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rent a car zanzibar airport
rental car zanzibar airport without deposit

Explore the amazing world of East Africa with Sky Rent A Car Zanzibar Airport

Tanzania is a state of contrasts: on the one hand – impenetrable jungle, on the other – white beaches and gentle warm sea of ​​the Indian Ocean, unique monuments of nature and architecture, modern buildings. You can make sure of this by taking advantage of our cheap car rental services at Zanzibar Airport and going to Zanzibar. The archipelago, which consists of 75 islands, three of which are considered the largest (Unguja, Mafia and Pemba), invariably attracts many tourists, and having a rented car allows you to see many attractions and save a significant part of your time.

When visiting some architectural monuments, such as Stone Town, you need to know that it is almost impossible to drive through narrow streets by car, so you will have to walk part of the way. And if you decide to see parks and remote villages, then it is best to rent a car at Zanzibar Airport with an off-road capability. It will be a rental with a manual transmission or an Rent a car automatic transmission for you, the main thing is that you can drive on it off-road.

Zanzibar is distinguished by its originality and colorful African colors: what is only a colorful presentation of the Maasai tribe. It is in this city on the same square that you can see a mosque and a cathedral, a university and a bazaar, where there is a brisk trade not only in spices and products, but also in unique handicrafts.

Architectural monuments here look organically with modern buildings, although there are not so many of the latter in Stone Town. The country’s economy is still very weak, so if you are counting on the European level of tourist service, you may be a little disappointed. However, the impressions of the nature of Zanzibar, its natural monuments and architecture more than cover the lack of high-quality service.

Sky Rent A Car offers car rental in Zanzibar Airport, Tanzania

Arriving in Zanzibar, you first of all find yourself at the Abeid Amani Karum airport (formerly called “Kisoni”). Despite the loud name, the airport is very modest: the construction of the second terminal is currently underway, as well as the improvement of the existing infrastructure. Of course, there is a taxi at the airport, just leave the Zanzibar Airport building. However, there may not be enough cars for everyone, so the ideal option would be to cheap car hire at Zanzibar Airport from Sky car rental Zanzibar and not think about anything else.

Renting a car from Sky cheap car hire, according to many positive reviews of satisfied customers, is the most optimal investment in a vacation when visiting the country. Using our services, clients return to us over and over again, visiting not only Africa, but also other continents and countries. With us you can always order a car quickly, reliably, comfortably and inexpensively.

The pick-up location can be any, including Zanzibar Airport, all you need to do is complete three main stages of cooperation:

Call us by phone or fill out the form on our website, indicating the date of arrival and the place where you will pick up the rented car.
Submit the necessary documents for registration of vehicles.
Pick up the car at the indicated place, having received a short instruction from a representative of our company.
If you find it difficult to decide on a car model, it doesn’t matter – our staff will be happy to help you choose the right option! Use the help of professionals, and you will understand that booking a car at Zanzibar Airport is much easier than it seems at first glance. Sky cheap car hire Zanzibar airport, Tanzania will select transport not only for a few people, but also for the whole tourist group. The company’s car fleet includes both business class cars and minibuses. Our clients are always satisfied with the optimal rental conditions – we offer inexpensive car rental at Zanzibar airport and the highest level of service.

The process of renting a car at Zanzibar Airport, Tanzania will take about thirty minutes, no more. Our employees will bring the package of documents immediately to the transfer of the car, after which you can go on a trip across the African continent without losing a minute of rest.

If you do not know how to drive a car or you do not have international rights, then you can always use the services of professional drivers available in the company staff. In this case, you will only have to indicate the places where you would like to visit: the driver will take you to the right place, and you will not need to think about parking and refueling. Sky cheap car hire Zanzibar airport, Tanzania guarantees that traveling in an air-conditioned rental car will bring you a lot of pleasure!

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Use your car rental without deposit from Zanzibar Airport to see the sights!

Zanzibar attracts the attention of not only beach lovers, but also connoisseurs of ancient architecture and centuries-old history. The island has always been in the very center of events: great discoveries were made here, travels started, the overthrow of the Sultanate was carried out and the empire was rebuilt anew. The history of the island also has its “dark” spots, because the slave market flourished here. You can see all the multifaceted centuries-old history and the main architectural monuments of the archipelago using a car rental in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Stone Town or Stone Town is a very popular place among tourists. The ancient capital, which keeps many secrets and secrets, narrow streets, mosques and Christian cathedrals, Arab markets with the smell of spices, carved doors that have been preserved since the 17th century, seem to immerse you in the fairy tale of 1001 nights. Here in Stone Town you can visit the Freddie Mercury House Museum. The famous performer lived with his parents in this house for part of his childhood, and after his death, a museum was made in the house.

While in the Stone City, it is worth seeing the House of Miracles, as the locals call it, or the Sultan’s Palace. This house really was a real miracle for many residents of the country: at the end of the 19th century, electricity, running water and elevators appeared here. Not far from the palace is the Old Fort. At first, the building was built by the Arabs as an impregnable fortress, and then a prison was located in the fort. Nowadays, a variety of music and theater festivals is held here, where you can listen to colorful African music or watch an interesting show of African drums.

Renting a car at Zanzibar Airport, Tanzania will allow you to see the ancient ruins of Mtoni Palace, the oldest palace on the island. By car, you can reach this historical monument in just 10 minutes. The palace has a very sad story: the building built by the Sultan was luxurious and richly decorated, but it did not serve its owners for a long time. It was plundered; the palace gradually fell into decay and then completely collapsed. Now this place is of interest with individual elements of the building, reminiscent of the former grandeur and luxury.

But the organic combination of Arabic motifs and Gothic elements of the Anglican Cathedral, located near the Mtoni Palace, will delight connoisseurs of architecture. Over the long years of the neighborhood, different religions have left their mark on the building, but it has not lost its originality in our time: the old iconostasis is perfectly preserved inside the cathedral.

The Slaves Monument is perhaps the darkest reflection of the country’s history. The composition is made in the form of a pit, inside of which 5 people are placed; the slaves’ necks are wrapped in chains. The Swedish sculptor managed to convey all the emotions of despair and resignation to fate. The islanders consider these times to be the darkest and darkest in their history.

Tired of the stone jungle and want to plunge into the nature of Africa? Car Hire Zanzibar Airport, from Sky car rental Zanzibar  without deposit will help you! It is not difficult to get to the Jozani rainforest by car. Individuals of the rarest colobus monkeys, listed in the Red Book, live here. In the rainforest, you will have a unique opportunity to see colobus in their natural habitat. In addition to monkeys, the park is also home to a large number of local fauna, as well as butterflies found in Zanzibar.

Nakupenda Island will give you the opportunity to feel like a real Robinson. You can get here by boat, and then sit on the sand (there is no vegetation on the island) and think of something distant in solitude. But the most incredible will await you at high tide: the island will completely disappear into the Indian Ocean, and then, when the tide comes, it will reappear on the surface of the earth. An unforgettable sight!

You can only see cheetahs or other African predators in the Cheetah’s Rock nursery. From Stone Town to Cheetah Rock, the road will take no more than half an hour. In the reserve itself, you will meet with cheetahs, zebras, lions, lemurs, monkeys, roe deer and others. All these animals were seized from smugglers (a real problem for modern Africa) and released into the reserve, where their living conditions are as close to natural as possible.

After a long walk through the reserve, you can sample local cuisine. For example, in the restaurant The Rock, that is located on a rock. At low tide, you can get here on foot, but at high tide without a boat, you are unlikely to be able to taste seafood delicacies. It serves some of the most delicious seafood in Zanzibar.

Although, if hunger overtook you in the Stone Town area, do not rush to go anywhere! Five minutes from the Stone Town, there are the Forodani Gardens – a plot-park on the embankment. There is an open-air street food festival every evening. Several chefs prepare dishes from seafood, fish, meat, bake pizza, local flatbreads and much more. Therefore, you have a chance to taste the local cuisine and not go far from the historic square of the city.

Nungwi Beach and Kizimkazi Village are places you will surely visit if you manage to rent a car at Zanzibar Airport (ZNZ)  in time. Choose Sky car rental Zanzibar Airport. Nungwi is the best beach on the island: white sand, warm waters of the Indian Ocean. There is a natural turtle aquarium, where you can not only learn about the habitat of these reptiles, but also feed them with algae. Kizimkazi is the oldest settlement in Zanzibar. Arriving here, you can not only see how the locals catch fish, but also go fishing on your own. Sometimes, far from the coast, you can see dolphins frolic.

Another place in Zanzibar, so beloved by all tourists, is Prison Island or Chang Island. For many years, the island served as a prison for the locals, then a yellow fever quarantine zone. To cheer up the sick, the Governor of Seychelles sent 4 individuals of the Aldabra turtles to the island. Over the years, the number of individuals has increased significantly, making the turtle the visiting card of the island. Reptiles living here live up to 200 years, and their weight reaches 250 kilograms.

Paje village is a place where algae cultivation reaches an industrial scale. You can see the whole process of planting and collecting by using the terms of a car rental in Zanzibar Airport (ZNZ), Tanzania. Algae grown in this area is actively used in the food, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetology.

Have you ever seen how spices are harvested? Sky cheap car hire Zanzibar Airport will open up new horizons for you! All you need is to rent a car from the company’s fleet. The Zanzibar Spices and Heritage Center is located 15 kilometers from Stone Town. The most famous herbs and spices grow here: cloves, lemongrass, nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and others. You can also buy your favorite spice in a special shop on the farm.

Souvenirs can also be purchased at the Darajani market. Here you can always find not only ordinary gifts (textiles, products made of stone, beads, wood), but also non-standard souvenirs (made from car tires, for example).

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car hire zanzibar airport without deposit

Cheap car rental at Zanzibar airport by Sky Rent a Car Tanzania

Together with renting a car, Sky car rental at airport Zanzibar (ZNZ) gives you a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the culture, way of life, national traditions and customs of East Africa. Your own rented car will allow you to visit many corners of the archipelago, purchase truly unique handicrafts, and see the flora and fauna that cannot be seen anywhere else in the natural environment. Book a car and go on an adventure, discovering new routes, tastes, colors and exoticism of Zanzibar.

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