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Pomorie is the closest resort town to the airport. It sits on a rather rocky peninsula and is considered one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria. Pomorie is famous all over the world for its sea salt, which is produced from the many salt lakes in the area. One of them is called Pomorie Lake – that’s where the famous vacation retreats are situated. Besides, cognac and various wines are produced in this region. A special feature of the resort is the use of therapeutic mud. The sand on the local beaches is brown due to the presence of iron in its composition. The coast is mainly rocky; sandy beaches are few and far between.

A vacation in Pomorie in Bulgaria offers a combination of the seaside leisure with urban amenities. A touristic trip to Pomorie is well suited for families with children, history enthusiasts, people interested in wellness treatments, and everyone who enjoys a tranquil holiday away from the noise of large cities and can appreciate the clean air, golden sand, and incredibly warm sea.

The tiny resort town of Pomorie is situated on a narrow, picturesque and vibrant peninsula 18 kilometers away from Burgas and 12 kilometers away from Sunny Beach and Nessebar. The convenient system of public transport and car rentals allows visitors to quickly get to these cities and resorts.

The public transport system is well-developed in Pomorie, but its large passenger flow makes it inconvenient for a tourist to move around this city. Trying to get into a crowded bus with big bags is quite a task. Being restricted to the timetables and routes further worsen the situation, not allowing you to fully enjoy the local attractions. An alternative transportation option is using a private taxi. But this approach has its pitfalls too, as some dishonest drivers tend to significantly overprice their services. And nobody needs unnecessary expenses. But there is a better solution! The car rental company Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria is ready to help you by providing rental cars for any purpose from your huge fleet of rental vehicles. You can easily find a suitable car rental option – at some of the lowest car rental prices in Bulgaria.

It’s incredibly easy to rent a car in Pomorie, Bulgaria. You just need to contact our specialists in any way convenient for you, whether by phone or email. Tell the manager the make and model of the car you want to rent, specify the time and place of your arrival, and, once your application is reviewed, you’ll be able to book and receive the car. Our representative will be waiting for you exactly at the appointed time and location with the full package of documents necessary for using our rental car. Thus, to rent a car in Pomorie, you don’t need to visit our office personally. Everything can be done remotely for the utmost convenience of our car rental clients.

Modern Pomorie combines treatment options and enjoyable leisure opportunities. The city is situated along the coast in the close vicinity of Burgas. It is divided into the old district located on the peninsula and the new, “mainland” district. As a result, Pomorie has both historical buildings that occupy an area of about 4 kilometers and new quarters of contemporary structures erected to custom designs.

The seashore is gentle, with fine clean sand on the spacious broad beaches that stretch for 7 kilometers. The sea is shallow, with no rocks, while the stone breakwaters protect the shore from large waves. These factors make the Pomorie resort perfect for families with children. The bay of Pomorie is convenient for sailing, diving, and fishing. The tourist season in Pomorie begins a little earlier than usual: it lasts from May to the end of October. In May, the sea is still fairly refreshing, but the water near the southern beaches warms up sooner as the peninsula Pomorie shields the southern bay from the cool spring currents. May and June are perfect for excursions, as the weather isn’t hot yet but the greenery is abundant. Pomorie offers all conditions for sea entertainment: diving, yachts, windsurfing.

The marine climate in Pomorie is mild and the air is saturated with ozone. The average temperature in July is 24-26° С for air and around 24° С for water. Atmospheric pressure at this resort is 75-77 millimeters of mercury. There is no stuffiness, the air is fresh and pleasant to breathe. And the sea breeze here is simply amazing! Most likely, you have never seen or felt anything like Pomorie.

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Pomorie was founded by Greek colonists in the 4th century BC. The Greeks named the village “Ankhialo”, which means “near salt” and refers to all the salt lakes and estuaries surrounding the settlement. The town obtained its modern name in 1934. The healing mud from the lakes and estuaries made Pomorie widely popular. The muds extracted from the local estuaries and lakes have saturated black color and contain large amounts of various substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body. The combined effect of chemicals (chlorides, hydrogen sulfide, sodium, calcium, magnesia, sulfates) together with the thermal impact on the most important centers in the human body can restore your vigor and vitality, giving you a long-lasting boost.

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Tourism sites, hotels, and car rentals in Pomorie, Bulgaria

Apart from the leisure and treatment opportunities, the resort offers a plethora of must-see landmarks and attractions. Any building in Pomorie is a work of art! Pomorie preserves the historical monuments of theThracians, Romans, Byzantines, Crusaders, and Turkish Ottomans.

A particularly interesting sight is the architectural reserve “Old Houses of Pomorie”. It is an old quarter that still has the cobbled crooked streets and the 19th-century Bulgarian buildings that are typical of the Black Sea coast. They are distinguished by a stone foundation, dark wood second floors, finely crafted grid balconies with railings, snow-white chimneys with lids, and wavy lines of tiles on the roofs. This is the only part of the town that still retains the antique atmosphere. At the beginning of the 20th century, the town was almost completely burned down. As a result of the fire, many monuments of the past were lost irretrievably.

Just a couple of kilometers away from the city, there is a Thracian tomb that was used as a mausoleum in the Roman era. In addition to healing mud, Pomorie became famous for the local sorts of brandy. The winery and brandy works in Pomorie are also knowns for their wines and cognacs, such as Sunny Beach, Pliska, andPomorie. The resort town also boasts of several Christian monuments, such as the monastery of St. George, the Church of the Transfiguration of Christ, and the Church of the Holy Virgin. And of course, in a city likePomorie, the most suitable place is the unique Museum of Salt. It has the opportunity to look at the structures and tools that were used to extract salt in the old days.

Pomorie is a compact resort in Bulgaria where hotels rise right on the seashore, near the beach. Its hotels and retreats can accommodate more than 60,000 guests. Most of the hotels in Pomorie have four or three stars. Five-star hotels are also available. A fine example is Balneo Hotel Pomorie – a unique health-improving center constructed in 2006 that has already won the trust of many guests of Bulgaria. Worth noting, you can undergo treatments and wellness procedures in the territory of the hotels, without wasting time and energy on trips to special medical institutions. One of such hotels in Pomorie is Sunset Resort Hotel. Its guests are offered an amazing opportunity to enjoy treatments that will enhance their health and vitality. As of today, Pomorie is a famous balneological hub with wonderful healing mud.

Hotel Interhotel Pomorie 3 sits in a vibrant location on the beach. This balneological center with a spa specialization is one of the most attractive in Bulgaria. Rooms can be equipped with special beds for guests with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

All year round, high-level specialists in the local balneo centers and sanatoriums deliver treatment courses for various diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular, gynecological, dermatological, hepatic, and other categories.

Pomorie is well-know for the salt lakes that surround the town. The long bay bar that cuts off a part of the sea from the north forms an estuary lake called Pomorie. This salt lake continues on the peninsula as MaloyeLake. In ancient times, the Greeks and Thracians believed Pomorie Lake to be sacred. The waters of the lake could cure many wounds, as well as rheumatism and skin diseases. Besides, salt has been mined in the vicinity of Pomorie since ancient times. Nowadays the resort town boasts of the largest salt production in the entire Balkan Peninsula. A unique salt museum was created at the production complex. The exhibit contains ancient salt extraction tools and structures, while the artificial bays allow visitors to observe the ancient methods of salt evaporation. The successful use of salt and mud in the beauty and wellness industry has turned the resort into the main thalassotherapeutic and balneological hub on the entire Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. To have a wonderful summer vacation, to enjoy the pleasant sea breeze and warm water of the Black Sea, we suggest visiting the Pomorie resort by renting a vehicle from the company Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria!

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Restaurants and cafes on the resort’s embankment are open both during the day and all night long. TheMesalina disco and the marine casino are also wonderful nighttime entertainment options. At night, you can swim in the refreshingly cool sea (22-24° C) or go on an excursion, such as “Sunny Beach at night”. That’s where you’ll find the noisy nightlife, and variety shows, dancing on coals, and all other kinds of entertainment.

Golf players will appreciate the golf centers – it is for a good reason that fans of this game call Pomorie a Bulgarian golf paradise. For wine connoisseur, there are wine tourism programs where you attend wine tastings and visit wine cellars, and then enjoy a dinner or lunch accompanied by an entertaining show based on Bulgarian folklore. In between various leisure activities, you can take a shopping or sightseeing trip to Greece or Turkey.

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