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It will be much more comfortable and safe if you book a hotel in advance. Then you can get straight from the airport to your designated destination. There is a real opportunity to stay in the city itself, or go to the nearest resort or the nearest town. Not far from Plovdiv Airport is the huge resort of Pamporovo and Borovets, as well as one of the largest resorts – Bansko. The distance to the capital is about one hundred and thirty kilometers. If you rent a car at Plovdiv airport, you can easily go to any city in Bulgaria.
Plovdiv Airport serves its guests at the highest level. Bulgaria has always been famous for its hospitality. You can feel it as soon as you get off the plane. There are cafes and restaurants at the airport, where you can relax after a long flight. A wide range of transport is available especially for tourists. If you decide to have a good rest, the cheapest and most comfortable choice will be renting car from Sky car hire Plovdiv airport. This way of transport will be especially convenient if you come with your family.

From Plovdiv Airport Bulgaria you can go to any city that attracts you. After all, we have a lot of different resorts for all tastes. In winter and summer there are exciting programs for tourists. Of course, the most attractive place was the capital of Bulgaria. From the airport to Sofia the distance is about one hundred and thirty kilometers, so with a rental car it will not be difficult to get there. Well, you won’t regret it if you still choose Plovdiv for your holiday.
The city of Plovdiv has always pleased its guests with historical and architectural buildings. The mass of attractions of the city will also not leave you indifferent. You can plunge into the history of Bulgaria and get to know its culture, visiting museums, theaters and national parks. Churches, temples and cathedrals are particularly unique. They are admired by all who visit them. Special programs have been created for tourists that tell the most interesting stories about the creation and formation of temples. Such a wealth of spiritual values indicates the faith of Bulgarians. Thus, it is not just a beautiful country, but also spiritual. For shoppers, the city has a lot of shops that will please you with branded things and not high prices. Also in the city you can have a great time if you visit one of its restaurants. Bulgarian cuisine has always been famous for its uniqueness. In addition to Bulgarian cuisine, restaurants have a wide variety of choices for all tastes.

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If you have a rented car from Sky Rent A Car Plovdiv Airport, then you can enjoy riding through the night city. Plovdiv is an amazing city. Also from the city you can go on excursions to neighboring towns and cities. This country has always been distinguished by clean air and beautiful nature.
A great privilege was the wellness and sports complexes, which were created thanks to mineral waters and crystal clear air, rich in oxygen. Such conditions are in many ways very attractive for tourists from all over the world. In addition, Bulgaria provides the best conditions for its guests. Such a holiday is easily affordable, as in whole Europe the cheapest prices are in Bulgaria.
No matter what city you decide to go to, first of all take care of your comfort. Sky Rent A Car Airport Plovdiv Bulgaria will help with this. And your holiday is sure to be the best, because Bulgaria has never let its guests down. Any city will be memorable for you and will leave a lot of impressions in yourselves.

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Cheap car hire Plovdiv Airport from Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria

Since the city of Plovdiv is the second largest after Sofia, it is visited by many tourists. For many, Plovdiv Airport is a mandatory stop or starting point towards the winter or sea resorts of Bulgaria, as well as to the neighboring countries of Bulgaria – Greece and Turkey. If your trip will take place in Bulgaria, you can easily car hire at Plovdiv Airport  from Sky car hire Bulgaria Airport Plovdiv and continue your journey around the country. You can hire a car on the airport grounds immediately after your plane has landed or before the flight, visiting the website of the car rental company in Plovdiv Airport Bulgaria – Sky car hire Airport Plovdiv and book a car by phone or by internet. When you arrive at Plovdiv Airport, a rental car will be waiting for you at the airport entrance. Thus, you will be able to go to the right direction immediately after the flight. If you are planning to spend a holiday in Bulgaria and decided to rent a car directly to Plovdiv airport, you need to carefully consider what kind of car you will need. Looking through the catalog on the website of the car rental company – Sky Rent A Car Airport Plovdiv, you can choose the necessary model of the car and order by phone. Do not forget that before the trip it is very important to consider the version of the model to hire; it is necessary for your further stay in the country. For example, if you go as a family and you have young children, and accordingly a lot of luggage, then you will need a large car to rent from Sky car rental Plovdiv Airport – a type of station wagon. In such a car will be enough space for all family members and naturally luggage, which will make your journey comfortable and enjoyable. However, if you do not have time to book a car to rent before coming to Bulgaria, you will have the opportunity to do so already at the airport in Plovdiv. Since Plovdiv Airport is located near the village of Krumovo, which is located 12 kilometers from the city, its second popular name is Krumovo Airport. At the airport you can order not only a car for rent, but also an apartment, a hotel room, etc.

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