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The city of Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. It’s famous for its history and attractions. Founded seven thousand years ago, Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe. The city changed names many times. Historians have found numerous pieces of evidence testifying to the old names. Sofia was once called “Serdica”. This name originates from the ancient Thracian tribe called “Serds” that occupied the area. Later, the town became a part of the Great Bulgarian Kingdom. At the beginning of the 9th century, it was considered one of the largest feudal towns. That’s when its name was changed to “Sredets”. In the 14th century, the city acquired its present-day name, Sofia. It came from the basilica of Saint Sophia, which to this day stands in the center of the city. Since then, Saint Sophia – whose name is translated from Greek as “Wisdom” – has been the patron of the city, protecting it from all evil.

The city suffered a decline during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. But after the 1879 liberation, Sofia became the capital of Bulgaria. This decision was made at the first national assembly, during the period of fairly rapid construction and recovery from losses. In 1900, the city government declared the emblem and motto of Sofia – “Ever growing, never aging”. During the period of the socialist regime in Bulgaria (1944–1989), the capital was a major administrative, cultural, economic, national and academic center. In 1992, the Bulgarian government declared September 17 as the day of Sofia to commemorate Holy Great Martyr Sofia.

Today, a plethora of archaeological remnants of different epochs are found in Sofia. Here you can see the remains of Ancient Rome, Byzantium, and the Ottoman yoke. All these archaeological sites reflect the ancient history of the city: the millennium-old streets, palaces, Serdica towers, temples, municipal buildings, etc.

All these interesting places are situated at a fairly large distance from one another. If you want to visit all of them, transportation becomes a cutting issue. You can resort to buses or fixed-route taxis, but this option will be rather uncomfortable for you and your family. Being limited by rigid schedules and routes and inconvenienced by the large number of other passengers can harm your overall impression of our city. But this problem has an attractive and advantageous solution: you can rent a car in Sofia from the Sky car rental company. We have been successfully providing car rental services in Sofia for more than 10 years, as evidenced by the innumerable positive car rental reviews from our customers. We invite you to experience the quality and swiftness of our services and rent a car in Sofia from our company. To do this, you only need to perform a few simple and time-efficient actions. Contact our specialists at the phone numbers or email address indicated on the official website of our company. Specify the make and model of the car of your preference. If you haven’t made your choice yet, our managers will be happy to help you select the most suitable rental car in Sofia in accordance with your wishes and budget. Your next step is to book the desired car and specify the time and place of your arrival. A representative of our car rental company will meet and greet you exactly at the appointed time and place. Thus, thanks to the efforts of Sky Rent A Car in Sofia, finding a vehicle for hire in the capital of Bulgaria is far from complicated, expensive or time-consuming. With us, the paperwork related to renting a car takes only a few minutes! Your safety and comfort when traveling by the rental car provided by us are the crucial goals of our work. Therefore, using a rental car in Sofia from Sky, you can be sure the vehicle you’ve acquired for rent is fully technically sound and undergoes regular maintenance. Sky rental cars in Sofia will never let you down during your travels across Bulgaria. Moreover, all our rental cars are offered with no mileage restrictions, which will allow you to travel to remarkable sights without paying any attention to the kilometers traveled.

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Visit all the must-see architectural and cultural gems of Sofia with Sky rental cars

Compact and diverse, Sofia can be defined as an eclectic mix of architectural styles. The city was partially destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt anew. Like every capital city, Sofia has its problems, but they are solved one by one over time. Sofia boasts of a huge number of museums; the most interesting of them are the National Bulgarian Museum of History, the National Archaeological Museum, and the Ethnographic Museum. They allow you to trace the history of this beautiful capital and the Bulgarian people. These museums boast of exhibits of incredible rarity: bas-reliefs, ceramics, gold, silver, folklore costumes, jewelry by ancient masters, and household artifacts. Sofia also has many private galleries, because fine art is highly appreciated in Bulgaria. The most inspiring and reputed state institutions are the National Gallery of Foreign Art and the Bulgarian National Gallery of Art.

The National Museum of History in Sofia has existed since 1981, offering an undoubtedly rich collection of exhibits. The museum was founded to commemorate the 1300th anniversary of the Bulgarian State. It must be emphasized that Bulgaria is one of the world’s leaders by the number of historical and cultural monuments. In this historical museum, you can admire the Golden Treasure of the ancient Thracians.

The church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is interesting; it is a Russianconventual church in Bulgaria with a long and eventful history. People call it the Russian church. After the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, a large Russian community formed in the city. It consisted mainly of Russian experts, who later drew up the first plans to build a separate temple for Russian people living in Bulgaria. In 1882, the city authorities provided a plot of 1400 square meters in a place where a market mosque used to be. They created a special committee that began to collect donations for the construction of the Orthodox church. Plans were afoot to lay the temple foundation in 1902. However, it was postponed for various reasons (mainly political). In 1907, the plans were finally brought to life.

Later, after the 1917 revolution, many Russian members of the intelligentsia and the military emigrated to Bulgaria. The community grew, and the church flourished. In 1921, Bishop Seraphim Sobolev came from Russia and managed the church until 1949. After his death, the senior priest of the Russian church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Sofia was proclaimed a saint, sinceSeraphim Sobolev had been known for his miracles both during his life and after his death. To this day, the church welcomes parishioners, while the hallows of St. Seraphim are stored in the crypt, continuing to deliver miracles. People come to Father Seraphim and leave notes with their desires and prayers near his sarcophagus, and he fulfills their dearest wishes.

The selection of historical, archaeological, and cultural attractions in Sofia is varied and great.

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Rental cars from Sky – the most convenient option for your travels in Sofia and across Bulgaria

If the city of Sofia is the beginning of your trip to Bulgaria, the most convenient transportation option for you is to rent a car in Sofia. You can hire a car from Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria. Choosing our company means entrusting your comfort to qualified specialists and professional drivers who will take you to any destination in the city and country. The car rental company in Sofia Sky Rent A Car offers the services of car delivery to any location of your choice. The rental car you booked will be brought to the specified address at the specified time. Thus, you don’t have to visit our office to rent a car in Sofia; you can order a rental vehicle from anywhere. The vehicle delivery service enhances the convenience of our car rental services in Sofia for our clients.

The Saint Sophia church is the oldest orthodox church in the city;  it is the most striking example of Christian architecture both in Bulgaria and in the Balkans. During the Ottoman period, the church was converted into a mosque, which is still noticeable. According to a local legend, the church possesses inspiring and mystical powers that protected the city during the occupation, oppression, and natural disasters. Near Sofia, there is the old church of Boyana, which is one of the most significant monuments of European culture. The cultural importance of the frescoes in this church is recognized by world experts. The frescoes have been declared “the best examples of oriental medieval art in its entire history”. The climate in Sofia is temperate continental. Winters are mild, summers are relatively cool, and springs last long. The city is known for its numerous cold and thermal mineral springs; each of them has healing properties. Sofia is also famous for its rich and diverse history and magnificent mountain landscapes. The Bulgarian capital offers a broad range of attractions and a host of cultural events, which make it a real European city that poses an interest for true connoisseurs of traveling.

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How to rent a car in Sofia, Bulgaria

Use the car rental services of the company Sky Rent A Car in Sofia. If this is your first time in the city, it’s highly recommended to rent a car in Sofia with the GPS navigation system. You’ll have no trouble finding all the sights that you’ve planned to visit. Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria is always at your service. At any time, day or night, we will be happy to help you solve the transportation matter in our beautiful city, allowing you to rent cars in Sofia on favorable terms.
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