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Bucharest is the fabulous capital of Romania, which smells of European and Balkan spirit, it combines amazing traditions and legends.
Legend of the creation of the city tells that, long ago lived a shepherd, Bukur. One day, when he passed his herd, the fog descended on the field. Bukur couldn’t find his way to the house and got lost. The only thing he had to do was pray to God. After his prayer there was a miracle – the fog disappeared. To express his gratitude to God, Bukur built a small chapel. Over time, people settled in this area. From that moment the city of Bucharest began to exist.
Some researchers also believe that the name of the city is associated with the Romanian word “bucurie”, which means joy.
The Romanian capital is called Little Paris because of some similarities to the French city (the architecture of a 19th century city; the river flowing through the city, the Arc de Triomphe), and also to emphasize the European style of the city.
In Bucharest, no doubt, there are many attractions that must be visited and which will cause in your heart a sense of wonder and happiness. If time is not enough for everyone, it is worth visiting the Village Museum, the Palace of Parliament (House of People), the Arc de Triomphe and the Botanical Garden.
If you decide to visit this magical city and get acquainted with all its charms, order a rental car. In order for you to fully enjoy the city, it is best to order a car for rent. It will be easier for you to advance, you will have the opportunity to see all the sights, and even enjoy the view of the city at night. Therefore the car rental company at Bucharest Sky car hire Airport Bucharest, will provide you with the opportunity to extract the best from your stay in the city. Sky car hire Airport Bucharest offers the best prices and provides first-class service.
If you decide to relax in Bulgaria, but before that to visit Bucharest, it is most convenient to order a car for rent. Book a car for rent from Sky Rent A Car Bucharest Airport, and your journey will be convenient and satisfying! All you have to do is choose the right car to hire. It can be taken and returned at the airport in Bucharest, or taken at the airport, and returned to Bulgaria, as well as take it to Bulgaria and return it to Bulgaria or Bucharest. It all depends on your individual preference! Sky car rental Airport Bucharest is at your service!

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Talking about Romanian attractions, it is worth starting with the “Museum of the Village”, the best museum in Romania. The museum opened its doors in 1906. It is the largest outdoor museum in Europe and occupies 50 acres along the shores of Lake Gerastrau. There are 50 buildings built in the typical style of houses of Romanian villages. The museum can see over 2000 traditional folk costumes.
The Bucharest Botanical Garden is another wonderful gem of the city. The garden dates back to 1860. This garden surprises with its majesty and the beauty of plants. It is located on 17 hectares, and it grows 10,000 species of plants. This oasis in the city is a great place to relax and meet friends in the heart of the European capital.
The most famous attraction in Bucharest is the House of people or the Palace of Parliament. It is the second largest in the world, followed by the Pentagon. Its area is 350,000 sq m, 85 meters high, not including another 92 meters of underground floors and 1,100 rooms. Huge halls, a variety of architectural styles, lush decoration and a huge space, all this cannot fully describe the grandeur of the palace. Since 1994, the romanian Parliament’s administration has been housed in the building.
The Arc de Triomphe in Bucharest was built in the arch of Paris in honor of the Romanian soldiers who died in World War I. In 1922 the arch was wooden, and then its structure was finished with granite. Climbing up, you can enjoy the incredible view of Bucharest.
The Lipskani district is the historic centre of Bucharest, which retains the charm of the old city. Lipskani is located between Calaisa Victoria and Britanou Ave., Regina Elizabeth Ave. and the Dumbovita River. The area became known as Lipskani because of the many German merchants from Leipzig. In 1400, most of the masters from Romania, Austria, Greece and Bulgaria founded their workshops in this part of the city. Today, Lipskani is home to many galleries, antique shops and facilities with a soulful atmosphere.
If you want to visit this charming city even more, just order a car for rent at Bucharest Airport. And if you decide to combine holidays in Bulgaria and Romania, there is no doubt that you will be more comfortable to go by car for hire. Sky car rental Airport Bucharest offers you impeccable service and a friendly attitude. Contact the employees of the car rental company at Bucharest – Sky car hire at Airport Bucharest, and they will help you find the best car rental offer. Ordering a car for hire is not difficult to do, just go to the site of Sky Rent A Car Airport Bucharest, choose the model that you like the most, and contact our representatives.
Bucharest has two international airports close to the city and serves many tourists who come to explore this beautiful city every year.
Henri Coanda Airport is the busiest airport in Bucharest. It is 10 miles from the central part of the city. The airport is named after pilot Henri Coanda, one of the pioneers of aviation, a Romanian scientist in the field of aerodynamics. The original name of the building was Bucharest-Otopini, but in 2004 it was changed to Henri Coanda.
The airport has an information office, a barbershop, a post office, a bank, an ATM, shops, bars, restaurants, a storage room, a pharmacy, a find office and a baggage packing office. There’s an Internet access.
The second airport in Bucharest is “Aurel Vlaiku”. This is the first airport established in Bucharest. It is 8.5 kilometers from the city centre, 1.5 kilometers from World Trade Center and 8 kilometers from hotels: Intercontinental, Hilton, Parliament. The airport was named after Romanian engineer Aurel Vlaika. The airport building houses a snack bar, a bar, a fast food vending machine and a drink, a baggage packing point, a VIP lounge, Internet access, and a currency exchange point. You can move from airport to city by car, taxi, bus or order a car for rent (the most convenient way).

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