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rent a car Kardzhali
rent a car Kardzhali

Kardzhali is a city in Bulgaria, located in the southern part of the country, in the Rhodopes. The distance to Sofia is 259 km, to Plovdiv 100 km. Also nearby is the border with Greece. Local residents are not only Bulgarians, but most of them are representatives of Turkey. It has a very rich nature that inspires admiration among many visitors to the country. Many trees found in this area are listed in the Red Book as they are rare. Kardzhali has a good climate: winter is not very cold and summer is hot. For many years, various peoples lived on this land: Thracians, Romans, Slavs, Byzantines, Turks and many others.

The name of the city has also been changed. It was once called Aridos and was a very important Christian center. According to legend, the city got its current name thanks to the Turkish warlord Kirch Ali, who repented and began to preach the gospel. It is believed that the first people who settled on this land were the Thracians. Many times Kardzhali was attacked by enemies. During the Ottoman rule, it was captured by the Turks, but after the liberation it returned to the Bulgarian territory. Today it is a highly developed city that stands out among other cities in southern Bulgaria. It is actively developing and is known for its processing industry. The city always welcomes guests,  that is why so many hotels have been built. Check-in will not be difficult at all.

Hotels, car rental and services in Kardzhali

The guests of the city are also very satisfied with the top company Sky rent a car, which is ready at any time to provide everyone with the opportunity to rent a car without a deposit in Kardzhali with a minimum set of documents necessary for this and the best prices. Agree, traveling with a cheap rental car is much faster, more comfortable and more interesting than traveling with boring buses, whose routes and times often do not match your wishes. Add to that the lack of stops to protect you from bad weather or extreme heat.

One of the famous hotels is the “Kardjali” hotel. Here you can find cozy rooms equipped with air conditioning, mini bar, telephone, TV, DVD player, bathroom, hairdryer. It has all the facilities for self-catering. Bars and restaurants have an interesting atmosphere where you can have fun and try local dishes. Event facilities are also available.

The Arpezos Hotel is located in the city center. The very cozy and comfortable rooms will help you feel good. In the rooms you will find air conditioning, free internet, satellite TV, mini bar, bathroom. Necessary information about the city and tourist routes can be obtained at the reception. Not far from the hotel there are shops where you can buy the necessary things. There is a train station two kilometers from the hotel. The distance to Plovdiv airport is one hundred kilometers. The hotel also offers facilities for children.

Nature, attractions and sights in Kardzhali from Sky rent a car

Built playgrounds where they can have fun. At night there are nightclubs, so you will not be bored. There is a conference hall where you can hold seminars, presentations, business meetings and many other events. To keep in shape, there is an opportunity to visit the gym, and to relax – a sauna. You can also play tennis. There is a restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel where guests can enjoy excellent cuisine. The halls are designed not only for ordinary dinners, but also for various celebrations. The hotel can be booked in advance.

In advance, you should take care of your comfort while traveling around Kardzhali, because there are many interesting places here, and traveling by bus or taxi will not allow you to see all the local sights. Contact the Sky rent a car company and take advantage of the opportunity to rent a car without a deposit in Kardzhali. Many years of experience in the field of car rental allowed us to simplify and optimize the process of applying for car rental as much as possible not only in this city, but also in Bulgaria as a whole.

To book and rent a car without a credit card at our top company – Sky rent a car, you only need to do a few simple steps that will take no more than 10-15 minutes in total. And if you order the service of delivery of a rental car to any convenient place in Kardzhali, you don’t even need to personally visit the Sky rent a car office, which is especially important in the conditions of the global pandemic.

Kardzhali car rental
pronájem auta bez kauce Kardzhali

Kardzhali – Hotels and attractions

Another hotel that is ready to provide its services to guests of the country is the Ustra Hotel. It is located in the center of the city, so it will not be difficult to find it. The rooms have free internet, which will allow you to always stay connected. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, mini bar and all the necessary kitchen equipment that will allow you to prepare your own food.

The hotel’s restaurants are always happy to offer a wide selection of different dishes, so you can enjoy traditional local dishes. You should definitely try Bulgarian wine. A children’s playground is also available. You can use the conference room for business. Rest in such places will become much more pleasant, so you should take care of your comfort in advance and book a room.

One of the main attractions of the city is the church of Saint John the Baptist. It is a large monastery complex founded in the sixth century. In the course of the research, it was found that earlier there were four different churches at this place, at different times. Many interesting facts about the history of the temple were also discovered. The research was conducted on the basis of ruins left over from years past. In 2000, this place was renovated and illuminated. Most of the finds were transferred to the historical museum. To date, the temple has become a cultural value of Bulgaria.

Kardzhali – car rental and historical sights

A rich fleet of offered rental cars, many additional services, low price of rental cars, high level of service, excellent technical condition of the cars, many representative offices of the top company in many other cities of the country and ease of reservation for cheap rental cars – this is just a small part of all the benefits you will get if you turn to the market leader in car rental services – Sky rent a car. A huge number of people have already taken advantage of our services and are more than satisfied. Join us too!

Kardzhali is home to the largest historical museum in Bulgaria. It is surrounded by parks and beautiful trees. It houses more than 40,000 exhibits. The halls show in detail the life of the ancient inhabitants of the area, in the period from the sixth millennium BC. to the Middle Ages. In the museum, you can see many unique objects from the Neolithic era, as well as during the stay of the Romans on the territory of Bulgaria. The second floor displays the unique plants that grow in the area. And on the third floor are the ethnographic values of the city. A trip to the historical museum will be fascinating and will reveal many interesting things, especially for tourists.

A few kilometers from the city are the ruins of the Monyak fortress. This structure was built to protect the city from enemies. It is one of the largest buildings in the Rhodopes and occupies a large area. It performs an important strategic function. The emperor of the Latin Empire was crowned there. Long walls, defensive towers and other buildings were discovered during archaeological excavations. From this place there is an incredible and unique view of the city of Kardzhali.

car rental Kardzhali
car rental Kardzhali

Car rental in Kardzhali from Sky rent a car

Stop being tied to the weather and the inconvenient route that tour buses take. Now you will determine the directions of your travels. The Sky rent a car company will gladly provide you with the opportunity to rent a car in Kardzhali, which will suit you not only in appearance, but also with the rental price, and will take you wherever you want. In addition, the complete lack of mileage restrictions will allow you not to count the distance traveled and go even to the other end of the country. Travel without restrictions with a rental car without a deposit in Bulgaria, and your vacation will take on completely different, much brighter colors.

In the center of the city you can see the Church of Saint Gregory the Victorious. It is an Orthodox church that has become a symbol of the city. The golden domes that shine brightly in the sun look great. The temple has an architectural structure that is admired by many visitors. Inside it is beautifully decorated, the walls are painted and the ancient frescoes make it unique. Famous icons are also stored here. The church has become a cultural monument, so every year a large number of tourists go to the temple to see the greatest art and cultural heritage of the country. The church is still active, educational schools and children’s camps are constantly held.

In 2012, a new Arpezos-Sever park was built, which is the largest park not only in Bulgaria, but also on the entire Balkan Peninsula. It is an ideal place to relax, there are benches, fountains, paths. The romantic and pleasant atmosphere will make the walk unforgettable.

Why rent a car from Sky rent a car

In addition to the attractions that are in the city, you can visit the surroundings of Kardzhali and see the famous historical sights, cultural monuments and magnificent natural phenomena that have become a treasure of Bulgaria. Many amazing reserves are located on the territory of this country. In order to conduct the excursions at the highest level, it is worth using the services of the top Bulgarian company Sky rent a car to rent car rental without credit card. This will allow you to travel to all the cities of Bulgaria and explore new spaces. The prices are affordable, the choice of cars is large, the service is good, so many tourists have already convinced themselves of the quality and comfort of the rental car.

Thanks to the car, it will be possible to visit the capital of Bulgaria, where incredible historical monuments are kept. In addition, there is an opportunity to go on an excursion to a neighboring country, which is also known for its cultural values. Such a holiday will be remembered for a long time and will leave the most pleasant impressions. Kardzhali is an amazing city where you can have a great time enjoying the nature as well as exploring the historical and cultural moments of the ancient inhabitants of the area.

cheap car rental Kardzhali
Car rental Kardzhali
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