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Aheloy, Bulgaria – travel guide, cars for rent

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The Aheloy resort is located in Burgas Province and belongs to Pomorie Municipality. The population of the town is only 2135 people. Aheloy is just a small dot on the map of the Black Sea coast, but it is surrounded by beautiful nature and an atmosphere of tranquility. The destination boasts of ancient culture, history, and national roots. Despite being situated between the major centers of the southern coast, Aheloy has no city bustle, crowds, and industrial factories. Unlike other Bulgarian resorts, Aheloy has remained pristine – there are no overcrowded enormous hotel complexes, noisy huge public buildings or restaurants. Despite the rather extensive developments on the entire Black Sea coast, the resort has retained its serenity and tranquility, and the locals are incredibly hospitable and cordial people.

Aheloy is a destination that combines history and modernity, secrets, mysteries, practicality, and comfort. The alignment of the narrow streets creates an amazing town landscape. The houses in Aheloy boast of the authentic seaside style. The town appears particularly beautiful when you behold it from the Black Sea – especially in the summer and spring seasons when it is buried in flowers and greenery. In the south of the town, you’ll find the Aheloy River, which played a significant role in the history of Bulgaria. The untouched nature and the beautiful river make Aheloy a great destination for those who cannot imagine their vacation without a few fishing trips. Aheloy, Bulgaria is an amazing cozy corner of Bulgaria, ideal for relaxation and recreation.

In Greek mythology, Aheloy (Achelous) is a mighty river god, the son of Oceanus and Thetis. Because of Deianira, he fought with Hercules. At the end of the fight, he turned first into a snake, then into a bull, and as he was running into the waves of his river, Hercules managed to tear off one of his horns. The nymphs used that horn to make the Horn of Plenty. On coins and in various works of art, he was usually depicted as a bull with a human face, sometimes as a human with bull horns.

The climate in Aheloy, Bulgaria is surprisingly pleasant. The average air temperature ranges from +25° C to +27° C, the water temperature does not drop below +25° C. The most comfortable months for a vacation at the resort are July and August – consequently, it is the most crowded season in Aheloy, Bulgaria.

Staying in one of the hotels of the Aheloy, Bulgaria resort, you will enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere of coziness and tranquility. The resort’s hotels are situated on the hills, in the park area, and on the very coast of the sea, from where wonderful sea and park panoramas open up. Even if your hotel is far from the coast, you won’t have to walk to the beach on foot: the hotel buses will take you there for free – or you can use the services of a taxi. However, while vacating in Bulgaria, you have one more highly convenient option: you can acquire a rental vehicle from Sky Rent A Car in Aheloy, Bulgaria – just call the company office or contact us via the website.

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General information about the resort Aheloy, Bulgaria tourist accommodations near Aheloy

Every tourist who comes to Aheloy inevitably faces the question of choosing a means of transport to travel to all the places of interest. There are several possible solutions to this problem. Of course, you can follow the path of least resistance and use public transport. But traveling around the resort in crowded buses offers very little comfort, and sticking to the inflexible routes and timetables is inconvenient for many travelers. You can use a taxi, but it also involves some risks. In particular, it is not uncommon for dishonest drivers to deliberately inflate the prices of their services, dooming you to additional expenses. But don’t let it discourage you, as there is a convenient solution – to rent a car. In this case, you will be able to map your own routes, while paying for the rented vehicle on a daily basis, regardless of the kilometers traveled.

The best conditions of car rentals in Aheloy,Bulgaria are offered exclusively by Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria. Our company has been operating in the Bulgarian vehicle rental market for the past 10 years, and the success of our development over these years is confirmed by numerous positive car rental reviews in Aheloy. Don’t hesitate to try out the quality, professionalism, and swiftness of our services – just contact us and order a car for rent in Aheloy, Bulgaria. Take advantage of the favorable car rental offers from Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria. Our company offices are present in all major cities of the country, allowing you to rent a vehicle in any convenient location.

Fans of dynamic activities and sports will enjoy their stay in Aheloy. You can find an entertaining activity to your liking both on the sea and on land. Professional coaches and instructors from sports schools can help you learn something new so that your vacation in Aheloy is memorable and nets you a lot of bright emotions and vivid impressions.

For those who prefer beach leisure, Aheloy promises a lot of fun, too! Its beaches are great for surfing, jet skiing, water skiing, yachting, and diving. The Aheloy sports base has everything for active recreation: a gym with various functional areas (mini-football, handball, table tennis, and volleyball), field hockey grounds, football fields, tennis courts, and diving pools. Nearby, you’ll find a modern equestrian center with maneges, fields, and training grounds.

A vacation in Aheloy is a good opportunity to improve your health. On the one hand, you get to enjoy the oxygenated, clean air, untouched nature, clean sea, medicinal herbs, and various natural products. On the other hand, you can resort to the local well-organized medical and balneological centers, where specialists and professionals help vacationers to improve their health and gain strength.

The resort does not get crowds of tourists; the locals live a quiet and calm life. Aheloy, Bulgaria is a place of tranquility and orderliness, where hustle, bustle, and stress are non-existent and you can simply enjoy life. People often come here for family vacations, for which Aheloy provides all the conditions. The resort offers cozy sandy beaches, a calm sea, several kilometers of the coast, a variety of cafes and restaurants with excellent cuisine, balneological centers and mineral springs, a yacht club with the best equipment, and most importantly – affordable prices.

Vacationers, especially connoisseurs of historical heritage and culture, choose Aheloy because of its original architecture and inimitable landscape. Situated in immediate proximity to big cities, Aheloy is suitable for both long vacations in Bulgaria and unforgettable excursions.

Renting a car in Aheloy from Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria is very simple and will take only a few minutes of your time. You just need to call us or send us an e-mail, tell our employee the make and model of the vehicle that you would like to rent, specify where and when you would like to pick up the car, and submit your passport details. Once your application is approved, you will be able to reserve a rental vehicle and get a car for rent in Aheloy, Bulgaria. Our representative will be waiting for you at the appointed place and time with the full package of documents that you need to use the rented car. Immediately after signing the papers and receiving brief instructions, you can start your long and exciting journey to the interesting sights and landmarks of sunny Bulgaria.

The most popular resort complex in Aheloy is Midia Grand Resort 4*. It is situated on the very shore of the Black Sea, just a few minutes’ walk from the shopping area of the city, its restaurants and cafes. The distance from here to the famous resort of Pomorie is 9 kilometers, while the International Airport of Burgas is a 20-minute drive away. The hotel has a 24-hour reception desk, room service, and security. As to catering, you can have a drink or meal at the lobby bar, classic restaurant, pool bar, or cafe bar. There are also two outdoor swimming pools with a children’s section; massage parlor; a fitness center; a nail salon and a hairdresser’s; car parking; a conference room; an exchange office; laundry and safe storage services; a grocery store, a first-aid post, and souvenir and sundry shops. For children, there is a playground and a wonderful kids club with professional teachers.

Another four-star hotel, Marina Cape, is situated on the shore of the Aheloy Bay – a short walk from the center of the resort town and only 19 kilometers from Burgas Airport. The hotel has swimming pools, parks, a small yacht marina and fishing boats, a spa complex, a private beach, restaurants, cafes, gyms, an outdoor summer stage, a conference center for seminars, corporate events and business forums, a football field (20×40 meters) with natural grass, and two volleyball courts.

Kosara Hotel 3* is situated 850 meters from the Black Sea coast in a quiet and tranquil area. The resorts of Nessebar and Sunny Beach are 11 kilometers away from this hotel, and you can take a regular bus to Burgas and Pomorie. The 5-floor hotel building has rooms with everything necessary for the guest’s comfort: a balcony, a bathroom with a shower, telephone, and satellite TV. The hotel boasts of a large courtyard with several swimming pools, one of which is suitable for children, as well as a chapel and a beautiful garden-restaurant. The friendliness of the staff and the low prices contribute to the rapid development of Aheloy, which is one of the most beautiful corners of Bulgaria.

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Getting a car for hire from Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria, Aheloy

For the most comfortable and enjoyable vacation at the Aheloy resort, you need to be able to travel between the attractions and resort complexes without relying on public transport. The best way to achieve this is to contact the vehicle rental company Sky Rent A Car in Aheloy, Bulgaria and get a car for hire. Immediately upon your arrival in Bulgaria, right at the airport, you have the opportunity to obtain a rental vehicle from Sky Rent A Car in Aheloy, Bulgaria. Also, our company offers the services of professional drivers who will take you to any destination in the country. Sky Rent A Car in Aheloy, Bulgaria provides vehicle delivery services to anywhere in the town. In this case, your rental car will be waiting for you exactly at the specified place and time. If the town is unfamiliar to you, and you do not want to bother looking for addresses, then your best option is to order a rental car with GPS. If you seek a memorable, exciting, and delightful stay in the resort town, you just need to contact Sky Rent A Car in Aheloy and make a car rental deal on the most favorable terms. You can order a car for hire in Aheloy via our website (filling out the form will take you just a few minutes) or by calling us at the round-the-clock phone number: +359 894 622 363.

Opting for Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria is the right choice among the many companies that provide car rental services at the resort of Aheloy.

Sky Rent A Car boasts of numerous advantages over other companies in the vehicle rental market of Bulgaria. We work fast and provide high-quality services; we offer the option to order a car for rent remotely; we have an extensive network of offices throughout the country; our staff is friendly and professional; we provide round-the-clock customer support; our car rental prices in Aheloy are affordable, with frequent discounts and promotions, as well as bonus programs for regular clients. Renting a car in Aheloy from the Sky rental company means entrusting your travels to professionals. Rest assured that renting a vehicle from Sky Rent A Car in Aheloy, Bulgariawill be the best investment in your comfort and safety!

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