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Ski resorts in Bulgaria have their own ancient history. After all, many people know that mountains occupy a third of the country. This means that skiing in the country has been very famous for many decades. Because the Balkans are quite serious mountains with not easy peaks. In this country there is also the Musala mountain, which is the highest in the Balkans. In addition, lovers of active winter skiing are well acquainted with peaks such as: Stara Planina, Rhodopi, Rila and Pirin.

And in order to visit the numerous ski resorts in Bulgaria quickly and comfortably, you must take care of the transport you will use. Of course, you can follow the “classic” route and take public transport or a taxi. However, these types of transport have a number of disadvantages, the main of which are the inability to independently determine the routes of movement and the time of their departure from buses, as well as the risk of being cheated by an unscrupulous taxi driver. In order to avoid such a situation, it is best to use the car rental service. The most important thing is to correctly approach the choice of a company that is ready to provide you with car rental services, because there is always a risk of contacting an unscrupulous lessor, which can negatively affect your impression of this wonderful place.

The winter holiday season in Bulgaria lasts from December to April. The average air temperature during the coldest month of winter does not drop to minus 5. Ski resorts in Bulgaria provide tourists with excellent ski slopes of varying difficulty, as well as lifts next to them. The necessary equipment can be rented in the ski centers. In ski schools, professional and experienced instructors will teach everyone to snowboard, alpine ski, there are also programs designed for beginners and children.

The Semkovo ski resort is located in a dense coniferous forest, 17 km from the town of Belitsa at the foot of Rila. The distance from Semkovo to the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, is 160 km. The resort area offers a wonderful panoramic view of the high peaks of Pirin and Rila mountain.

The resort area offers good conditions for both winter sports and summer mountain tourism. The resort is located at 1,750 meters above sea level, above the majestic southern slopes of Rila Mountain and the imposing Pirin. The resort is reached by a very beautiful mountain road. The relief is hilly, mountainous, and the climate here is moderately Mediterranean with a mountain influence. At the beginning of November and until the end of January, a snow cover is formed, which reaches a height of 60-80 cm.

The richness of the local nature, the excellent ski slopes and the appropriate equipment turn the Semkovo resort into a wonderful resort complex for skiing and tourism.

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Semkovo offers 7 ski slopes, the total length of which is 4 km. These slopes are served by 8 modern lifts. Three of them are located on the northern slopes. The trails there are quite difficult and are designed for experienced skiers. In general, however, resort slopes have a slight slope, so they can be considered easy.

  • The length of the ski track in the Semkovo resort is 400 meters. It is served by an elevator with a capacity of 150 people per hour;
  • The ski slope Orlite (Kartala) is 800 meters long. It is served by two lifts: one – 800 meters long with a capacity of 450 people per hour, and the other – 1100 meters long, which can accommodate 700 people per hour.

In winter, sledding is of great interest. Vacationers at the resort can ride sleds covered with colorful traditional flooring to the nearby town of Belitsa and other tourist sites of the Semkovo resort complex.
Semkovo is a starting point for many tourist routes that lead to picturesque areas:

  • Vapa Lakes and Vapa Circus – 2:30 p.m.
  • “Polezhan Circus” and Dry Lake, which is located in it – 1:30 p.m.;
  • Skalish Lakes and Skalish Circus – 2.30 p.m.;
  • “Chernopolyan Circus” and lakes – 3 hours;
  • Macedonia Hut – 2:30 p.m.

On the initiative of Brigitte Bordeaux, Alain Delon and the “Four Paws” Foundation, the Park of Dancing Bears was created in the Rila Nature Reserve. Gypsy and circus bears live there, which are not adapted to life in the wild. Not far from k.k. Semkovo has one more mountain resort that may be of interest to nature lovers – this is k.k. Uzana.

The two-star mountain hotel “Rila” is located on the forest slope of the Rila mountain range, which is almost entirely considered a biosphere reserve and which is surrounded by the purest coniferous forests. The hotel is located in close proximity to the ski slopes and lifts. Rila is the only large, cozy and comfortable hotel in the entire area. It has a “P” shape: two “falling” residential buildings that are connected by a bridge, wide multi-storey halls, a conference hall with a stage (more like a theater hall), reception, etc. On.

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Vacationers can ski and simply relax in the mountains. On the territory of the hotel there is a starting point / destination for routes along the Rila mountain: to the Rila and Rib lakes, to the peaks of Maliovitsa and Musala, through the artificial dam Beli Iskar, to the other side of the ridge, to the village of Beli Iskar, as well as to the village of k. Borovets. The most optimal and suitable period for a ski vacation is the end of December to April.

The Semkovo ski resort has six ski slopes, including three on the northern slopes, as well as eight lifts. There are sky-sites that are designed for training.

Rila Hotel is the main starting point for hiking trips to Rila Mountain, Rila Nature Reserve and to Musala Peak.

The balconies of the apartments, which are located on the outside of the “U”-shaped complex, offer a wonderful view of the mountain, and the apartments, located on the inside of the complex, open onto a spacious courtyard with a wonderful barbecue area, as well as a downhill in the coniferous forest valley.

Hotel guests can visit the restaurant with traditional cuisine and a varied menu, unforgettable panoramic views of the mountains, friendly and professional service; coffee bar, lobby bar with games, indoor pool, sauna, gym, you can also use the services of a massage therapist. For lovers of dancing and noisy fun, there is a night club.


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The hotel’s sports center offers a well-equipped gym as well as aerobics, dance and hydro jet facilities. For business people, there are 4 multifunctional spacious conference rooms and a large hall with a capacity of 250 people, with all amenities for any business event and meeting.

Another 2* hotel in Semkovo, which is located in the Rila mountain at 1675 m above sea level, is the Bor hotel. It is located right next to the ski slopes. Bor offers 54 rooms and one apartment. Visitors can try the restaurant with international cuisine overlooking the mountain. They also have a night bar. The hotel has a wonderful spa center where vacationers can visit a steam bath, a Finnish sauna, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, massages, therapies and a fitness center. For sports lovers there is billiards and table tennis.

Choosing a place to rest during your winter vacations, the Semkovo ski resort, which is located in Bulgaria, is ideal for excellent skiing and a great vacation that will be the best.

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