the fascinating and, at the same time, frightening finds from the largest and oldest cemetery in Athens. There are several thousand items of a funerary character, harmoniously combined with the exhibits of the everyday life of people who lived at that time. An equally important diamond in world history is the National Historical Museum, which displays exhibits that touch on various time periods in the life of Athens, starting with its narrative from the 15th century and ending with our time.

If you want to add a little adrenaline to your vacation, we recommend visiting the chilling Penteli Cave. In ancient times, it was from this place and in huge quantities, that marble was mined for the construction of the aforementioned Parthenon. The locals call the many-kilometer catacombs the “Gate of Hades”, and underground there is a temple of the evil god Pan. Many mythical stories and legends are associated with this complex of caves, and those few who find the courage to enter here talk about strange and sometimes terrifying sounds coming from the depths of this terrible place. It is also not uncommon for tourists who have been there to talk about observing unknown lights over the vaults of caves, and about rock paintings that are constantly changing their location.

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Cheap car hire Athens Airport from Sky Rent A Car Greece

Someone will think that all these scary stories are fictional, and perhaps they will be right. However, cheap car rental in Athens is not a myth at all. Sky cheap car hire Athens airport has long proved the opposite, offering its customers reliable and modern cars for rent at very affordable prices. Contact us and check it out. We are confident that the quality of service provided by Sky cheap car hire Athens airport will pleasantly surprise you, and you will join the ranks of numerous customers who are satisfied with our services. Go to the reviews section on the home page of the Sky cheap car hire Athens airport website and make sure that we are the leaders in the car rental market in Greece, Athens.

Excursions to Cape Sounion, or to the Holy Meteors will also be curious. The most beautiful temple of Poseidon, built several thousand years ago, adorns the slopes of the cape. Not far from this picturesque place, the sanctuary of the goddess Athena is conveniently located. This place is famous for its breathtaking sunsets and forever-memorable views of the stretching sea. Meteora, successfully located on the rocks, inspire with their appearance a feeling of fear and admiration for every traveler who steps on this land.

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