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The largest state in East Africa. The country where Kilimanjaro and the largest African Lake Victoria are located. Tanzania is a country where tourism occupies a significant part of the economy.
Beaches with white sand and warm water of the Indian Ocean, diverse wildlife and safaris, natural and architectural monuments, the identity of the African people – all this can be seen if you take advantage of the offer of Sky cheap car rental Zanzibar, Tanzania. An incredible experience and an unforgettable vacation will be provided for you!
Would you like to see the Maasai tribe symbol of Tanzania? It couldn’t be easier. Having a rented car will make it easier for you to move around the country and will allow you to see the most remote corners of Africa.
The Great African Rift made the mainland of the country unique and inimitable – craters, lakes, volcanoes – all this and much more can be seen if you rent the right car. Lovers of a relaxing beach holiday and fishing will also find entertainment for themselves. The exotic sea world, the purest warm water will not leave a single person indifferent.
If earlier you imagined Africa as an arid and desert continent, then Tanzania will turn your ideas upside down with a riot of colors, exotic vegetation, a rich and diverse world. All you need to do is book a car and you will find yourself in a completely unusual place. On the one hand, this is wild and exotic nature, on the other, the country’s economy is still underdeveloped to offer such a level of service as many European resorts. It is precisely because of the slightly developed economy that public transport and taxis are rather rare here than the rule. But thanks to the car rental company in Zanzibar, you will always be free to choose places of rest and sightseeing.

Sky cheap car rental offers to rent a car in Zanzibar, Tanzania and see the beauty of the archipelago
Zanzibar is one of the largest archipelagos in the Indian Ocean, with 75 islands. The centuries-old history attracts the attention of lovers of secrets, legends and discoveries, and Zanzibar does not disappoint! Being at the intersection of sea routes, the island has always been in the center of attention: travels were planned here, geographical discoveries were made, empires were created and the Sultanates collapsed. So that the ancient history and architectural monuments do not pass by for you, upon arrival on the island you will use the offer from the company Sky car rental and rent a cheap car hire in Zanzibar.
Stone Town is the capital of Zanzibar and is a must see. Picturesque buildings, narrow streets, Freddie Mercury’s house-museum, Christian cathedrals and mosques, Persian baths, Arab markets with exotic spices. Visiting this place, it is as if you find yourself in a fairy tale 1001 nights. It seems that the very atmosphere of this place keeps many secrets that you would certainly want to know by opening one of the carved doors, some of which have been preserved since the 17th century. The Sultan’s Palace or the House of Wonders will surely appeal to architecture lovers – it was here for the first time at the end of the 19th century that plumbing, electricity and elevators appeared – a miracle unheard of for Zanzibar. Next to the palace you can see the Old Fort, which was originally an Arab fortress, then, much later, there was a prison in this place. Now in the fort you can plunge into the cultural atmosphere of Africa (various festivals, musical events, competitions, as well as African drum shows are held here).
A 10-minute drive from the Sultan’s Palace, you can see the ruins of one of the oldest palaces on the island – the Mtoni Palace. Once a magnificent structure, built by the Sultan, it did not last one century, the palace was plundered, fell into disrepair and collapsed. Only a few elements of its former greatness have survived to this day.
Not far from the Mtoni Palace in Stone Town, you can see the Anglican Cathedral, which is sure to be appreciated by architecture lovers. Gothic elements and Arabic motifs are intertwined here, and together they look very organic. Not far from the cathedral is the gloomiest monument of the island – the monument to slaves. The composition represents sculptures of 5 people placed in a pit; the necks of the slaves are wrapped in chains. This sculptural composition reflects the hardest and darkest times of the islanders.
Jozani rainforest. Here you can see the untouched nature of Africa with Colobus monkeys listed in the Red Book. Together with renting a car in Zanzibar from Sky rent a car, you will have a unique opportunity to see rare colobus specimens in their natural habitat. In addition, the park is home to a wide variety of animal species, as well as all kinds of butterflies that live in Zanzibar.
Tired of the nature of the tropics and want something spectacular? Visit Nakupenda Island! It can be reached by boat and is located about half an hour from the center of Zanzibar. Once on the island, where there is no vegetation, you can feel like a Robinson. After enjoying the privacy and sound of the ocean, while sitting in a boat, you will see an incredible sight: the island of Nakupenda will completely disappear into the Indian Ocean, so that it will reappear at low tide.

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After an eventful walk, you should definitely refuel. The best place to sample local dishes is The Rock restaurant, which is located on the cliff. It is noteworthy that at low tide you can get here on foot, but at high tide you cannot do without a boat. It is here that you can taste some of the most delicious seafood dishes. And if you want to celebrate the New Year in this restaurant, then you need to book a table in advance six months in advance.
You don’t have to go far from Stone Town to taste a wide variety of African cuisine. A five-minute walk away is a waterfront park called Forodani Gardens, where a street food festival takes place every evening. Several open-air chefs prepare a variety of fish, seafood, soups, local flatbreads, pizza and more.
It is impossible to visit Zanzibar and not see the Cheetah Rock. Using a car rental from our company, be it a mechanic or an automatic, you will get to the reserve from Stone Town in just half an hour. In the Cheetah’s Rock nursery you can see not only cheetahs, but also zebras, lemurs, lions, roe deer, monkeys and other animals that were taken from smugglers. The conditions in which the animals live are as close to natural as possible.
Another place that tourists love to visit is Chang Island or Prison Island. This island has an unusually difficult and interesting history: first, Arab slave traders kept living goods here, then there was a prison, hence the name – Prison, after which – a quarantine zone for those with yellow fever. It was in order to please the sick on the island that the Governor of Seychelles sent 4 huge Aldabra turtles. Over the years of being on the island, reptiles have multiplied significantly and now it is the turtle that has become the visiting card of the island. Reptiles live up to 200 years, and individual individuals weigh almost 250 kilograms.
Kizimkazi village and Nungwi beach are must-see places. Renting a car in Zanzibar, Tanzania will help you experience the beauty and diversity of African nature. Kizimkazi is the oldest settlement on the territory of Zanzibar, where you can “live” how the locals are dashing and skillfully fishing, as well as fishing on your own. In addition, if you are lucky, you can see dolphins frolic not far from the coast – fishermen can take you by boat or speedboat. If you have a cheap car rental in Zanzibar, you can also get to the best beach on the island – Nungwi. White sand, gentle ocean waters: a must visit, especially if you are fond of snorkeling. This is the perfect place for such activities. There is also a natural turtle aquarium on the Nungwi beach, where you can feed the reptiles with algae, stroke them and listen to interesting stories about the life of the inhabitants of the aquarium.
As you plunge into the water and solve marine mysteries, be sure to visit the Slave Cave or Mangapwani Cave. A few centuries ago, it was in this grotto that the Omani Arabs hid slaves, despite the official ban on the slave trade on the island.
Another must-see cave for all lovers of excavation and archeology is Kuumbi Cave, which is located in the southeast of the island. Using our car rental services in Zanzibar, you can quickly reach the excavation sites in the cave and see traces of the presence of wild animals and ancient people that are more than 20 thousand years old.
Renting a car in Zanzibar, Tanzania will save you from having to solve the transport issue, namely how to get to Paje village. Algae is grown in this village for pharmaceuticals, food industry, cosmetology. The entire cultivation process is associated with the ebb and flow season. As soon as the water is gone, the algae are planted and harvested after 6-8 weeks. If the timing is right, the women of Paje village can be seen collecting or planting seaweed.
Ever dreamed of seeing turmeric or cinnamon growing? All you need is to rent a car in Zanzibar, Tanzania and head to the Zanzibar Spices and Heritage Center! It is located 15 kilometers from the Stone Town. Here you will see how spices grow, most of which are sold in stores ready-made, ground: nutmeg, ginger, lemongrass, cloves, vanilla and other herbs. On the territory of the farm there is a shop where you can buy bags with spices as a gift for yourself or friends, the quality of which is very high, however, and the price is far from the market average.
If you don’t like anything at the spice farm, but you really want to buy souvenirs, then you can always go to the Darajani market. This is the central market in Zanzibar, which is not very clean, but local people are not confused by this. Here you can always buy food, spices, fruits, fresh fish or souvenirs. The Darajani market offers buyers products of African craftsmen from beads, textiles, wood, stones, souvenirs made from car tires.

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Cheap rental car in Zanzibar without deposit from Sky rent a car Tanzania

If you want to visit the most remote and scenic corners of Africa, consider hiring a car from Sky car hire Zanzibar, Tanzania. We offer some of the most favorable conditions on the continent; our employees are always ready to select the cars suitable for your trip, whether it be a car for a small company or a minibus for a whole tourist group. We offer our clients the highest level of service with the most comfortable rental conditions!
Renting a car from Sky car hire Zanzibar, Tanzania, according to positive customer reviews, is the best investment in relaxation and endless impressions of visiting the country. Thousands of satisfied customers return to us every year to order a car comfortably, safely and inexpensively.
Feel the spirit of freedom and exotic colors of Tanzania with Sky cheap car hire! Our fleet of vehicles is always at your service: premium cars, off-road safari vehicles, etc.
To rent a car from our company’s database, you just need to use the remote booking form. You can write to us by e-mail or call us by phone, specifying the exact date of arrival and the desired car, the whole procedure for renting a car in Zanzibar, Tanzania will take about thirty minutes maximum. Our managers will deliver the transport along with the completed package of documents to the place you specified, will conduct a short briefing, and you will set off on your journey through the beautiful African land.
No international driving license, or have you never driven a car at all, but want to get around Zanzibar in comfort? It couldn’t be easier! Sky cheap car hire offers car rental Zanzibar, Tanzania along with a professional driver. In this case, you will only have to plunge into the incredibly beautiful, exotic and breathtaking world of Tanzania and Zanzibar, discovering it every day from different sides.

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