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Govedartsi is a truly magnificent place with picturesque nature and a very pleasant atmosphere, which is quite suitable for skiing, but not only.

Govedartsi is the largest village in Sofia region. The infrastructure of the Govedartsi resort area is developing very actively. Therefore, real estate investment is increasing day by day. The village will shortly participate in a project worth 300 million euros, which aims to dynamically improve the conditions of the tourist base of the area. This project is called Super Borovets. The construction of new modern ski lifts and tracks, as well as the expansion of the already existing famous Borovets resort, is forthcoming. Quite significant investments will also be made in the ski infrastructure of the Govedartsi resort area.

And in order to be able to appreciate all the beauties of Govedartsi, as well as to visit all the numerous ski resorts, you only need to get your own car, because traveling by buses or taxis will not be able to provide a high level of comfort and speed of travel. If you do not have the opportunity to come here with your own car, then you should not despair, because you can rent a car in Bulgaria here, on the spot. The most important thing is the right approach to the selection of companies willing to provide you with rent a car in Bulgaria, renting from the first company can lead to quite unpleasant consequences.   

In the village of Govedartsi there are regular buses to the town of Samokov (distance 14 kilometers) and Sofia (distance 74 kilometers). From the resort there are marked trails to the tourist center Ovnarsko (2 hours) and tourist house Mechit (2.5 hours), from where you can continue your journey in the depths of the Rila mountain. The nearest village to Govedartsi is Maleviche – you can easily get there by public transport.

The village of Govedartsi is located at 1268 meters above sea level, in the area of the Rila National Park. The houses of the village are on the right bank of the river Cherni Iskar. Above the village rises Mount Maliovitsa, so this village is one of the starting points for reaching the top. The beautiful relief above the village creates an unforgettable experience for all its visitors. Picturesque landscapes capture the spirit of tourists, and many services such as ski rental, hotels and shops, restaurants have a beneficial effect on the development of the village. It is the closest settlement to the dynamically developing ski resort Maljovitsa, which offers good conditions for skiing. In this place there are excellent ski slopes, which thanks to the excellent snow cover are open from December to April, there is also a ski lift. The resort of Malevitsa is worth visiting in the summer for its natural beauty. Why not enjoy the view of the unique Seven Rila Lakes. They impress even the most professional climbers with their unforgettable beauty.

The resort has a Peychevi House hotel. The hotel has a restaurant, bar, terrace, ski storage, luggage storage. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy fishing, skiing, walking in the park, cycling in the scenic surroundings. Bike and ski rentals are available. Ski training will be provided by professional coaches at the ski school. There is a playground. The hotel offers free internet, parking, laundry, satellite TV, etc.

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Another good hotel “Alen mak”, which is located in the village of Govedartsi, 90 km from the international airport of the capital Sofia and 25 km from the city of Samokov. The hotel is located at 1750 m above sea level in the Rila National Park near the ski slopes. There are many hiking trails near the hotel. This hotel is very suitable for a family vacation, as it has a Turkish bath, jacuzzi, sauna, massage services, fitness center. You can rent sports equipment and there is also storage space. The hotel’s free service includes parking, internet, luggage storage, gym. There is also a bar and a restaurant with international and traditional cuisine.

Mini-hotel “Kalina Guest House” is located in Govedartsi resort. The mini-hotel offers Wi-Fi internet, free parking, horse riding, sauna visit, ski school, bicycle rental. There is a playground with experienced teachers. The hotel’s restaurant offers a menu of both traditional Bulgarian cuisine and European cuisine. The hotel allows accommodation and stay with your pets.

Hotel Krusharska Kashta offers rooms at affordable prices. The hotel has wireless internet services, you can use the safe in the lobby, visit the restaurant with delicious Bulgarian and international cuisine. The hotel driver will pick you up directly from the airport. There is a children’s playground and a bar with fresh alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for their parents.

All Seasons Mountain Vistas has a 24-hour front desk. Guests can visit the hotel’s restaurant with Bulgarian cuisine, a bar, a ski school with professional coaches who speak Russian. No matter where you are when you arrive at the resort, the hotel driver will drive you right to the doorstep. There is a children’s playground as well as babysitting services. For lovers of outdoor activities, the hotel can play table tennis, rent a bicycle, ride horses, rent skis.

Today, practically anyone who has an international driver’s license can rent a car from Sky rent a car Bulgaria. Low-cost rental cars in Govedartsi, combined with a rich fleet of modern cars, professional staff of the company Sky rent a car Bulgaria, high speed of registration and review of requests for rental car reservations, very useful additional services and the opportunity to rent an avromobile literally without leaving your home makes cooperation with Sky rent a car Bulgaria truly unforgettable.

Villa “Shisharka” is located in a coniferous forest, 1.5 km from the town of Samokov and has 5 double rooms. Each room has central heating, private bathroom, satellite TV and internet. The restaurant here has 80 seats and offers traditional Bulgarian dishes as well as a special menu from the chef. In the summer here you can enjoy the pleasant freshness of the forest and fresh air. The summer kitchen has a barbecue. For the convenience of visitors, a private transport is provided that will take you to the ski slopes.

The climate of the resort is moderately calm, the nature is colorful and picturesque. One monastery and several churches have survived in Govedartsi. Several chapels, which are located in the localities of Tapenkovitsa, Izvorovo and Mechkaritsa, have reached our times in the village. The resort village is the starting point for the wonderful mountain routes along the Rila mountain. Routes to: The Seven Rila Lakes, Urdini Oser, Maliovitsa Peak, Rila Monastery, etc.

2 km southwest of Govedartsi there is a tourist base of bungalows that are electrified. The surroundings of the village in winter offer very excellent conditions for skiing and skateboarding.

The main livelihood of the local residents of the village of Govedartsi is animal husbandry, growing the so-called “Samokov potatoes”, mountain, fishing and ski tourism. In the river Cherni Iskar there is an opportunity for fishing, catching Balkan trout. In the last few years, Govedartsi has become a place where investors are increasingly looking to invest their funds in its development. The magnificent relief and beautiful nature make the village uniquely picturesque for its guests.

From Govedartsi there are also routes to Vada tourist base (2 hours on foot), Lovna tourist base (3 hours), Malyovitsa mountain school, etc. The Seven Rila Lakes, the Kobilino Branishte and Strashno Lake barriers can be reached through the Gyulechitsa area.

Govedartsi is developing quite quickly, new hotel complexes and villas are quickly being erected, and most likely in a few years this resort will be very lively, noisy and with a developed infrastructure, but this will not happen today. Therefore, for all those wishing to admire the beautiful nature and relax in peace – Govedartsi resort was created especially for you!

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