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The city is situated in the Gulf of Burgas, which is the largest gulf found along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. As one of the most populous locations in Bulgaria, Burgas is only outshined by Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna. This city stretches between Cape Emine in the north and Cape Kokare in the south. Lying in the lowland, it has three adjacent lagoon lakes: Atanasov, Burgas, and Mandra. The seas and lakes surrounding the city help it to attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world. What’s made this destination extremely appealing for vacationers is the pleasant breezes of the Black Sea and the warm, caressing sunshine, combined with lavish public gardens and parks. But most importantly, a vacation in this resort destination does not entail large financial expenses. It’s easy to find a hotel that matches your budget. In comparison with other resorts, the cost of beauty and wellness treatments is rather low, which makes Burgas an ideal destination for a calm and tranquil vacation.

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Embracing Burgas and its rich history with rental cars from Sky Rent A Car

Burgas is a relatively young city. Historians around the world have been scratching their heads over the real reason for its establishment. One thing is known for certain: it was founded by the Greeks who named it “Pyrgos”, which means “tower”. According to a legend, a huge tower stood in the place of the present-day sea gates in ancient times, showing the Greek ships the way in the sea. In the vicinity of Burgas,archeologists discovered many traces of the people that lived in these lands during the Bronze Age. The surrounding area is exceptionally rich in priceless archaeological finds, some of which are over 3,500 years old. Judging by all these discoveries, historians established that the people that used to live in this region had a highly developed culture for their time and achieved the mastery of metallurgy back in ancient times. When the colonial cities of Apolonia, Messembria, and Ankhialo prospered on the coast, there were no settlements in the area of Burgas, even though the territory had plenty of freshwater between the lake and the sea. Perhaps the ancient Greeks had an emporium here – a permanent market place for barter with theThracians. In the era of Roman rule, several settlements appeared near the present-day city. One of them was Deultum, later renamed as Develt. Emperor Vespasian founded it in 71 AD as a military colony for veterans. Its ruins are now found near the village of Debelt. Not far from this place, there was the medieval settlement of Kastration. In the vicinity of Lake Mandra, the beautiful Skafida fortress was erected. Together with the city of Rosokastron, they are often mentioned in ancient sources. The area to the south ofBurgas is called Poros; here, Lake Mandra connects with the sea. Worth noting, Burgas received its modern name only in the first half of the 17th century.

The settlement was merely a group of ordinary fishing huts, so insignificant that it was called Ahelo-Burgas, to imply its proximity to Anhialo, a well-known city of that time. After liberation from the Turkish yoke, the town still had less than 3,000 residents. Today, its population is 100 times as large. In recent decades, the city has been demonstrating dynamic development in terms of both demography and economy. Besides, it is a major resort center that annually brings tremendous income to Bulgaria’s state treasury.

In the modern era, after 1903, the city built a port, followed by the Plovdiv-Stara Zagora-Burgas railway. The port of Burgas quickly gained great significance for southern Bulgaria and Sofia. Large mills delivered their products to Turkey and Greece. Today, the city is a large industrial hub and an important cultural center. Its seaport export and import vast amounts of goods, while its resorts welcome crowds of tourists and vacationers. This is a crucial transport hub for the country. There have been built new specialized mooring berths for sending and receiving shipments of fish, fertilizers, coal, oil, etc. At the end of 1979, the newBurgas-West port was put into operation. Among other things, Burgas is also one of the university centers of Bulgaria. It has two universities, as well as tourism and medicine colleges. The city is housing more than 6,000 students. Burgas is an important center of tourism. Airplanes from many countries, including Russia, arrive at Burgas Airport. Here you can find an office of the car rental company Sky Rent A Car in Burgas. Having rented a vehicle, most tourists go to the Black Sea coast resorts. Local vacationers also enjoy sunbathing on the beaches of Burgas. If you’re using a taxi or public transport, it can take a lot of effort, time and money to visit all of the city’s attractions. Therefore, many tourists prefer to take advantage of the car rental services in Burgas offered by our company. Filling out an application and booking a car is a matter of minutes, and our prices for Burgas car rentals are among the lowest in the city. We offer a convenient option for delivering your rented car to any location within the city limits, which can save you a lot of precious vacation time.

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Order a Sky rental car to visit all attractions in Burgas with comfort

The sea is not the only thing that attracts tourists to Burgas. The region has many sights of interest, including the museums and Seaside Park. The Ethnographic Museum has a collection of exhibits related to ancient history. Among other things, here you can see a casting of the famous tombstone of Anaxander ofApollonia. Erected in 1873, the museum building has been declared a cultural monument. The Museum of Natural History has more than 1200 exhibits related to insects and reptiles, more than 140 species of fish and plants that are under state protection in the region. Seaside Park is located on a high seashore. A monument to the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin towers among flowers. Not far from it, you can find a granite stone with a masterful bas-relief of the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz who visited the city during the Crimean War in 1855. The park also houses the Pantheon commemorating those who died for the freedom of Bulgaria. There are also a summer theater and a small zoo. The theater hosts the annual International Folklore Festival. Once a year, Burgas also becomes the venue for the International Festival of Children’s Choirs, the International Festival of Small Forms “Suitcase”, the Week of Art for Children, and the International Jazz Session “Burgas and the Sea”. Another attraction of this region is the salt mines and mineral baths located 13 km away from the city. With the car rentals in Burgas from the company Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria, you can overcome this distance with ease and comfort. Moreover, you’ll have no trouble visiting other attractions located much farther away from the city. Our company provides its customers with rental cars in Burgas without any mileage restrictions. Thus, our rental services allow you to both save time and money and fully enjoy your trip to the country’s best resorts, giving no consideration to the kilometers traveled. A beautiful staircase leads to the central beach located beneath the park. Here, the sand is black due to high iron content. There are many comfortable hotels and posh restaurants, cozy bars and taverns: Stariya prystan, Starata gemiya, and others. Most of the hotels boast of live orchestras. The airport of Burgas is situated in the vicinity of the city; it operates all year round. Every day several planes set off on a voyage to the capital city, Sofia. In summer, the airport has up to seven outgoing flights a day.

Renting a car in Burgas, the jewel of the Bulgarian sea coast

If you wish to have a look at all the sights of this region during your vacation, the best way to achieve this goal is to rent a car in Burgas. We recommend entrusting it to the car rental professionals from Sky Rent A Car in Burgas. You will be offered the most suitable rental vehicle in Burgas and provided all the services you need! Call the company Sky Rent A Car in Burgas immediately after arriving in Bulgaria – and you will not regret your choice!

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