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Tourist’s guide to exploring Elenite with a rental car

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The resort village of Elenite is the most romantic destination on the southern coast of Bulgaria. It combines the freshness of forest slopes, impressive marine landscapes that serve as a background for the picturesque old town of Nessebar, and the clean air of the Balkan Mountains.

The resort boasts of a mild climate due to its location near Mount Stara Planina. The distance to Burgas Airport is 45 km. This resort is small and focused on providing a relaxing vacation to families with children. Its coastline is only 800 meters, scattered with a few villas and hotels.

The construction of the resort village started as late as in 1985. Before that, the area had remained completely untouched by man. The forests at the foot of the eastern part of the Stara Planina mountain range were abundant with deer, hence the name of the village, Elenite (which stands for “deer”). Built by Finnish specialists, the resort complex had the status of a closed club for a narrow circle of people up until 1993. But thanks to substantial investments from various sources, the resort started to develop actively and got reconstructed. Now it is a quiet and tranquil destination for vacationing family.

Built by the Finns in the 1980s, the village is situated 10 kilometers away from Sunny Beach and 45 kilometers away from the city of Burgas. This place boasts of a mild climate due to the nearby Stara Planina mountain, which shields it from the north wind. The resort is recommended for people with and without children who enjoy a cozy, comfortable, and relaxing vacation.

If you want to avoid traveling around the resort village of Elenite in crowded buses and being tied to the routes and timetables of public transport, if you want to eliminate every chance of getting deceived by a dishonest taxi driver who might intentionally inflate their prices – then the best possible transportation solution for you is to rent a vehicle in Elenite. Among the multitude of car rental companies in Bulgaria, Sky Rent A Car Burgas stands out favorably thanks to its 10 years of solid experience in the vehicle rental market. The trustworthiness and reliability of Sky Rent A Car Burgas, Bulgaria are confirmed by numerous positive car rental reviews in Elenite submitted by our satisfied customers.

We invite you to join their ranks! To acquire a Sky car for hire in Elenite, you only need to perform a few simple steps that will take no more than 15 minutes. First of all, contact our specialists at the phone numbers or email address provided on the website. Inform the manager about the make and model of the car you want to rent and provide your personal info. Your application will be promptly reviewed, after which you can book a car for rent in Elenite. You don’t even have to visit our office in person, as we have the option of transferring rental vehicles to any location in the town or even across the country. Rest assured when the appointed time comes and you arrive at the specified location, our representative will be waiting for you with the package of documents required to use a rented vehicle in Bulgaria.

The resort has bars, restaurants, shops, an internet club, a supermarket, a medical center, a currency exchange office, four outdoor pools, and a safe.

The Talyana restaurant with 320 seats is situated right on the beach near Royal Park Hotel. It invites visitors to plunge into the unforgettable fairytale atmosphere of an old fishing ship. Guests are offered a broad selection of grilled and barbecued dishes, as well as a variety of fish dishes. A shopping mall is found in the immediate vicinity.

The main modern enhancement of the resort is in its central part, where you’ll find two superb restaurants. Sozopol Restaurant offers Bulgarian cuisine and panoramic views of the beach. This part of the resort complex also has a night bar, a cocktail bar, and a coffee and pastry bar with a terrace that opens up a mesmerizing view of the sea. There is a large swimming pool directly under the terrace.

Organized games and competitions on the beach and children’s parties will uplift the mood of the youngest of guests. The complex also has two children’s clubs and a playground with a swing. Adult vacationers also have many entertainment opportunities, including evening shows and theme nights. Daytime amusements are plentiful as well: volleyball, football, aerobics, and other entertaining activities.

The Elenite resort consists of one and two-story modern luxury villas: Sunset and Sunrise, and the two Royal Bay and Royal Park hotels situated on a private sandy beach with a length of 800 meters. The resort operates according to the All-Inclusive system, offering excellent quiet vacations of European quality with a home-like level of comfort.

The pleasant and cozy Elenite complex is the closest neighbor of the resort village of Sveti Vlas, which is a good example of a well-balanced price-to-quality offered by many resorts on the Bulgarian coast. Despite the proximity to the densely populated regions, the village of Elenite cannot boast of a turbulent historical past. Before the launch of construction works in 1985, this area was untouched. The forests at the foot of the Stara Planina mountain range were inhabited by very many deer, hence the name of the resort – Elenite. Up until 1993, the Elenite complex constructed by Finnish builders was a closed club. However, thanks to sizeable investments in 2003, the resort has been actively reconstructed. Today it offers relaxing vacations for the whole family.

The original layout of the resort village is largely similar to Golden Sands; however, the architecture differs significantly. The park area in Elenite mostly has bungalows and small low-rise villas, which leaves the nature of the region almost untouched. In terms of climatic characteristics, the Elenite resort is similar to St. Vlas. Mount Stara Planina protects Elenite from the north winds. The air is saturated with iodine ions, which is incredibly helpful in treating various diseases. The coastal strip faces the souths. The abundance of greenery, cacti, and conifers ensures the utmost cleanness of the air and provides the much-needed coolness during the hot season. Vacationing in Elenite, it’s recommended to spend a lot of time outdoors – especially if you’re on a family vacation children.

We value every second of your precious time, so a phone call or email is enough to acquire a rental car in Elenite from Sky Rent A Car Burgas, Bulgaria. The comfort of our clients is our first consideration, and this approach has brought our company to the leading position in the market of car rentals in Elenite. We know exactly what you need, and we are ready to provide rental vehicles at any time and anywhere in the city – or even anywhere in Bulgaria. With Sky car hire in Burgas, you will truly appreciate quality car rental services in Elenite. Acquiring a car for hire from the Sky vehicle rental company will be the best investment in your comfort and safety on the road.

The small resort of Elenite is rich not only in natural resources; it also boasts of developed, modern infrastructure. The large beach has rental offices providing equipment for surfing and other water sports. There are tennis courts, outdoor swimming pools with seawater, an equestrian center, beach volleyball courts, a yacht club, archery and aerobics grounds, billiards, and table tennis – all of this is at your disposal when you’re a guest of Elenite.

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Tourist attractions near Elenite, Bulgaria

Family vacationers with children will appreciate the free-to-enter Atlantis water park that was opened in 2006. Another attraction for kids is the unique children’s club Aladdin. It is a miniature copy of an eastern palace based on the fairy tale “1000 and One Nights”. Every day from 10:00 to 17:00, the polite and friendly animators are ready to engage the resort’s youngest guests in various educational programs and games. Adults do not have to stand aside either: together with children, they can enjoy playing the role of pirates of the Caribbean or Red Indians. Other amenities include various playgrounds and children’s pools at the hotels, as well as an Internet club, a children’s disco, and a computer gaming room. In other words, a child will have plenty of entertaining activities to enjoy in-between sea bathing and sound sleep.

Despite its small size, the Elenite resort has everything necessary for the pleasant pastime of vacationers. There are souvenir shops offering pottery, rose oil, Rose Valley perfume, and handmade silver jewelry. Most shops are open from 9:00 to 22:00; however, some welcome customers around the clock.

You can treat yourself to a rakia tasting in one of the wine cellars, a cool drink in the night or day bars, an inexpensive lunch of traditional cuisine in the small tavern.

If all this seems insufficient to you, if you get an itch to explore the interesting sights of Bulgaria, a car for hire from Sky Rent A Car in Elenite will come handy – just call us at the indicated phone number or submit an application online. Other available transport options are an inexpensive taxi or regular buses. The Sunny Beach resort is only 15-20 minutes away; it is a boisterous realm of active recreation, shopping, wonderful restaurants, and noisy nightclubs and discos.

Worth noting, the local amphitheater often hosts magnificent, vibrant evening shows with groovy dances and colorful costumes. Nonetheless, the Elenite resort is a quiet destination for a relaxing family vacation, which is not very suitable for an ebullient romantic adventure. Instead, you can enjoy the breathtaking atmosphere of the unity with the mountains and the sea. The picturesque landscapes delight the eye: the white villas with tiled red roofs on the slope that leads to the amazing sandy, the beautiful temperate forest, and leisurely vacationers promenading on the sandy coast.

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Where to rent a car in Elenite?

If you’re determined to fully enjoy the Elenite resort, go around all of its complexes and visit the unique sights on your own, the most convenient way to do this is to contact the vehicle rental company Sky Rent A Car in Burgas,  Bulgaria and order a car for rent in Elenite.

If you’ve arrived by plane, you can acquire a car for rent from Sky right at the airport Burgas. Another option is to a professional driver from Sky Rent A Car in Elenite – they will readily take you to any location in the town.

Besides, the car rental company Sky car hire in Bulgaria provides vehicle delivery services: after you order a rental car, the vehicle will be delivered to the specified address at the appointed time.

If you’re not familiar with your destination, you can rent a car with GPS to avoid the hassle of finding addresses and asking for directions. To make your stay unforgettable, interesting, comfortable, and exciting, you just need to contact Sky Rent A Car in Elenite and get a rental vehicle that suits your needs and budget. Ordering a car for rent in Elenite online takes just a couple of minutes. Alternatively, you can always call us at the round-the-clock number: +359 894 622 363.

The offices of the vehicle rental company Sky car hire in Burgas, Bulgaria are available in all major cities of Bulgaria. This ensures high-quality and prompt services for all foreign guests of Bulgaria. Our offices are located close to the airports, which will save you time on car rentals in Bulgaria, Elenite. Consultants of Sky car hire in Bulgaria will meet you at the airport and give you the necessary assistance for a comfortable stay. The company has a large fleet of rental vehicles for all budgets and purposes; moreover, Sky rental cars are offered on favorable terms, at the best rental car prices in Elenite, Bulgaria. When you rent a car from Sky, you can be sure of striking a highly advantageous deal.

Elenite is rightfully considered one of the most environmentally pristine places on the Black Sea coast. The friendly and responsive staff, low car rental prices in Elenite, and the all-inclusive system contribute to the rapid development of this fabulous destination for a vacation in Bulgaria.

The Elenite resort occupies a fairly high position among all the resorts of Bulgaria. It has everything you need for a wonderful vacation: the clean sea, romantic beaches, European restaurants with gourmet cuisine, wine cellars, cozy taverns, night and day bars, pools with seawater, a yacht club, and tennis courts.

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