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Burgas is one of the main resorts in Bulgaria , which attract tourists with its own sea coasts and beautiful nature . It ranks second in population and fourth in size in Bulgaria . In Burgas , not only Bulgarians like to relax , but also foreign guests who have come from different countries, because the local views and the abundance of interesting places can leave no one indifferent. The combination of old narrow streets against the backdrop of the modern buildings of a dynamic European city is incredible. Many people who have visited this city will always stay in it. There are many affordable prices here compared to other cities in Europe. Living in such a city only gives pleasure and positive emotions.

The history of Burgas dates over more than 2 thousand years . Initially the town was created like small Rome village named Kulata . The records from 13 century , wrote by Byzantine poet Manuel Phil is enriched with new data by Turkish historian Hadji Kalfa, dating from the 17th century. The famous historian gives the city two names – Burgos, from which the modern name Burgas, and Pyrgos. The name of the city is translated as “fortress”, “tower”, since in ancient times there were many fishing towers in this territory, which were called “drills”, which provide direct access to the sea. In 1676 the name of the village was entered in the lists of military reserves for the Turkish army as the city of Burgas, and in the Turkish registers from 1730 it was mentioned as the port of Burgas.

One of the main natural attractions is the Central Beach, near which is the Sea Garden, popular with residents and visitors of the city for its wonderful place for fun and relaxation. Here you can sit on benches, walk, see monuments and sculptures. The Summer Theater will delight with its theatrical production, concerts and music. Here are held various international festivals for children and young people. City guests with children can go with the whole family to the zoo, which has a large collection of various members of the animal and plant world. Your children can also play on the playgrounds here, while the adults get a chance to visit a restaurant or cafe, offering beautiful views of the Bourgas Bay.

Burgas is also beautiful with its fresh salt lakes, which are valued for their healing properties and healing mud, which are beneficial for the skin, and tourists will be able to improve their health and improve their appearance. The Atanasovsko Lake is surrounded by rich forests inhabited by rare birds and animals. Fishing lovers can also enjoy fishing.

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Sky rent a car Burgas airport  will help you more than ever if you still want to visit the city’s historic landmarks.

The History Museum is one of the remarkable places, there are photographs and exhibits that reflect the history of the old Bourgas. The Museum of Natural History presents exhibits of flora and fauna, a huge collection of animals and plants, contains the most valuable minerals, there are guided tours for children and they can learn a lot about animals and plants. A visit to the cultural monument, the Ethnographic Museum, will tell about the culture and life of the local population. The museum presents masks, costumes, ritual attributes of Bulgarian manufacturers – fabrics and embroidery. The museum began its activity in 1873 and boasts films showing ethnographic and historical themes.

The city is famous for its burgas baths, which are located near the healing springs and were built during the Roman emperors era, and the ruins of Pyrgos Castle are attracted by their unknown and mysterious origin regarding the date and purpose of its construction. It is supposed that the fortress was built at the beginning of the medieval period.

Tourists can visit the Regional History Museum, opened in 1925. Here you can see archaeological finds, ceramic vessels.

Fans of religion will be interested in visiting the church of St. Cyril and Methodius, built in the 19th century, known for its works on the creation of the alphabet. The church is decorated with a wooden altar and murals.

Natural landmarks can be visited in conjunction with visiting bars, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. There are a large number of decent high quality establishments in Burgas where you can eat and enjoy the atmosphere of relaxation. The foreigners and residents of Bulgaria are advised to visit Burgas during various festivals, they are grand and unforgettable.

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Burgas Airport is an international airport located south of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and provides charter flights to Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Scandinavian countries and Israel. The airport is ten kilometers from the city center, and its good location allows tourists and guests of the country to move from the airport to any point on the Bulgarian coast and the whole country. The airport regularly serves a large flow of tourists charter flights and also offers many services. The airport offers services for a comfortable stay and relocation to guests of the city. One of them is a rental car at Burgas Airport, which is one of the most popular services among the people who come to the city. The airport also has cafes and restaurants, shops with various goods, currency exchange and business lounge, where you can use the Internet, fax, printer, computers in a cozy atmosphere. Before renting a car, after a long flight you can easily exchange currency, have a meal at a cafe, go to the store and buy the first products you need and safely go by car to the address you need . Or you can do the opposite – as soon as you land your plane, contact a car rental company Sky cheap car rental Burgas Airport and book a rental car after you do the things listed above, your car will already be parked and waiting for your. Thanks to cheap car rental services at Burgas Airport, every tourist and guest on the Bulgarian coast will be able to travel quickly and conveniently from and to the airport in Burgas, as well as around the city of Burgas and beyond. Burgas Airport is also known as Sarafovo Airport as it is located in the Sarafovo neighborhood. A great place to travel is St. Anastasia Island. You can have a great time here as it is open to tourists. This is an island in the Black Sea, which belongs to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. There are hotels and restaurants on the island so you can stay here as you wish. Thanks to the European Union’s financial assistance, it has become one of the most important cultural and historical landmarks of tourism. The island is being actively transformed, undergoing reconstruction, so tourists will be very interested to visit it. You can book a car from Sky cheap car rental Burgas airport and visit the island.

In the central part of Burgas is situated the Bourgas Lake. Initially, it was an estuary that subsequently transformed into a lake. There are many animals and birds of various species near the lake. Here you can relax, admire nature and enjoy the fresh air. As you can see, the city of Burgas has a lot to show its guests, and renting a car greatly simplifies your trip, making it convenient and affordable. Moreover, renting a car from Burgas Airport is a guarantee for your safety, as all rental cars at Burgas airport provided by our company are serviced regularly, eliminating the possibility of long-term damage. You can be absolutely sure that when you rent a car from us, you will visit all interesting places without unforeseen circumstances, since servicing our rental car at Burgas airport is our most important task.

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If you want to learn more about Burgas, then you will also be interested in visiting the Natural History Museum, which is located in one of the oldest buildings in the city. The museum holds huge collections of animals, birds, mammals. The museum itself consists of several halls with a huge area. Museum expositions can be divided into four sections, such as “geology”, “botany”, “invertebrates” and “vertebrates”.

One of the most beautiful places in Burgas is a marine park. It is located along the coast so you can visit beautiful seascapes. The park has many benches, trees that have a shade, so you can see great here. You also have the “Summer Theater”, which you can get better acquainted with the work of the city of Burgas. Special entertainment programs are regularly checked, which will not get tired and will help you to get distracted and also to use the atmosphere of the seaside city. You can find kids here that you can create special playgrounds for so you can have fun with yourself and your family.

There are many attractions in the district of Burgas that keep interesting stories and attract tourists with their uniqueness. If you rent a car, you can easily see the nearest towns and villages, as well as their best and unique places. One of these attractions was the ruins of Rusokastro Castle. It was here that the Bulgarians managed to triumph over Ottoman rule. Therefore, for Bulgarians this place is special and of great importance. Previously, it was the strongest building to perform protective functions. To date, there are only ruins of walls, gates, the remains of two churches and more. A few years ago, a refurbishment was completed and some of the sites were restored

In Burgas is the well-known church “Cyril and Methodius”. This attraction is of particular interest to tourists. It will not be difficult to find the temple as it is located in the city center and is the largest temple in the city of Burgas. In the fifties there was a fire and many icons, as well as temple shrines were damaged, but today everything is restored and anyone can visit the church.

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Cheap car rental Burgas Airport from Sky rent a car Bulgaria

Burgas in its own way is rich in beautiful places that do not cease to be very popular with tourists from all over the world. In addition to the city itself, you can rent a car from Sky rent a car Burgas airport for an excursion to cities and resorts not far from Bourgas. There you can also see very interesting and impressive. Burgas Sky car rental will help you make your trip even more efficient. You’ll save a lot of time and see more places you want to visit, each with even more mysteries. And renting a car at Burgas airport will help you get to these places and study them carefully!

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