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Plovdiv is one of the most seasoned cities in Europe and the moment biggest in Bulgaria. He is considered a modern of Troy. The city is found on both sides of the Maritsa Waterway. Plovdiv is called “The City of Hills”, “The City of Seven Hills” since it is found at the foot of the seven syenite slopes. Plovdiv is known not as it were for its magnificence, but too for its old history. Nowadays Plovdiv is exceptionally well known as an authoritative, social and financial center. One of the major occasions within the city is the Plovdiv Reasonable, in which hundreds of Bulgarian firms and companies from more than 30 nations of the world take portion each year.

There are numerous mineral springs, balneotherapy centers and resorts close the city – Hisar, Narechen, Pavel Banya. The Rhodope Mountains are exceptionally wealthy in normal magnificence and sights, as well as numerous landmarks of otherworldly, social and verifiable noteworthiness, they are found fair 15 kilometers from the city. On the off chance that you’ve got chosen Plovdiv for a spa get-away or social and touring trip, or even just chosen to visit the city on commerce, you’ll be able still appreciate its splendor. The city is outstandingly wealthy in resort complexes, engineering landmarks and characteristic attractions. In any case, it would be pleasant to think in progress around the mode of transport that you just will utilize. The city features a well-organized city transport, but by car you’ll be much more comfortable and speedier to move around. Subsequently, the workers of the car rental company in Plovdiv – Sky rent a car Bulgaria, have thought of everything and will beware of your charming remain within the nation. Book a car rental in Plovdiv at competitive costs and travel all through Bulgaria – unlimited!

When you arrive at Plovdiv Airport, which is located 10 kilometers from the city, you’ve got the opportunity to promptly arrange a car rental at the Airport. The agents of the car rental company in Plovdiv – Sky rent a car Bulgaria will serve you rapidly and effectively. On the off chance that you’re partners of mountains and ski occasions, at that point you may certainly be fascinated by the ski resorts of Borovets and Pamporovo, which are as it were 60 and 90 km absent, and the lovely worldwide resort of Bansko is 140 km from the Plovdiv Air terminal. There are other conceivable outcomes to book a car for lease – some time recently arriving within the nation, by making a reservation by phone or email. Sky rent a car Bulgaria offers another comfortable benefit – believe the proficient driver of the Sky rent a car Bulgaria company, who will take you anyplace within the nation, at any time. In any case, whichever choice you choose, the saved car rental will be holding up for you at the required put and interim of the day. Our agent will give you with all the vital archives, a outline of the city and nation, keys and, of course, will at first take you to the hotel.

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The city of Plovdiv is located 150 kilometers from the capital of Bulgaria – the city of Sofia, at a remove of almost 2 hours by car. In this manner, employing a car rental, you may have the opportunity to visit this old city. Of course, you’ll visit all other resorts and cities close Plovdiv, because they are excellent and curiously, so they are truly worth a visit. Ancient Plovdiv is excellent, as the ancient portion of the city is called. Here you’ll be able appreciate the foremost differing architecture and archeological follows of past times. Already, the city stood on seven slopes, like Rome, but one of the hills was annihilated and there are six of them cleared out. The slopes lend symmetry to the city. The foremost well known slopes are the three hills of Plovdiv: Nebettepe, Jambaztepe and Taksimtepe. On the off chance that you go up Sobornaya Road, at the starting there’s the house of the printer Danov. Nowadays this excellent house houses the Exhibition hall of Printing (the primary issue of the daily paper Maritsa was distributed in 1878). Another to the gallery there’s an Standard Church of the Virgin Mary, at the sanctuary there’s a lovely chime tower painted in pink and blue. Within the church itself there are antiquated symbols of the foremost celebrated Samokov aces / from the city of Samokov /. There’s moreover a drug store Hippocrates, it is additionally a museum. Fair up the road, you’ll be able see two craftsmanship exhibitions, as well as the Church of Holy people Constantine and Helena. The primary stone of the church was laid in 1832. Following is the fortification, which was built by Ruler Philip (father of Alexander the Extraordinary). It was he who founded Plovdiv on the location of the Thracian settlement of Eumolpias. Afterward, beneath the run the show of the Roman Realm, the city was called Trimontium. It was in those days that the city turned into a huge commercial and travel regulatory center. Within the V-VII centuries, Plovdiv, on a standard with Europe, was going through difficult times – the looting of the Huns, at that point the brutes. Beneath the run the show of the Byzantine Realm, the city began to be called Philippopolis, at that point it was turned into the most city of Bulgaria. A small afterward, the city got to be the capital of the county and was attached to the Latin Realm – this happened at the starting of the XIII century, but in 1206 the Bulgarian ruler Kaloyan destroyed it. During the rule of the Hassock Empire, the city gotten its Turkish title Filibe (1396 – 1912), a few places within the city still have Turkish names, including the Plovdiv hills.

It is exceptionally amazing and actually takes you into the past, like a genuine time machine – the Roman Theater (II century). It is still used for different cultural events, and concerts and exhibitions are regularly held here. The Roman theater stands on the Jambaztepe slope (there’s a car burrow beneath the slope). The theater was built by arrange of Head Troyan. The old Roman theater was found within the 70s of the XX century.

If you’re going by Plovdiv for the primary time and don’t need to work in look of an address and course, the most excellent and most comfortable choice is to book a car rental Plovdiv with a driver or with a GPS framework. For which, you merely have to be contact Sky rent a car Plovdiv airport. You’ll be able arrange a car rental by phone or through the Web association – it’ll take fair a couple of minutes. Too, you’ve got the opportunity to save a car for lease some time recently arriving in Bulgaria. The masters of the car rental company Sky rent a car Plovdiv airport will meet you and assist you rapidly explore within the modern environment. Sky rent a car Plovdiv airport offers the opportunity to lease a car on the region of Plovdiv Airplane terminal – it is simple and solid. It is sufficient fair to approach the representative and apply for a car rental benefit. He will give you with a catalog in which you’ll select your favorite car show and comfortably proceed your travel around Plovdiv or the nation. The foremost comfortable and reasonable choice for traveling on wheels in a remote nation is car rental. Sky rent a car Plovdiv airport is continuously at your benefit! car rental Plovdiv.

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