SkyTravel – Route No. 2

Forests, beaches, holiday villages


South of Varna, the steep spurs of the Balkans IX stretch all the way to the coast. The landscape is initially flat, but near the Obzor the picture changes, there is more and more forest. The route leads through quiet resort villages. The surrounding nature is so good that it makes sense to go for a long walk.
A beautiful view of the city of Varna, descending like an amphitheater to the sea, opens from Gala-ta Cape (turn east from the south side of Lake Varna).

Byala – Kamchia Delta
The area around Byala is one of the traditional centers of viticulture in Bulgaria. But Byala is famous not only for wines, but also for cozy private hotels that have appeared in recent years. Away from the beach exotic is Staro-Oryakhovo. From here, a dirt road leads directly to the sea.
Shkorpilovtsi will delight tourists with a spacious picturesque beach. Nearby is the mouth of Kamchia. The delta of this largest river in Bulgaria has been declared a nature reserve.
Here you can walk along the paths laid in the forest, admire the lakes and swamps (© in the season daily 9.00-21.00). There are several restaurants near the pier. You can get to the Kamchia delta by taxi or by bus.
© Berth Information Office: 0 51 41/21 97, 0 89/38 18 10.052/2315 68.
From Staro-Oryakhovo , we advise you to go on an excursion deep into the mainland (about 78 km), to the spurs of the Eastern Balkans and the rocks of Chudni-te near Dobromir. These places are the center of Bulgarian tobacco growing. Near the shore of the reservoir you can admire the rocks “Pig’s head” and “Turtle”. Further, the walk leads to the “Wonderful Rocks” (Chudnite), the beauty of which fully justifies the name!
Along the coast
If you head from Staro-Oryakhovo towards the coast, you will soon see the picturesque place Shkorpilovtsi, known for its beautiful beach. There are two inexpensive hotels and two campsites here, so tourists are increasingly heading here.
Highway E 87 between Oryahovo and Byala moves away from the coast, and the sea is not visible. But then we get to the best vineyards in Bulgaria: they seem to stretch to the very horizon. Byala does not stand on the shore, and yet there are several hotels where tourists and locals stay for the night.
The city of Obzor (between Varna and Burgas), called by the Greeks in antiquity Heliopolis (“city of the sun”), was famous even in ancient times. In the center of the town are the remains of the Roman temple of Jupiter. In Obzor in the summer there are especially many vacationers from Bulgaria itself.
Nature reserves
Bulgaria is a small country, but there are several hundred nature reserves on its territory. Most often they are located away from tourist routes, but those who get to them will be rewarded with the beauty of nature. For those who have a rest on the coast, not far from the reserves Golden Sands, Delta
Kamchia and the youngest (but also the most extensive) Strandzha National Park in Bulgaria, stretching to the seashore. A little to the north is the Ropotamo nature reserve, where a bird sanctuary is located in the Arkutino swamp. You can admire different landscapes. Not far from the port city of Burgas there are several lakes – Atanassov, Burgasko and Yasomir Mandra (reservoir). Animals inhabiting their shores are protected.


To the north of the town, on the coast, there are several campsites (Luna, Prostor, etc.).
Luna and Prostor (with a motel) on the northern exit from the city.
Sveti Vlas and Elenite Two villages are located next to each other. But when you get to Elenite, it seems as if you were on the deserted edge of the earth…
Sveti Vlas
The road leads past the traditional village of Banya through a pass through dense forest, and then opens
80 view of Sveti Vlas. The highway separates the center of the village from the beach and resort area. Graceful bungalows stand on the shore, and Nessebar is visible in the south-west.
• Hotel Laguna, st. Odessa 1, . Luxurious hotel; 15 rooms, 11 suites, fitness, sauna, medical center, fine restaurant.
• Berlin, New hotel on the central beach; swimming pool, sauna, playground.
• Hotel Sunrise, O (mobile) 03 59/88/39 52 35. Private hotel, only 11 rooms, right by the sea. Refined and comfortable.
In Eleyit you will find the center of the entertainment and recreation industry. At your service is a beach with a length of 800 m and all conditions for any water sports. In addition, Elenite is much smaller than its famous resort neighbors, and those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle tend to come here.
Tourist complex In Elenite, 8240 Sunny Beach, at 05 54/6 88 11 or 692 11, The complex includes several hotels, the Royal Park luxury hotel. Diverse cuisine, entertainment for lovers of nightlife. Sports program, entertainment for children.
Talyan. An ideal restaurant for fish and seafood lovers.

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