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Route #1 Rocks, lakes, sunflowers

balchik carALBENA -» BALCHIK – » KAVARNA -> DURANKULAK about 96 km

Not all of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast has been developed by tourists, and this is precisely its charm. Albena is the last of the major international resorts, and it gets much quieter further north. Driving along the coastal road towards the Romanian border, you can enjoy the variability of the landscape – these are sheer cliffs on the coast and the distant expanses of the mainland. The environs of Dobruja and the endless sunflower fields make a special impression.


balchik carBalchik
On the way back to Albena, the road will turn north to the picturesque town of Balchik on the site of a 5th century. BC e. Greek colony. Many items found during excavations are presented in the local Ethnographic Museum in K.K. Albena, Dimitar Zhelev street number three and the City Historical Museum of the city of Balchik, Independence Square.
City Art Gallery Balchik city st. Father Paisius 4 represents the work of many contemporary foreign and Bulgarian artists; the ancient statue of Dionysus is also interesting here. The complex of the Bulgarian Revival era is located on the street. Christo, but from the sea to him it takes about 20 minutes to climb the mountain.
In the turmoil of the busy central streets and the port, it is difficult to notice the discreet charm of past times in Blaczyk, emanating from beautiful and classic old buildings. And inveterate bathers will be pleased with all the excellent beaches on both sides of the port.
But the main attraction of the city of Balchik is undoubtedly the Botanical Garden (to the west of the center, © daily 8.00-20.00) and the castle of the beautiful Romanian Queen Mary. The city belonged to Romania in 1913-1940. The castle is a bizarre mixture of oriental and European architectural elements, among which a slender tower resembling a Muslim minaret stands out in particular.
Among the flower beds and curtains here and there there are historical relics: a large marble throne, a stone cross, and capitals. There is also a cactus garden in the park, where many species of Bulgarian and foreign plants are represented, including cactuses reaching a height of 4 meters. Not far from the castle of Queen Mary is a cozy small beach.

Info2Tourist Information Office is opposite parking at the port. Information can be obtained from the private agency Zora, st. Primorska 28, +359 5 79 7 27 32, mobile +359 88 51 23 33,

hotel2Holland Village +359 5 79 7 24 77, The hotel is located on a sandy beach.

• White House , st. Milev 18, +359 5 79 7 39 51, Small private hotel near the marina. Very good restaurant.

• Helios, st. Primorska 32, +359 5 79 7 69 70, Family hotel with its own playground and children’s pool. Public beach nearby.
• Holiday beach, st. Primorska 236, +359 5 79/7 70 71, Opened in 2005, the hotel is a few steps from the pedestrian street and from the center. Many rooms with sea view.

restaurant2There are many inexpensive and cozy restaurants on the embankment restaurants: Kavatsite +359 88/63 40 18 and Starata Lodka +359 5 79 7 68 12 offer on terraces overlooking the sea delicious Bulgarian cuisine.


dobrich rent a carRegion of Dobrudja
Dobruja, a traditional agricultural region in Bulgaria, lies off the coast. Here, as far as the eye can see, fields of cereals, corn and sunflower stretch to the horizon. Nearby are vineyards /Merlot and others/.In summer, the harvested fields of Dobruja magically attract flocks of storks that come here to feast on small animals.



dobrich rent a carCity of Dobrich
The path from Albena to Dobrich in (the center of the city of Dobrudzhi) at first passes through a hilly landscape, which is replaced by plains typical of Dobrudzhi and endless fields of corn, wheat and sunflower. Dobrich is a small town dominated by inexpressive block houses. And in the center, declared a pedestrian zone, it is noisy and fun.
hotel2 Hotel Bulgaria, pl. Svoboda 8, 9300 Dobrich, +35958600226, Hotel where conferences are often held; well furnished rooms; casino, swimming pool, fitness center. In the pedestrian zone.


dobrich rent a carOn the way to Kavarna
A narrow but good paved road leads from Balchik past the resort of Tuzlata (25 km), famous for its curative mud, to Kavarna. The local landscape is very beautiful: these are hills and high rocks, overgrown with gorse and grass. These places were appreciated by lovers of hiking and walks.
When you get to the E 87 highway, you can’t help but notice that the terrain is becoming more even. Kavarna (30 km) – a small and unremarkable town near the sea. But this is the starting point for an excursion to Cape Kaliakra.

hotel2Hotel Denica , Kavarna, at +359 5 70/8 80 17, A 8 00 12, The hotel is open all year round; known for folklore performances. Hotel Kavarna, st. Dobrotitsa 4A, Kavarna, +359 5 70/8 80 17. Family, almost home comfort. Shatra Attraction, pl. Ikantaluka, Kavarna, at +359 5 70/8 60 01. A spacious restaurant where folklore evenings and holidays are held; The complex also includes a disco. Bulgarian cuisine.


BALGAREVO rent a carFrom here the route leads to the village of Balgarevo, where residents are always welcome to foreign guests.

Info2Tourist Information Office, + 359 57 444 24, ® Mon.-Fri. 10.00-18.00. Here you can get information about excursions to Cape Kaliakra. Bicycle rental available.




kaliakra rent a carCape Kaliakra
The history of settlements in the vicinity of Cape Kaliakra, about 12 kilometers from the city of Kavarna, has more than one millennium. Here in Cape Kaliakra, in a picturesque area, the ancient Thracians once lived. Since 13 Cape Kaliakra has been the capital of the Dobruja region. In the 14th century here a powerful great and invincible fortress arose. The countless ruins of the fortress Kaliakra are witnesses of the rich and dramatic past of these places. The most ancient monument of history and culture – Roman baths / baths / 4th century. Travel to Cape Kaliakra is possible, but the roads here are not at all as good as in other areas of Bulgaria. The road is now and then crossed by ducks, turkeys, geese, and in whole flocks. Sheer cliffs on the cape, stretching far into the Black Sea, delight with their unusualness and beauty. The ruins of a Thracian fortress have been preserved on the cape. Territories near the cape are considered protected: here there are animals that are threatened with extinction, and rare species of plants. Nose of Kaliakra, Cape Kaliakra, +359 57 44/7 78. Tourists in whole groups have lunch or dinner here, since spacious rooms have been carved into the rocks; There is also a viewing terrace. Camping. Near the border with Romania, on the spacious beaches, there are many campsites.


rusalka rent a carAlong the coast road (not particularly attractive to motorists) route leads to the resort complex “Rusalka” about 52 km, which attracts with the beauty of the landscape and steep rocky coasts.
hotel2Vacation club “Rusalka-3 Elite“, head office: 1407 Sofia, blvd. Cherni vrah 66, entrance. Ah, app. 2,® 02/9 62 42 15, The resort complex of 600 bungalows is attractive for its location: there are no settlements or villages around. Open only in summer. To the north, the landscape becomes more and more monotonous. Herds of animals, drilling rigs – this region is not very attractive for tourists. New houses and summer cottages are being built on Cape Shabla. Not far from Lake Shabla, where the water tastes brackish, there is a campsite “Dobrudzha“.


hotel2Villa Cybele , Krapets village, 02/8703495, Hotel complex near the lake Durankulak. You can rent the whole house.


rusalka rent a carA few kilometers from the cape is the village Durankulak, only 6 km from the Romanian border. The main occupation of the locals is agriculture. To the south of the village there is a freshwater lake (area -240 hectares), recently declared a reserve. In spring and autumn here, as well as in the north of Bulgaria in general, migratory birds rest. At the entrance to the village there is a small tourist office where bird watchers can get more detailed information. Car rental in Bulgaria from SkyTravel.




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