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If you go to the north of Burgas, you’ll arrive at the ancient city of Nessebar that sits on the rocky coast of the peninsula. Nowadays, the town is conventionally divided into two parts, New Nessebar and Old Nessebar. There’s also a port in the city. The width of the peninsula is only three hundred meters. Nessebar is connected with the mainland by a neck of land, but it often becomes flooded in foul weather. Most hotels occupy antique buildings. However, a modern water park has been built in this small resort. And those guests who want to have fun all night long can pay a visit to the neighboring Sunny Beach resort.

Nessebar is one of the oldest settlements in Europe. This ancient town sits on the Black Sea coast and is famous for its rich historical and cultural heritage, as well as tourist life. What you’ll find here is the remains of the ancient world, an endless beach with golden sand, a warm sea, and a lot of sunshine. Near the resort of Nessebar, there are also many sacred places where the life of ancient Hellas and Rome once took place. In 1934, the town received its current name, Nessebar. It consists of two parts: the new and old districts. NewNessebar is on the mainland, while Old Nessebar sits on a small peninsula. The Sunny Beach resort is also an administrative unit of the Nessebar Municipality. Old Nessebar is connected to the mainland by a single dam that serves as a highway. The old mill located here is a major tourist attraction. A little further you’ll see the monument to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of all fishermen. There are parking lots near the monument, as entering the district by car is prohibited. But this isn’t a problem at all since it won’t take too much time or effort to walk around the whole Old Nessebar. The peninsula is only 850 meters long and 300 meters wide. On every street in Nessebar, small cafes and restaurants open their doors to guests, offering fresh fish from the local port and inviting you to relax in a cozy atmosphere. The vibrancy, spaciousness, and architecture of the authentic local houses are a pleasant surprise. Many of them are rented out to tourists. Nessebar is a town you want to visit again and again. It was for a good reason that in 1983, Old Nessebar was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List and the honorary list of 100 main attractions of Bulgaria.

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Visit all the tourist sites near Nessebar (Bulgaria) using Sky rental cars Bulgaria

With the help of the car rental company in Nessebar Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria, you can touch the vibrant history of these places and explore all the remarkable sights. If you rent a car in Nessebar from our company, your journey will not be restricted by the routes and timetables of public transport. Besides, you may not get deceived by dishonest taxi drivers who intentionally inflate the cost of their services, dooming you to additional expenses. Renting a car in Nessebar from Sky, you are guaranteed to avoid all possible transport problems. You can go on a trip at any convenient time and choose any route without overpaying. All the rental cars we offer come without mileage limitations, which allows you to travel both within Nessebarand across Bulgaria. Thus, renting a car in Nessebar is the best investment in your comfort and safety. Book a car rental in Nessebar and take your family on a self-guided tour through all the beautiful sights.

Nessebar combines the charm of the ancient world and the sleekness of modern architecture. In this town, you’ll find a plethora of beautiful and comfortable hotels, small restaurants, as well as attractions and galleries. Nessebar resembles a Mediterranean landscape with its rocky shores and lots of greenery, while the delicious traditional Bulgarian and Greek cuisine is sure to impress you.

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Sky Rent A Car in Nessebar, Bulgaria – renting a vehicle is simple and convenient

With a rented car, your vacation can be as varied as you want it to be. You will always have the opportunity to pay a visit to the other beautiful resorts, such as Pomorie, Sozopol, Sunny Beach, and, of course, the city of Burgas. You can book a rental car before arriving in Bulgaria – on the website of the car rental company Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria you will find the phone number and email address for contacting our specialists. It’s very simple to order a rental car in Nessebar! Just specify the preferred make and model, give your details, and book the rental car. If you want to use the rental car delivery service, indicate the time and place of your arrival in the city. The specialists of Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria will consider and approve your application. After placing the reservation, our representative – and your rented car – will be waiting for you exactly at the appointed time and in the specified location. As you can see, it’s not even necessary to visit the office of our company personally if you want to rent a car in Nessebar. All the matters related to placing your order can be solved remotely, saving the precious time of your vacation. Rest assured you will enjoy the highest possible level of service and some of the lowest car rental prices in Nessebar and throughout Bulgaria. We provide favorable conditions and you can always be easily found. Rental vehicles from Sky Rent A Car in Nessebar are reliable and pleasant to use – all of our cars are in excellent technical condition.

Washed on all sides by the sea, Nessebar always enjoys fresh air and a pleasant breeze. The town is beautiful due to its picturesque landscapes, rich historical heritage, and vibrant cultural life. Many cultural events are held here annually. Nightlife is boisterous in the resort’s numerous night clubs, as well as restaurants and cafes. Visit the website of the car rental company Sky Rent A Car in Nessebar and book any model of rental cars in Nessebar in advance, before you arrive in Bulgaria. Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria is always at your service!

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