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Shkorpilovtsi resort – car rentals and general info

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Shkorpilovtsi (the first syllable is stressed) is a small resort village situated on the Black Sea coast. A distance of 35 kilometers separates this resort from Varna. It enjoys great popularity due to its picturesque nature: mountains, forests, white cliffs, golden sands, the clear sea, and a lot of sunshine. With its endless spacious beaches, the village is one of the coziest and most tranquil places in the world. Shkorpilovtsi is highly suitable for family holidays; here you can go bank fishing at the Kamchia River estuary. Book a rental car on the best conditions from the car rental company Sky Car Rental in Shkorpilovtsi, Varna, Bulgaria. The remains of ancient settlements and the Kamchi Sands reserve are located near the resort village, waiting to be explored. With a rental car at your disposal, you can organize your excursions independently and visit all the ancient sights of interest. Contact the representatives of the vehicle rental company in Shkorpilovtsi, Sky Rent A Car Varna, Bulgaria, and order a car for hire. Using car rental services, you ensure comfortable and pleasant travels for yourself and your family. You can also rent a car in Shkorpilovtsi at the airport in Varna.

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Travel guide – what to visit after you rent a car in Shkorpilovtsi Varna, Bulgaria

Shkorpilovtsi is a small village in Bulgaria situated not far from the big city of Varna; it is a part of Varna Province. This resort is a serene and cozy place where you can enjoy a relaxing vacation with your family. Not too many people come here during the summer season, which is why the Bulgarians themselves favor this resort. Even though the local infrastructure leaves something to be desired, nature is a great treasure of the resort. The village boasts of the longest beach on the Black Sea coast. You can stay at the hotel complex – it provides good conditions for guests of the village. Besides, there are affordable apartments for rent. Those who enjoy vacating in close communion with nature can go to the campsite or set up their own tents. So far, there is no mass construction of hotels, restaurants, and entertainment centers in the area and the beach is in perfect condition. The wonderful fresh air and crystal clear sea will make your vacation utterly pleasant. Many tourists have already seen the charm of this place for themselves. The resort is surrounded by forests, which creates a special atmosphere. The air in this area is considered exceptionally beneficial for your health. Doctors recommend going here if you have respiratory diseases or nervous disorders. Thanks to the amazing atmosphere at the resort, you will forget about all your troubles, relieve stress, and enjoy a wonderful vacation without worrying about any problems. Many come to Shkorpilovtsi to have some alone time and meditate. The resort is gradually gaining popularity and has already attracted the attention of investors, so many interesting venues and establishments will appear here soon. The main advantage of the village is its mineral springs, which have already alleviated the diseases of many people. Such a combination of pristine nature and healing opportunities is why Shkorpilovtsi enjoys special attention from foreigners.

Another factor contributing to enjoyable vacations is fairly low prices. Therefore, this destination fits the budget of every category of tourists. Some people prefer to find accommodation in the village of Shkorpilovtsi and then go on an excursion to the beautiful city of Varna. It holds one of the leading positions in the “Best Cities of Bulgaria” ranking. This is not surprising, as the region can boast of a pristine environment, beautiful nature and many treasurable sights that will be of great interest to guests of the country. To travel to this city with comfort, you can use a rental car, which will make your trip unforgettable. Bulgaria has always been famous for its hospitality, so tourists are invariably provided the best conditions. Besides, local prices are more affordable compared to Europe. If you travel with your family, it is incredibly convenient to rent a car. The city of Varna has many historical sites that tell the story of the ancient people who inhabited the country centuries ago. The history museums display many unique exhibits. Strolling the city streets, you will feel as though you’re walking through centuries of history. The cathedrals and temples will amaze you with their gorgeousness and splendor. They are the embodiment of history, culture, and art of the past. Such places attract special attention from tourists and guests of the country. In addition to the historical sites, the city’s modern infrastructure will impress and delight you. Restaurants, cafes, and bars are always at your service. Try the traditional Bulgarian dishes, they will surely strike a chord with your tastebuds. It would be a crime not to mention the delicious Bulgarian wine. Thanks to the clean environment and favorable climate, the wine products in this country have an amazing flavor. At night, life in the city picks up speed. Young people go to nightclubs and discos to dance to good music, meet up with friends, and make new acquaintances. It will take you several days to explore all the attractions of the city. Varna is large and has many must-visit places of interest. No wonder this metropolis is so popular with tourists. National parks attract a lot of attention, offering a wonderful leisure opportunity. You’ll get to choose from a variety of entertainment programs. The beautiful and unique nature will not leave you indifferent either. Many plants found in the park are rare, and some are even on the Red List of Threatened Species. A visit to this city will give you a ton of bright emotions and vivid impressions.

The village of Shkorpilovtsi creates great leisure opportunities for vacationers. You can enjoy yourself on the beach, beholding the beautiful nature and taking delight in the pleasant atmosphere. Evening walks along the embankment will give you many memorable romantic moments. Thanks to affordable prices, you can enjoy a revitalizing budget-friendly vacation in the beautiful and sunny country of Bulgaria. Outdoor recreation will help you restore the lost energy and gain a charge of positivity. The great advantage is that the resort village offers both leisure options and opportunities to greatly improve your health. A trip to Shkorpilovtsi is a guarantee of a wonderful vacation. And if you find yourself craving a more active pastime – the ever-boisterous city of Varna is just a short distance away. You can get there easily and with comfort by renting a car from Sky. Besides, the resort takes good care of vacationers’ kids. There is a special children’s complex, where young guests can have a lot of fun. Your children will have the opportunity to make new friends. Enjoy a safe and worry-free vacation in Shkorpilovtsi with your whole family! Local shops offer a broad choice of souvenirs that will remind you of this wonderful place. In Shkorpilovtsi, you will feel refreshment of both mind and body, spending your vacation time in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The sea air will help you forget all your worries and enjoy the sunshine and waves.

To visit all the interesting places near the beautiful resort of Shkorpilovtsi, you need to find a suitable method of transportation. It’s not particularly convenient to travel in crowded buses, while some taxi drivers may charge you more than a reasonable amount for a trip. The best solution to this issue is to look for car rentals in Shkorpilovtsi Varna, Bulgaria. Only Sky Rent A Car in Shkorpilovtsi Varna, Bulgaria offers the best car rental conditions on the Bulgarian market. The company has been successfully working in the car rental sphere for over a decade, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews from our satisfied customers. We invite you to experience the high level of quality and comfort we strive to provide. Just contact our representatives and order a car for hire in Shkorpilovtsi.

Renting a car in Shkorpilovtsi from our company doesn’t take a lot of time and money. You don’t even need to visit our office personally – everything can be arranged remotely. To order a vehicle for rent, you just need to contact our managers, tell them the make and model of the car you are interested in renting, and specify the time and place of meeting with our representative. After your application is confirmed, you can book and rent a car in Shkorpilovtsi Varna, Bulgaria. Rest assured the rental car you’ve booked will be waiting for you exactly at the appointed time and place. After our representative gives you brief instructions and you sign the necessary documents, you can immediately go on a long and exciting journey in a rented car to explore the endless expanses of sunny Shkorpilovtsi or even the whole of Bulgaria. All Sky cars offered for rent are provided without any mileage restrictions, which makes the car rental services of our company even more convenient.

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Rent a cheap car in Shkorpilotsi Varna, Bulgaria

With a rental car from Sky Rent A Car Varna Bulgaria, you can visit all the places of interest with unsurpassable comfort. You can map your routes independently, throwing off the shackles imposed by the timetable of public transport. A rented car lets you dive headfirst into the atmosphere of sunshine and merriment, seashores and majestic mountains, enjoying your good mood and creating pleasant memories of your long-awaited vacation. The Sky car rental company in Shkorpilovtsi will do everything possible to fulfill all your wishes, providing you with technically sound and comfortable vehicles for hire.

The low car rental prices in Shkorpilovtsi, swift and high-quality services, a broad range of rental cars for any purpose and budget, friendly and professional employees, the perfect technical condition of all rental cars, the delivery of rental cars to any location in the country, and the round-the-clock customer support – these are just a few of the advantages of Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria,  Shkorpilovtsi. We are professionals in the car rental field, and are ready to prove it to our customers by deed!

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