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The town of Montana is a regional center in the Republic of Bulgaria, located one hundred and thirteen kilometers from the capital – Sofia.

The modern city bears the name of the Roman city of Montana, within the province of Dolna Mysia, which flourished on the banks of the Augusta River. Traces of previous life in the area date back to prehistoric times. In the lowest cultural layers of the Montana fortress, on the “Kaleto” hill, traces of dwellings from the Stone-Copper Age were discovered. The development of urban life, as a new cultural phenomenon, is also connected with the flourishing of the landed estates of the municipal aristocracy in the immediate vicinity of Montana.

From the end of the third to the middle of the fourth century is the time of particularly intensive economic life of the agricultural-craft estates, called villas, as well as of the city itself, coinciding with the general rise around the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great.

The ancient rock sanctuary at the large spring, at the foot of the fortress, became widely known during the Roman era and is probably the most significant in the area.

The main deities in the sanctuary of Montana are Diana – “Patroness of Montana” and Apollo. In the Middle Ages and during the period of Ottoman rule, the settlement, built on the ruins of the Roman city, bore the Slavic name Kutlovitsa. During the Second Bulgarian State, it was a diocesan center. After the liberation, the settlement grew rapidly and again received the status of a city.

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Of course, in Montana there are restaurants and cafes where you can always eat something delicious. The national Bulgarian cuisine, which is very popular among tourists, will definitely make you happy. Especially those who have once tasted the true taste of Bulgarian food will not easily give it up. In addition to great restaurants, the city has many other entertainment options that will not spoil your vacation. There is always somewhere to go and somewhere to meet new friends. The Red Lion pub became very popular. Here you can stay for a long time at night and enjoy the comfort. Television and many different programs will be brought to your attention. You can also order a drink and have a great time.

Montana is not only a popular and important city, but also a very beautiful and mysterious cultural center of the whole of Bulgaria. From this place you can go on various excursions that take place both in the city and in its surroundings. Many tourists do not stop admiring and enjoying this amazing place. Hajdushka waterfalls are definitely worth a visit. These are several different waterfalls of different heights. You can watch the falls for hours and admire the amazing beauty as well as the unique atmosphere that hangs in the air. After visiting this place, you will be filled with peace, strength and energy. It is an extraordinary sight not only for foreigners but also for local residents. The flow and speed of the water are different. In places it is a quiet stream, and in others there is an active and very noisy boiling of the water. Many tourists say that after visiting the falls, they felt like they had stepped into a fairy tale. And that’s not all. In addition to the beautiful waterfall, you can see the unique nature that surrounds the area. Beautiful forests, trees, sky, rocks, all this is impossible to describe in words, but must be seen. You can get there on foot, there is a designated route, and also by car. But be aware that the roads are very rocky, so you need a suitable vehicle.


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For music lovers, you can visit the International Jazz Festival and even participate in it. The most interesting part of this event is that talented people who love music genre  on the guitar will sing and become famous for their talent. A large number of interested parties have already shown their capabilities, so do not hesitate and come for a wonderful vacation.

Of course, one cannot fail to mention the national park. It is an amazing place that attracts with its beauty. All types of plants are gathered in one and you can see them. The main thing is not to spoil and pollute nature, the park should be in perfect order. You will be delighted by the incredibly clean air that will make your mood positive throughout the day.

In Montana, there are many Orthodox churches and temples where people have taken refuge. Today we can only enjoy the beauty and its great size, as well as see how temples are built, how people love God and fear him. Bulgarians are an extremely spiritual people. One of the temples of Montana was the Temple of the Holy Miracle Worker. The temple has a wonderful architectural structure. You can walk around this place for hours and you will never get bored. There is a pleasant pedestrian area. You can see many different sights and historical values that have survived to this day. Fortunately, even to this day, this church is effective, so you can safely go and pray in the temple.

A fortress of enormous height and width was discovered, so we can conclude that the city was perfectly protected from enemies. You can explore the remains of the walls and admire the structure you see. Such a phenomenon will help you get to know the history of the ancient Bulgarians better.

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Some people have never seen a mill in their lives. It is not at all difficult to do this, as you can see the most beautiful places in Bulgaria and the mill is no exception. For lovers of excursions and long trips, as well as unpredictable adventures, we recommend that you contact a company that will provide you with any desired rental car and create the most comfortable and pleasant conditions. You should definitely visit the capital Sofia, which will show you many historical sights, beautiful parks, gardens, museums and many interesting places that will bring you closer to this country. Many tourists dream of visiting this fabulous city, so if you come to Montana, don’t forget to visit the capital of Bulgaria.

Montana is rich in a variety of sights that only arouse admiration in all its visitors. Arriving here with a rental car, you will feel the special atmosphere that attracts many tourists. Here you can have a great time and walk around the city, as well as with a car that you can rent from Sky rent a car , in its surroundings. Such a vacation will be remembered for a long time and will leave only the best impressions with you. Here you can relax with your family and enjoy the amazing nature that will ensure that your time in Montana will not be wasted, but will become a memorable milestone in your life.

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