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Varna is a port city in Bulgaria that harmoniously weaves together tourist complexes and historical landmarks. The city develops dynamically and is famous for its rich history, worthy cultural heritage, clean air, and the warm sea. A testament to its unique architecture is the Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral located in the very heart of the city. The cathedral’s interior is incredibly beautiful: the bishop’s cathedra, the original iconostases, and stained glass windows that are striking in their sophistication and brightness. The Varna Archaeological Museum is a superb reflection of the city’s history. It holds an extensive collection of artifacts, icons, weapons, fresco paintings, and gold items that are considered the oldest in the world. The ancient Roman bathing facilities called “thermae” are of particular interest to tourists of the resort. The first such bathing complex was built in the times of Emperor Hadrian. Despite its ancient age, the thermae are perfectly preserved. Noteworthy is their spacious halls, as well as the heating system that was several centuries ahead of its time.

What makes a vacation in Varna delightful is the numerous parks where you can enjoy the fresh air and picturesque nature. Particularly remarkable is the Sea Garden that stretches for the length of 8 km. While taking a walk through the garden, you can go down to the seashore or visit the Aquarium built on the idea of King Ferdinand back in the 20th century. Depictions of shells and local animals decorate the facade of the Aquarium building. In the halls of this vivarium, visitors can have a look at more than 150 species inhabiting the Black Sea, as well as many exotic deep-sea creatures. Small inhabitants of tropical waters are especially popular among tourists with children. The marine park also houses a dolphinarium, which is the only attraction of the kind on the Balkan Peninsula. It hosts spectacular performances with dancing dolphins and acrobatic tricks. Worth noting, the entertainment program is offered in 4 languages: English, Bulgarian, Russian, and German. Children are the most devoted audience of the show, which makes Varna an ideal destination for a comfortable and enjoyable family vacation. Tours to Varna give you a unique opportunity to savor the Bulgarian culture, festivals and gastronomic masterpieces of the local cuisine.

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Bulgarians refer to the city as the Sea Capital of Bulgaria. Besides, Varna is a true jewel among all the most beautiful Bulgarian destinations on the Black Sea coast. Every summer, it sees crowds of tourists from all countries of the world. The long and broad beach with fine sand attracts both foreign visitors and Bulgarians vacationers. The beaches of Varna can offer not only natural beauty, warm sea, sun and golden sand, but also everything necessary for outdoor activities. There is an abundance of active leisure opportunities for adults and children, including various sports: water skiing, surfing, diving, beach volleyball, and many others. At the SPA and welfare centers, you can improve your health with SPA treatment procedures or swimming sessions at a mineral pool. One of the most popular mineral pools is found on the southern beach of Varna.

But before you can visit all the listed attractions, sights and interesting locations of our beautiful city, you need to find a solution to the matter of transportation. There are several possible ways to tackle this problem. You can simply travel by bus, but this option is not very convenient, because you find yourself tied to timetables and routes. Ordering a taxi is an alternative, but it isn’t ideal either. You might encounter dishonest drivers who overprice their services, forcing you to pay more than necessary. The most reliable, easiest and safest way to get around the city and its environs is renting a vehicle from Sky Rent A Car in Varna. With our company, you can place an application for a cheap car rental in Varna in a matter of minutes, even by phone. At your request, our employee will deliver the selected car to any location within the city at any time that is convenient for you. Thus, renting a car in Varna is possible without a personal visit to one of our offices, which saves a lot of our clients’ valuable time. It is our prime concern to ensure the comfort of our customers and the highest quality of our car rental services. We do everything possible to make it highly convenient for our customers to book and rent a car. This set of priorities is what has allowed our company to remain a leader of the market of car rentals in Bulgaria for over a decade. We invite you to personally evaluate the quality of our services by contacting us and renting a car. Rest assured you won’t regret using our car rental services. The Sky Rent A Car in Varna prices are fairly low, which is a pleasant surprise for all visitors.

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The architectural grandeur of Varna attracts many tourists. The numerous floating palaces impart the city with exotic panoramas. They are a major attraction for wealthy foreign tourists who arrive in the city by sea. Varna offers an abundance of various entertainments. The plethora of local travel agencies compete with one another, offering the most varied and interesting routes. Indeed, the selection of historical and cultural attractions is broad and diverse. If you’re planning a trip to our beautiful city and looking for car rentals in Varna, you can book a vehicle with our company Sky Rent A Car in Varna. We have offices both in the city and on the territory of Varna Airport. You can use the city as a starting point for a trip to the sea, to the mountains or any other destination. The procedure of renting a car in Varna with Sky Rent A Car in Varna, will only take about 10-15 minutes. Besides, the Sky car rental company often puts forward various car rental promotions. You can find all current special offers in the Promotions section of our website,

The city of Varna is one of the largest cities in Bulgaria. It’s a bustling metropolis where the townsfolk are always rushing about their business and the crowds of tourists are promenading around the city in the company of guides. What differs the locals from vacationers is that the former rarely go to the beach, as their busy lifestyle leaves too little time for leisure activities, such as swimming in the sea. The beaches of Varna are crowded mainly with tourists, while the local townsfolk spend most of their day at work. By the way, this strange phenomenon is typical of all sea resorts and coastal cities in Bulgaria. Varna has a great public transport infrastructure. You can take advantage of the bus and trolleybus service, as well as the fixed-route minibus taxis. Of course, it is much easier to move around the city by car, especially when you have the said car all to yourself. Since foreign tourists come to the city by car very rarely, there are agencies offering cars for rent in Varna. The Sky car rentals in Varna, offers the best car rental terms and the lowest prices in the market of vehicle rentals in Varna. Using our company’s car rentals in Varna, a tourist can visit all the sights of the city with great comfort. Worth noting, interesting places are found not only in the city. In the province of Varna and the small resort towns situated near the sea capital, there are numerous cultural, historical and natural landmarks. All these remote places can be difficult to visit without a rented car in Varna. It would be simply unacceptable to miss all these places while visiting this region of sunny Bulgaria! Before arriving in the country, every tourist has the opportunity to book a rental car in Varna at Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria at favorable prices.

Worth noting, Bulgaria boasts of an exceptionally rich cultural heritage. This small yet beautiful country takes one of the first places in all of Eastern Europe in the number of historical and cultural monuments. An exciting attraction for thrill-seekers is the terrarium with a permanent exhibition of exotic animals. The collection totals about 120 species: fish, invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and small mammals. The terrarium is of great interest to both adults and children. This is also a must-see for biology students, as visiting this exhibition allows them to learn a lot of thrilling details about the wild world.

The city is situated in the north of the subtropical zone, which is why its climate resembles that of the Mediterranean. The average temperatures are +3.4° C in January and +24° C in July. The absolute minimum of -24.3° C was recorded on February 10, 1929, and the absolute maximum temperature was +41.4° C. The warm climate, the beautiful sea, sandy beaches, exciting tours and excursions, low prices for hotels and wellness treatments have made this city an ideal destination for a vacation with the family or friends. Here, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a fun time or relax with a profit for your health.

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