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The second-largest city after Varna, Burgas is situated in the deepest bay on the entire coast. This destination will satisfy all needs of every visitor. The city offers many interesting sights that are a must-see for tourists. Its Marine Park stretches for about 7 kilometers along the coast. The Summer Theater delivers performances during the warm season. On the shores of Lake Mandra, you can explore the ruins of the Pyrgos fortress. Built in Roman times, Burgas baths with healing springs still offer their services.

Burgas is a modern city in Bulgaria, located in the eastern part of the Gulf ofBurgas – which is one of the largest gulfs of the Black Sea, extending for many hundreds of kilometers to Cape Emine in the north and Cape Kokare in the south. By population, Burgas is the fourth largest metropolis in Bulgaria, after Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna. The city is washed by the sea and lakes. Geographically, it is located in the lowlands, thanks to which three beautiful lakes have formed here. Lake Atanasovsko, Lake Burgas, and Lake Mandraalways receive lots of attention from tourists. However, it is quite difficult to visit these gems of nature if you do not have your own vehicle. Taxi services can be expensive, while public transportation is inconvenient and time-consuming. But the car rental company in Burgas Sky Rent A Car is ready to help you out!

We have been providing car rental services in Burgas for more than 10 years, emerging as a leader in the local car rental market. Our company invariably delivers the maximum quality of service, as evidenced by the numerous Burgas car rental reviews posted by our satisfied clients. Our experts will find the best rental car in Burgas suited to your needs and budget in a very short time, after which you can book and rent the car by phone. And with our service for the delivery of rental cars to any location at any time specified, renting a car from our company is even more comfortable. You won’t have to worry about getting to our office in an unfamiliar city – we will do everything for you! Besides, Sky’s car rental prices in Burgas (Bulgaria) are considerably lower than the market’s average. Choosing our company, you save money to spend on something more meaningful. Renting a car in Burgas using the services of Sky Rent A Car is the simplest, most convenient option for a foreign guest.

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Discover the fascinating history of Burgas with Sky Rent A Car

In ancient times, there were no settlements in the territory of the present-dayBurgas. The water between the lake and the sea was fresh. During the reign of the Roman Empire, many settlements emerged near Burgas, one of which wasDeultum. It was founded in 71 AD by the emperor Vespasian as a colony for military veterans. Later, these settlements were called Develt – today you can find their ruins near the village of Debelt. They neighboured on the settlement of Kastratsion, the fortress of Skafida and Rosokastron. Poros is located in the southern part of Burgas, where the famous fortress Pyrgos was found in the Middle Ages. According to many historians, the city was named in its honor.Burgas obtained its modern name in the 17th century. In 1878, its population was about 3,000 people. Since then, the number of people residing in Burgashas increased by 100 times. In 1903, a seaport was built in the city. It played a significant role in its economic development, creating an opportunity for imports and exports of goods. Later, a railway further increased the trade volume between Burgas and other cities and countries. This resulted in sharp economic growth in this region.

As of today, Burgas is a major industrial, transport, cultural, historical, tourist, and port center. Every day, it receives a large number of various cargoes, ensuring stable growth of the economy and high living standards for local people. Every year, many tourists from all over the world come to this destination for an exciting vacation in the company of family or friends. Many factors make the city attractive for tourists: the low cost of trips to Burgas, decent affordable hotels, various wellness procedures, attractive terms of car rentals in Burgas, high living standards, clean streets, proximity to the sea, and beautiful views that open up from every resort in Burgas. The city has two universities, as well as tourism and medicine colleges with approximately 6,000 students. Burgas Airport receives planes from different countries all year round. Every day, there are flights to the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia – up to 7 flights a day during summer. But the most important thing is that the car rental company in Burgas Sky Rent A Car allows you to book and rent a car via your mobile phone before you even get off the plane! Your rental vehicle will be delivered to the station or airport at the time of your arrival. This is the starting point for you to travel to any Black Sea resort of your choice or the nearby beaches of Burgas: Sunny Beach, Elenite, and Duni.

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The city of Burgas is interesting for its cultural and historical landmarks, churches (Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral, Armenian Church), and natural attractions. A major cultural heritage of Burgas is the Marine Park and the central beach below it. Here, the sand is dark due to the presence of magnetite. It has healing properties, allowing visitors to receive a health boost during beach recreation activities completely free of charge. There are monuments to famous historical figures, including one to the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. It’s a great aesthetical pleasure to admire the Summer Theater, the Zoological Garden, the numerous sculptural works of art – including a bust of Adam Mickiewicz, a Polish poet, political journalist, leader of the national liberation movement, who resided in these lands in 1855 during the Crimean War. To commemorate the people’s struggle in this war, there is the Pantheon monument dedicated to the brave warriors who gave their lives for the liberation of Bulgaria. Every year, Burgas enjoys the International Folklore Festival, as well as other festival events for children. The ethnographic museum (founded in 1873) will surprise you with a casting of the famous stelaof Anaxander of Apollonia. The Museum of Natural History contains about 1200 exhibits, such as insects and reptiles, and about 140 species of fish and plants that are under state protection. Burgas is also famous for its healing springs, salt mines, and mineral baths. You can visit all these wonderful and thrilling places with comfort if you rent a car in Burgas from Sky Rent A Car. We offer our customers unique conditions for renting a vehicle, which allows you to travel cheaply to all places of interest without any mileage restrictions. Without any worries about the kilometers traveled, you’ll enjoy your trip by a rented car even more. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the special offers for rental cars in Burgas from Sky Rent A Car.

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Tourists can have a marvelous vacation in Burgas thanks to the large number of comfortable hotels, posh restaurants, and cozy bars with very reasonable prices. The hotels are perfect both for people on a business trip and those who just want to relax and have a good time. In the restaurants and bars, you can get a taste of the local and European cuisine and listen to Bulgarian music. If you would like to go sightseeing in this wondrous region, the best option to solve the transportation issue is to rent a car in Burgas. Contact the car rental company in Burgas Sky Rent A Car to take advantage of our profitable vehicle rental options. We will select a car for you, taking into account your travel goals and budget. You will receive professional assistance in all matters related to ordering a rental car, as well as in case of unforeseen situations on the road. The employees of the car rental office of Sky Rent A Car in Burgas will oversee you from the beginning to the end of your trip! Upon arrival in Bulgaria, call the company Sky, car rentals in Burgas – you will be immeasurably satisfied with the quality of our service and the professional and attentive approach of our employees. All the necessary contact information is available on the official website of Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria.
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