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The town of Kavarna is the center of a large agricultural region. Interesting landmarks are the museum and the remains of ancient churches on the slopes of Chirakman Hill, as well as the foundation of a Roman-era building. The Monument to the Defenders of 1877 towers over the town park. You can quite effortlessly see all these attractions with your own eyes with the help of the best car rental company in Kavarna – Sky Rent A Car. In just a few minutes, you can acquire a suitable rental vehicle for your long and unforgettable journeys through Bulgaria.

It takes almost no effort to rent a car in Kavarna from our company. We are accomplished professionals with over 10 years of successful experience in the car rental industry of Bulgaria. Our development vector and pricing policy are appraised by the huge number of positive car rental reviews in Kavarna submitted by our satisfied customers. Join their ranks now and rent a car from us for the safest and most comfortable trips across Bulgaria. A rental car from Sky is an excellent investment in your convenience. You will be more than satisfied with the quality of our car rental services in Kavarna.

The resort town of Kavarna is a place where you can both relax and engage in a lot of exciting activities. It was not until recent years that the tourism industry began to develop actively in this region. Today, visitors are invited to stroll through the historical sights of this beautiful destination, which include: churches of the Middle Ages, an archaeological museum, a hammam (Turkish bathhouse), the remains of Roman architecture, crystal-clear springs with drinking water, one of which dates back to the 15th century, and much more. Besides, you can visit a beautiful natural reserve – the unique caves of Cape Kaliakra that is located near Kavarna.

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Rent a car from Sky and unravel the mysteries of Cape Kaliakra

It is the longest cape on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Cape Kaliakra is composed of dark limestones with interesting bright red blotches that impart it with inimitable charm. In the direction of Kavarna, the color of limestone changes. Near the village of Bylgarevo, there begins the magnificent Silver Coast.

The cape has a turbulent past. Initially, its name was Tirisis. Ancient literature tells of the treasures hidden by Lysimachus in the local caves. Once Kaliakra was conquered by the Romans, it became a part of the province of Skitia. The fortress situated on the cape was called Tetrasiada. The well-known historic battle between the Vitalian rebels and the troops of Emperor Anastasius took place near the walls of this fortress – the rebels came out victorious. In the Middle Ages, the cape’s name was already Kaliakra (which stands for “a beautiful cape”). Once the Bulgarian state was formed, it took control over the fortress. The stronghold gained a lot of might under the boyar named Balik and his son Ivanko. But it fell to the Turkish yoke. In 1444, the fortress was captured by the King of Poland and Hungary, Vladislav Jagelo, and his knights. However, after the king died, the Turks regained control over the fortress.

Those terrible events are history, but locals tell legends about them even today. One of the most heart-wrenching legends paints the tragic story of forty Bulgarian girls who were desperate to avoid falling into the hands of the Turks, so they weaved their braids together, joined their hands, and threw themselves from a high cliff into the sea. A white obelisk marks the place of their sorrowful demise. And the gorge formed by waves is still called the Gate of the 40 Maidens.

Another legend says that when Saint Nicholas was fleeing the Turks and running toward the sea, the ground stretched under his feet to save him, which formed the beautiful cape of Kaliakra. The small chapel on the cliff marks the burial place of the hallows of St. Nicholas. Now the cape is declared the National Park Museum and a new road leads to it. One of the caves hanging over the abyss houses an original restaurant. In the neighboring cave, you’ll see an archaeological exhibition. The stone steps lead tourists down to the sea.

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How to rent a car in Kavarna and what sights to visit?

It is exceptionally simple to rent a vehicle in Kavarna. You just need to contact our specialists by phone or e-mail, name the rental car you are interested in, and specify the time and place of your arrival in the town. Once your application is reviewed, you can reserve a car for rent and then pick it up. Rest assured the rental car will be waiting for you exactly at the appointed time and place, together with our representative, who will give you all the necessary documents required to use a rented car in Bulgaria.

In the north of Kavarna and Kaliakra, there is another beautiful natural monument – Kamen Bryag. This is not just a place of interest; it is a breathtaking conjunction of steep, almost vertical mountain slopes and the blue sea. The Yailata reserve allows nobody to stay indifferent either. It used to be a large cave settlement; the remains of an ancient fortress, tomb and sanctuary were discovered in the vicinity. The settlers grew grapes and produced wine. Other areas of tourism in Kavarna include ecotourism, ornithology, rural tourism, and cycle tourism. Everyone can find something to their taste in this region. The vicinity of Kavarna is exceptionally rich in attractions, and their variety ensures you will never get bored on your vacation.

On the seashore down below, there’s a beautiful beach near the port, as well as a camping site, summer cottages, and bungalows. If you go in the direction of Balchik along the E-87 motorway using a car rented in Kavarna, you’ll reach the mesmerizing village of Bozhurets – it would be simply improper to refuse such an exciting adventure. The neighboring village of Topola has a marvelous sandy beach, where foreign guests of beautiful Bulgaria are always welcome.

While in Bulgaria, make sure to visit this area for some bright and vibrant memories! With a rental car from Sky Rent A Car in Kavarna, your travels will be unforgettable.

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