Rent a car in Sofia Airport

Rent a car in Sofia Airport


Car rental services in Sofia Airport

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Sky rent a car Sofia Airport at the biggest airport in Bulgaria – this airport is in Sofia. It is 10 km east of Sofia. The main ways in which you can get to the airport – it is “Tcarigradsko road” and “Brussels”. Also, the airport can be reached by public transport, bus, executing this function is route 84, passing every half hour. Favorable infrastructure is the location of Sofia, allows you to build metro line that will reach the airport.
Airline “Bulgaria Ep” is the national airline of the country. And Sofia airport is managed by the “Sofia Airport” EDA. “Sofia Airport” plays a very important role in the development of the business economy. It is just over 5 years old, and has built a second terminal, where are arriving a lot international flights. To date, more than three million passengers are using this airport. Continuously invest in Bulgarian aviation, giving Sofia Airport not only a modern look, but also makes it very effectively. It is built in accordance with all European and world standards. Planned and deployment of new pipedream.
Of “Sofia Airport” has several transportation options – bus, car hite Sofia Airport or taxi. In the vicinity of arriving passengers has taxi, but you must be very careful when choosing a taxi to avoid the entry of an incorrect driver and you do not pay too much amount for transportation.
If “Sofia Airport” is the beginning of your journey in the country, the most convenient option for you to travel – is the ability to rent a car. You can book a Rent a car from company Sky rent a car Sofia Airport. Another good option – is to trust qualified drivers of this company that will take you anywhere in the country. Also, Sky rent a car offers delivery – car rental that you ordered will be delivered to the address you provided, and time.
Specially designed service is that no matter how you book your rental car: Book online through a lease car rental from Sky Rent car Sofia Airport, with a phone call or e-mail requests will be fulfilled with a representative of the company from which you purchased car rental.
If this is your first time in Bulgaria and want to look incredible nature and all its attractions such as the house-museum Peyo Yavorov (Peyo Iavorov House Museum), the museum of Ivan Vazov (Ivan Vazov House Museum), Banya Bashi Mosque (Banya Bashi Mosque), Royal Palace (Royal Palace), mineral bath (spa), the National Art gallery (NAG), the National Gallery for Foreign Art (National gallery for Foreign Art), National Military Museum (National Museum of Military History), National Palace of Culture (NPC), Central Park (Central Park), the National Natural History Museum (National Museum of Natural History), and many others; then you can use the services of auto Sky car hire Sofia Airport. Our company advises you to book a vehicle that has a navigation system GPS. With that you can easily find all the places you want to visit. And these places in Sofia, which should not be ignored such as:
National Palace of Culture (NPC), it is one of the largest multi-purpose destinations in Southeast Europe. The palace, built in the style of the Soviet era, It is famous for their various calendar of cultural events. NPC is located in the center of the park from where you see the beautiful mountain view Vitosha. NPC has 16 halls that can accommodate from 50 to 4,000 people and in the territory are several cafes, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and shops. Palace of Culture is surrounded by museums, financial institutions, historic and cultural attractions, and the best hotels and restaurants in the capital. Thanks to the car rental company Sky car hire Sofia Airport you will be able to drive comfortably in the capital of Bulgaria.

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Book Rent a car from company Sky rent a car Sofia Airport and visit all the interesting sights. National History Museum in Sofia certainly has a rich collection of exhibits. It has existed since 1981. It was built in honor of the 1300th anniversary of the Bulgarian state. Golden treasures of the ancient Thracians are set where the guests have the opportunity to explore and fully appreciate them. Artifacts such as pottery, carvings and silver reflect the achievements of the Middle Ages. There’s a large collection of materials of the Bulgarian Renaissance and costumes, fabrics, carpets tableware and household utensils. The museum tells the story of Bulgaria from antiquity to the present day. In the museum houses relics are kept from the early period to the Middle Ages, as well as gold, silver, precious treasures, ceramics and archaeological finds. The museum presents an eclectic art of the XIX century the Bulgarian National Revival period.
Magnificent Russian Church of St. Nicholas with a brilliant mosaic exterior was built in 1912 -1914 years for the Russian community in Sofia and is named in honor of St. Nicholas. The design of the church is developed under the influence of Russian architecture trends that are most pronounced in the five golden domes, which have the shape of an onion. Restrained interior, which is decorated with colorful frescoes and icons that are written in the period from XI to XIV century. Buried in the crypt of the church now is Archbishop Seraphim Sobolev (1881-1950 year), which for several years was rector of the assembly, and is one of the most revered spiritual leaders of Bulgaria. Russian Church of St. Nicholas is surrounded by gardens and is one of the most photogenic and beautiful parts of the capital of Bulgaria.
Interesting is the Aleksander Nevski Cathedral (Alexander Nevsky) in Sofia – one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of the XX century in Sofia and is one of the symbols of the city. The cathedral was built between 1882 and 1912, in honor of the Russian soldiers who died in the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule during the war 1878. All you need to do for your unforgettable trip – to contact Sky rental car Sofia Airport company to rent a car, or even make a booking on our website for car rental. To order a car online, it will take no more than two minutes, and you can also make a quick order by phone. You can contact us at these phones on our website at any time of the day and by email:
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Rent a car at Sofia airport from Sky Rent A Car

Select Sky hire car Sofia Airport is sure to make the best choice among all the companies that offer car hire at Sofia Airport, as we will provide you with a large selection of affordable and comfortable car rental for your trip around Bulgaria. Representative of our company will be able to offer additional benefits to cars, the space in the boot for ski rack, snow chains, car seats for infants and children, as well as the navigation system GPS. Sky car hire Sofia Airport around the clock for you!
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