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This website is operated by GE 2 GROUP EOOD. As part of our operations we may gather certain types of information about the users of the website:

  • Personally Identifiable Information. This is provided by you when you register for services that we may offer. Examples of these services could include email newsletters or events. Providing this information will be optional for you. However, some services may not be available to you if you choose not to provide it.
  • Aggregated Data. This information is generated by our systems as they track traffic through our sites. This information does not identify you personally and is not linked to the personally identifiable information that you may have provided.
  • The information may be hosted with a service provider. Our agreements with them protect the information that we collect from any unauthorised use.
  • The aggregated data will not be shared with third parties such as advertisers or business partners.
  • We will not share the information with third parties without your prior permission.
  • Your personally identifiable information may be shared with third parties when we believe in good faith that we are required to do so by law.

We have collected this information in order to provide the best possible service to you while you are visiting our sites. To this end we may use the information that you provide for the following purposes:

  • To verify your identity if you need help with a forgotten password or you are having login problems with one of our site services.
  • To process any transactions that you might make on our site.
  • To help provide any other services that you have requested.
  • To offer the most relevant information suitable to you and your interests.
  • For any marketing, promotional, publicity, marketing or market research that we might undertake.

A cookie is a small file that resides on your computer and is recognized by our server when you visit our sites. A cookie does not provide us with any personally identifiable information. It does provide details of your IP address, the computer platform that you use (eg Mac or Windows), the browser that you use (eg Firefox or Chrome) and what domain you are accessing our sites from. With this information we can do the following:

  • Track traffic patterns to our site.
  • Ensure that the most relevant content is being shown.
  • Allow you to enter certain site member services without having to log in each time you visit.

If you would rather we did not use cookies with you, you can refuse them by turning them off in your browser and/or deleting them from your hard drive. You will still be able to visit our sites.

You will always have the option to opt in to certain services and to opt out of those services at any stage. This means you may change your mind at any stage about participating in any of our member services.

In order to reflect the fact that our business is growing constantly, we reserve the right to change this policy at any time. We will notify site users of any changes to the Privacy Policy.

You have the right to access and correct your personal information. To find out more about how to do this, please contact us by email or phone.

Cookies document

We use a variety of tracking technologies such as cookies and web beacons on our “platforms”: websites, mobile applications, email, text messages and social media. This is necessary in order for our platforms to operate as intended and to provide you with the most convenient experience when you book your rental car with us.

This document explains how cookies and other tracking technologies work. Our Privacy Policy contains more information on how we protect your privacy. If you have any other questions about how we use your information, please email us at

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of information that is placed on your device’s browser when you use the platform. Most platforms use cookies to store useful bits of information for a wide variety of uses. This information may include your username, the contents of your shopping cart, or your preferences (such as your preferred language and currency). This allows the platform to recognize your device so that it can provide smoother playback.

Cookies can be either “session” or “persistent”. Session cookies are automatically deleted when you close your device’s browser; Persistent cookies remain in your browser until you delete them, or your browser deletes them based on the setting of the cookie duration. Persistent cookies allow platforms to remind you of your preferences when you visit them again, thus speeding up and improving the service we offer.

Essential cookies are cookies set by the company whose platform you are using. When we use this term, it means that cookies belong to “Third party cookies” are cookies set by a company that has a specific relationship to the platform you are using. When we use this term, it means that cookies are set by our suppliers, affiliates and other business partners, including third party service providers and advertisers with whom we work.

Cookies are not spyware or adware and cannot carry viruses or run programs on your device. To learn more about cookies, please visit

What is a web beacon?

A web beacon is a microscopic image, just one pixel in size, that can be delivered to your computer as part of a web page request, in an application, in an advertisement, or via HTML email. Web beacons can be used for a variety of purposes, including site traffic reporting, unique visitor counts, ad auditing and reporting, and personalization. They also help us track the performance of our site and ensure that each page loads quickly in the correct format.

How and why do we use these technologies?

We use these technologies to collect information about your use of our site, your preferences over time and across different sites. We do this in the same way as our business partners with whom we work, including third party service providers and advertisers.

Some advertisements may be delivered to you by third-party advertising and marketing companies. These companies use certain technologies to deliver advertisements and marketing messages. They also use them to collect non-personally identifiable information about the ads they display and about your visit to (or use) our platforms. They do this by placing a cookie on their computer so that it can read your IP address. We strive to partner only with online advertising and marketing companies that are members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and / or Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), as NAI and IAB members adhere to industry standards and code of business conduct.

Our website uses different cookies for different purposes:

Technical cookies:

We strive to provide you with modern and easy-to-use platforms that function correctly and automatically adapt to your needs and desires, allowing you to create your user account, enable you to log in to it and manage your bookings. Technical cookies are essential because our platforms need them to run smoothly.

Functionality cookies:

We use them to remember your preferences that you have set when you visit our platforms, such as your preferred language and currency. They can also remember your credentials (username and password) so you don’t have to re-enter them every time you log in. Our platforms will work without functional cookies, but they will not provide you with an easy and fast experience.

Analytical cookies:

We use them to improve and optimize our platforms. We (or our third party service providers) may use them to collect general or segmented information about visitors so that we can see how effective and relevant our advertisements are. We collect information about which pages you visited, which advertisements you viewed, which pages you went to and from which ones you left our platforms, what type of platform you used, what search criteria you used, which emails you opened and where they were pressed. We do not use this information to personally identify you.

Commercial cookies:

To serve advertisements when you visit our and third party platforms. This practice is called “retargeting” and is based on the actions you take in your browser, such as your search history for the directions viewed when searching for a vehicle. Our business partners may also provide us with information about your browsing history to help us ensure that our platforms provide the most relevant, personalized experience.

We may also use Google Analytics, which is a web analytics service offered by Google that monitors and reports website traffic and helps identify pages that are slow, broken or not responsive to commands. For more information please visit

It’s your choice: accept or reject

We may use any of the technologies mentioned in this Document.

The first time you visit one of our platforms, we will ask you to “accept” (that is, consent) to our use of cookies and tracking tools. If you do not accept certain technical and / or functional cookies, you may not be able to use all the features of our platforms and the overall experience will not be as smooth or fast.

You can also use your browser to control the use of cookies on your device. Check your browser’s help menu to see how.

NAI and IAB members offer general customization to opt out of “behavioral” advertising if you wish. Please visit (English site) to find out which NAI member placed an advertising cookie on your computer. To opt out of the NAI member companies’ behavioral advertising program, simply check the box for the appropriate company.

Please visit (English site) or to learn about the privacy policies of these companies, the technologies they use, and how to opt out of personalized advertising. If you opt out of receiving online ads, ads tailored to your web settings and browsing patterns will no longer be shown to you. However, you can still receive online advertisements and be subject to marketing analysis.

We may change this cookie document from time to time; please see here for any updates.

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