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All summer resorts in Bulgaria are situated on the Black Sea coast. The water is clean and warm enough for swimming in the summer. The highest wave height does not exceed 7 meters, while the ebbs and flows are barely noticeable and total about 10 cm. A major advantage of the Black Sea is the lack of fish and animals that are dangerous to humans.Byala is a small Black Sea town with a population of 2500 inhabitants. It borders on the Varna and Burgas regions: 75 km from Burgas and 55 km from Varna. It’s a fairly quiet, green, and mesmerizingly beautiful place, a combination of a seaside resort and a traditional small Bulgarian village. What attracts vacationers to Byala is its clear sea, sandy beaches, and crystal clear forest air – the resort is surrounded by a dense forest and shielded from the winds by the Stara Planina ridge that descends to the sea. But the most attractive feature of this resort is its heartful atmosphere.

The safety of our customers has always been our main concern. That’s why the rental vehicle fleet of the Byala car rental company Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria consists of only fully technically sound cars. This guarantees a complete absence of unpleasant situations on the road caused by a breakdown of the rental car. Moreover, we offer only modern cars with active and passive safety systems that protect the life and health of the driver and passengers in the event of an accident.

In this region, the entire coast is rocky and has small bays that limit the beach area but create a more picturesque view. Most beaches have a north, southeast, or east location, which allows vacationers to get plenty of sunbathing.

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Tourist’s guide to Byala hotels

The Byala resort owes its name to the white cliffs that surround the city and constitute a geological “exhibit”, allowing an attentive observer to trace the periods of the earth’s crust formation over a couple of thousand years. The descent into the sea is quite gentle. At about 10 meters from the shore, the depth is still less than 70 cm. Then it gradually deepens, reaching up to 2.5 meters at 200 meters from the shore. Rescue teams patrol the beaches, and the town’s municipal service makes sure the beaches are always clean.The nearest resort in the vicinity of Byala is Obzor. The nearby campsites are Luna, Irakli, Sun, and Prostor. The resort has 3* and 4* hotels, leisure and recreation centers, and hotel facilities that offer accommodation and excellent service for relatively little money. Since the resort is small, there are only about 15 hotel complexes, which provides for a quiet and tranquil, comfortable atmosphere throughout the resort town.

The resort complex “Byala Beach Resort” is situated in immediate proximity to the Black Sea. The fully furnished rooms guarantee the comfort of vacationers. Besides, guests can cook their own lunch or dinner in the multifunctional kitchen. Tourists can also visit the hotel restaurant with Bulgarian and European cuisine. For fans of dancing, the hotel offers a modern nightclub. The hotel’s spa center provides a variety of services: massage, solarium, fitness center, sauna, jacuzzi, and other spa amenities and therapies. For kids, there is a playground and a children’s pool. You can play backgammon, chess, darts, and many other games. The hotel has quite a few shops. The All-Inclusive system covers the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, buffet (breakfast, afternoon snack, lunch, and dinner), theme parties, tea, coffee, light snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day, fitness hall, volleyball, table tennis, football, and night club. For an additional fee, you can use the safe at the reception desk, order foreign-made drinks, ride a bicycle, get a massage, use the dry cleaning services, internet room, mini-golf course, or visit the beauty salon.

Vemara Club Hotel is situated near the Byala resort, on the beautiful Cape St. Atanas, where archeologists discovered the remains of an ancient settlement. The hotel complex sits next to the fishing pier and the beach. Its guests can visit the hotel restaurant with a broad choice of dishes, the main restaurant, the lobby bar, the poolside bar, and the sky bar. Vemara Club Hotel has an all-inclusive system: breakfast, lunch, dinner, hot and soft drinks, local alcoholic drinks, table tennis, a fitness hall, water polo, water gymnastics, indoor soccer, volleyball, aerobics, basketball, sports animation, three outdoor pools, sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as Wi-Fi hotspots, and free transport to the Byala resort.

For an additional fee, you get access to the safe storage services, telephone, sauna, massage, medical consultations, washing and ironing services, taxi services – or you can get a rental vehicle with the help of Rent A Car in Bulgaria – Byala.

Sirena Sea House sits on the Black Sea coast of the resort, to the south of its center. Sirena Sea House offers well-furnished rooms with everything a vacationing guest might need. The apartments have air conditioning and a kitchen with all the necessary appliances. A swimming pool is at guests’ disposal. The hotel complex is secured and welcomes vacationers all year round.

There are neither large crowds of tourists nor a multitude of clubs and discos. Instead, all conditions have been created for recreation, horse riding, promenades, aquatic sports. Near the resort, you’ll find a jeep safari route with an exciting program.

The seaport on the coast has small boats and yachts and offers yachting and sailing opportunities, including a yacht school. Those who love fishing and underwater hunting will have a lot of fun in Byala. You can go hunting with an underwater gun in the rocky coastal area, and in the open sea, you can fish using various tackles. The river near the Byala resort town is also abundant with fish.

If you have a hunting license, the nearby forests have game ranches with different animals.

The first mention of a settlement in this region dates back to the 6th century BC; it was called Cape St. Atanas. In the ancient days, the settlement belonged to Aspros, a Hellenic colony. Later this location was under the reign of Ottoman Turks for a long time – like many other areas of the Balkan Peninsula. Byala obtained the status of a town in 1984.

Byala has an ethnographic complex that displays traditional Bulgarian households. Fans of rural tourism can become acquainted with the local customs and national life by visiting these authentic Byala village houses. Not far from Byala, tourists can explore the remains of ancient fortresses. It’s much easier and more convenient to get to this place of interest using a rental car. And the best car rental terms in Byala are offered by the company Sky car hire in Bulgaria.

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Cars for rent in Byala from Sky Rent Car Bulgaria

We offer a unique opportunity – you can rent a car in Byala without visiting our office in person. Everything can be arranged by phone or even email. You just need to contact our managers in any way convenient for you, specify the make and model of the rental car you’re interested in, indicate the time and place where you would like to receive it. Once your rental car application is approved, you can immediately book and rent a car for hire in Byala. A representative of our company will be waiting for you right at the appointed time, at the specified location. They will bring the full package of documents necessary for using a rental car both in Byala and throughout Bulgaria – as all Sky rental cars in Byala are provided without any mileage limitation.

What distinguishes the car rental company Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria Byala is the absence of mileage restrictions, the low car rental prices in Byala, the swift reviewing of applications, and the opportunity to apply for rental cars in Byala online or by phone. The round-the-clock support, the option to transfer the rental car to any location in the country, the “personal driver” option and the professionalism of our employees are only a small part of all the positive qualities of Sky Rent A Car in Byala. In more than 10 years of successful operation, Sky has attained the position of the undisputed leaders in the market of vehicle rental services in Byala and Bulgaria as a whole. We have been constantly adjusting our development vector to cater to the needs of our clients. The numerous positive Byala car rental reviews from our satisfied customers are the confirmation we’ve made the right choices. We invite you to experience the full range of Sky’s services. Rest assured you’ll be more than happy with Sky Rent A Car in Byala, and you’ll certainly want to use our car rental services in Byala whenever you visit Bulgaria again.

The resort has long been known for its unique traditions of viticulture. Byala produces Dimyat, an amazingly fragrant variety of wine. Tourists can order Dimyat in restaurants, purchased it in stores, or get a taste of different vintages in a special wine tasting room in the town’s center.

The resort also has a lot of shops with basic food products, as well as a farm market with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Like the vast majority of resorts in Bulgaria, Byala is a place capable of treating asthma naturally. Vacationing here improves the condition of allergy sufferers and alleviates respiratory diseases. The resort mainly gets on-shore winds, and the local microclimate contains very low amounts of pollen and other allergens. There has never been a single industrial facility in this area.

A foreign guest in Bulgaria can move around the country using all possible types of transport: airplanes, buses, trains. There’s even a river shipping company. However, just like in many other countries, renting a car takes many hassles off the traveler’s shoulders. You’re no longer restricted by timetable and routes; you can pull over whenever you please – for example, if you are tired of driving or when you suddenly spot an interesting sight. You’re free to stop at any moment and explore the location or take pictures. Besides, if you opt for rental cars in Byala, you eliminate every chance of getting deceived by dishonest taxi drivers who often inflate their prices. Using our services, you will not spend a single extra cent. You pay a fixed amount regardless of how many kilometers you’ve traveled. This makes your vacation or business trip as cost-efficient and comfortable as possible. If you do not want to personally drive the rented car, you can hire a professional driver at Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria – Byala. The chauffeur will take you to any location in the country, while you can just enjoy the ride in the comfortable rental car provided by Sky. As a foreign tourist in Bulgaria, you can rent a car with ease if you have your passport and a valid international driver’s license.

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