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Travel to Burgas with the car rental company Sky Rent A Car in Burgas. Burgas is a city of seagulls, sunshine, and love. It is the best city to live in happily ever after. In summer, many foreigners choose to spend several weeks in this beautiful sunny location on the Black Sea coast. This is one of the largest cities in Bulgaria and many people’s favorite recreation, business, and tourism destination. Every year the city sees a huge number of tourists from around the world. As a real monument of world history, Burgas has absorbed an enormous layer of the ancient cultural heritage and continues to hold the attention of many historians around the world. The whole history of Burgas is directly connected with the sea: the advantageous location surrounded by water on three sides predetermined its establishment and development. The city boasts of Bulgaria’s second-largest international airport, largest seaport, and the country’s only oil terminal in the port of Burgas. The resort is surrounded by Burgas, Atanasovsko and MandraLakes, and the Black Sea. Several nature reserves and protected areas are found in the Burgas region: nature reserves of Atanasovsko and Mandra Lakes; natural territories Poda, Skhengen skele, Koriyata,Uzungeren, Burgas artworks. Bulgaria’s largest natural park, Strandzha Park, is situated not far from Burgas. The city invites tourists from around the world to admire its numerous attractions. Burgas neighbors on several other Black Sea resorts that are as successful at attracting tourists from all over the world every season: Nessebar, Sozopol, Pomorie, Sunny Beach.

The sights of Burgas are located at a rather large distance from one another. It may cost you a pretty penny to visit all of them using taxi services, while public transport isn’t too convenient. The best solution to this problem is to rent a car. Sky Rent A Car stands out among the huge number of companies that specialize in car rentals in Burgas. Having over a decade of successful experience in the market of vehicle rentals, we offer our clients the highest level of service, as evidenced by the numerous positive reviews. The secret of our success is simple: all of our rental vehicles are fully technically sound, providing for the comfort and safety of our customers. Our car rental services include the option for vehicle delivery to any place convenient for the client. Our technical support team is ready to answer your questions around the clock. We impose absolutely no mileage restrictions on our rental cars, while our prices are among the lowest car rental prices in Burgas. Strictly observing these simple rules, we have eventually reached a leading position in the sphere of car rental services. Take advantage of our unique offers and rent a car from our company. Rest assured you won’t find such a high level of service elsewhere.

If you want to visit Burgas for leisure or on business, you deserve to have a relaxing experience in this resort city. The fastest and most convenient way to visit all the local sights and enjoy the sea and beautiful nature is to rent a car in Burgas using the services of Sky Rent A Car in Burgas. To do this, you just need to contact the Sky company about cars for rent in Burgas to book a vehicle of the preferred make and model. It will take you just a few minutes to order a rental car in Burgas online or by phone. You can browse our vehicle catalog and choose your favorite car rental model, eliminating all worries about transportation issues upon your arrival in the city. Car rentals in Burgas are the most comfortable and affordable option for foreign visitors to travel across the city and country. Sky rent a car in Burgas is always at your service! If you have questions or need help choosing a car for rent in Burgas, the specialists at Sky Rent A Car in Burgas will help you find the most suitable car rental option for your vacation.

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History and landmarks of Burgas – visit all remarkable sights with Sky rental cars

The city’s history and remarkable sights are of great interest to visitors of the sea resort. The name of the city comes from the Latin word “Burgos”, which stands for “tower”. According to the legends, this name originates from a Roman road pillar installed in the area of today’s Burgas port. In ancient times, Burgas was a small Roman town named Deultum. Later it was known as Debelt. In the Middle Ages, the town erected a small fortress named Pyrgos, which was used as an observation post.

The most important day for locals is Nikulden, an Orthodox holiday dedicated to St. Nicholas of Myra. Nicholas the Wonderworker is known as the patron saint of sailors, travelers, and merchants. Celebrated on the 6th of December, Nikulden is considered the main holiday of the city of Burgas. According to tradition, the festive table is served with fish dishes, most notable of which are roasted carp and fish soup.

Among all the attractions, particularly noteworthy are the Sea Garden, the Marine Casino, and Marine Bridge, St. Anastasia Island, several churches, and others. The temple of St. Cyril and Methodius is the oldest Bulgarian church in the city. It is located in the center of Burgas on the square of the same name. The church was built in 1897-1907 by Italian architect Ricardo Tuscany. The Orthodox Cathedral of the Dormitionof the Mother of God (the Holy Virgin church or the Greek church) is the oldest Orthodox church in Burgas. The temple was built in the then-Greek district in 1840.

Parks and green spaces are abundant in Burgas. The Sea Garden is the heart of the city and a monument of national importance. Founded in 1891, it is the largest park in this resort destination. The Sea Garden stretches along the beach for about 5 km, occupying approximately 600 hectares. A significant contribution to the development of the Sea Garden was made by Georgi Dukhtev, who was appointed as its manager in 1910. Taking a stroll through the Sea Garden, you’ll see many types of decorative trees and bushes, as well as sculptures depicting famous national and foreign figures of the Bulgarian Renaissance, freedom fighters, writers.

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Cultural life in Burgas: Sky rental cars make it easy to attend all events

The Marine Casino sits in the center of the Sea Garden, together with the Burgas Bridge. It was built in 1936. The locals chose it as a symbol of the city. The favorite promenade route of many people starts from the city center and ends on this bridge. Many famous Bulgarians were born in Burgas, including opera singerRaina Kabaivanska and composers Georgi Shagunov, Anestis Logothetis, Emil Tchakarov; writers DjadoBlago, Anton Strashimirov, Anton Donchev, Nedyalko Yordanov; poets Hristo Fotev, Petya Dubarova; artistsGeorgi Baev and Damyan Zaberski. The Sea Garden overlooks the Burgas Bay and offers a view of the cities of Pomorie and Sozopol, as well as the northern part of Strandzha Mountain, which is located to the south of the bay. In addition to the Marine Casino, the Sea Garden features the 2000-seat Summer Theater and the summer stage “Ohluva”. In summer, many cultural events take place here: the International Folklore Festival, the Jazz Festival, opera and theater performances, and concerts. Every April, the National Flower Exhibition “Flora Burgas” with international participants is held in the Sea Garden. Not far from the exhibition site, you’ll come across the Pantheon – a tomb monument that keeps the remains of those who died during the war. Sculptor Valentin Starchev created this monument in 1981. In addition to everything mentioned above, Burgas attracts tourists with its affordable prices. In this city, you can have a great vacation without huge expenses. It’s not hard to find a good budget-friendly hotel, while the cost of excursions and various wellness treatments is one of the lowest in entire Bulgaria. The variety of attractions and interesting sights, the annual festivals and exhibitions, the proximity to the sea, and the low prices – all this makes Burgas one of the most attractive places for anyone looking for a relaxing and hasteless vacation with family or friends.

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Cheap car rental in Burgas, Bulgaria at Sky Rent A Car Burgas

But if you want to have the best opportunity to get acquainted with all the exciting sights of the city, the beautiful natural areas surrounding it, and other cities of the Black Sea region, you need to find a convenient method of transportation. In the absence of a personal vehicle, your best option is to rent a car. Employees of the car rental company Sky Rent A Car in Burgas have envisaged all of this and will ensure your stay inBurgas is as pleasant as possible. Sky Rent A Car in Burgas offers cars for hire in Burgas. This is the most successful company specializing in rental cars in Burgas, founded and run by highly qualified specialists. Competent and professional, the representatives of Sky rent a car Burgas are always ready to help you choose the most suitable rental car option that will make you and your family happy. Even if you are not in Bulgaria yet, it’s easy to contact Sky Rent A Car in Burgas and take advantage of its offers. Our car delivery service will bring your rented vehicle to any location at any appointed time, so that clients who aren’t familiar with the city won’t have to worry about finding our office. Offering cars for hire in Burgas, our company goes in step with the times and tries to solve all car rental matters remotely for the convenience of our customers. Contact us at any time using the telephone numbers and email address listed on our website Our employees will answer your request on time and provide you with first-class services. Book a rental car and enjoy the services of the leading car rental company in Burgas, Sky Rent A Car in Burgas!

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