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All summer resorts of Bulgaria are situated on the Black Sea coast. At all these destinations, the water is clean and warm enough for swimming in summer.

The resort of Obzor sits at quite a large distance from the airport of Varna – 65 kilometers. It is the preferred destination for families with children, young vacationers, and people seeking a healing resort.

Obzor, Bulgaria is a cozy and serene retreat for those who crave a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of large Bulgarian resorts. It’s wonderfully suitable for families, as well as youth recreation. Vacating in the resort village of Obzor is considerably cheaper compared to other resorts. The village sits on the Black Sea coast between the two largest seaside cities, Burgas and Varna, at a distance of about 60 kilometers from each of them. Approximately 20 kilometers separate it from the popular resort of Sunny Beach. Despite such a central location, the beaches of Obzor are only sparsely crowded – even during the peak season.

Obzor is a small romantic stretch of the Black Sea coast with beautiful nature. On one side, a beautiful sea view opens up to the beholder, while on the other side, you can see the mountains. This place attracts vacationers with its tranquility, comfort, and picturesque nature. Bulgarian tour operators offer pleasant and inexpensive vacations in Obzor, where you’ll enjoy the hospitable attitude towards guests and the quality service. It’s easy to go on a day-long trip to go to Sozopol, Varna, or Nessebar by taxi and regular buses. Obzor offers a splendid choice of entertainments, bars, discos, a wide strip of sandy beaches, water slides, the traditional Bulgarian hospitality, and an abundance of cheap fruit. You can try all the amusement options with the help of Sky – the best car rental company in Obzor Bulgaria. Rent a car from Sky car hire Varna, Bulgaria on the most favorable terms, so that you can set off on an unforgettable trip to the sights and places of interest of this Bulgarian destination.

Renting a car is fast, advantageous, and simple! You won’t have to keep track of the timetables and routes of public transport or try to get on a crowded bus. Besides, there is no chance for you to get deceived by unfair taxi drivers who deliberately inflate the prices of their services. A rented car gives you the freedom to choose the time, place, and route of your travels, and it spares your wallet. Thanks to the efforts of our company, car rental prices in Obzor Bulgaria are fairly low, making rental cars affordable for everyone.

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Your vacation in Obzor will be memorable thanks to the combination of fresh sea, forest and mountain air, clean wide beaches, and the magnificent panorama of the sea, forest, and cliffs. The Obzor resort area boasts of one of the largest and longest coastal strips both in Bulgaria and in Europe as a whole. The beach is 60-70 meters wide and covered with fine golden sand; it stretches for over 7 kilometers. The sea is always several degrees warmer than in Albena or Golden Sands. The sea entrance is rather steep, but there are also places with gentle shallows, which is convenient for vacationers with small children. The Obzor resort is highly appreciated by locals, while foreign tourists find it unforgettably attractive.

Obzor is situated at the foot of Stara Planina Mountain. Due to its excellent location, it successfully combines the mountain and sea climates. The average air temperature in summer ranges from +24° С to +27° С; the seawater is from +24° С to +27° С; the climate is moderate continental. The main period for vacations in Obzor is May through October. You’ll enjoy a walkabout around the resort. Strolling its cozy streets past the houses embraced by greenery, breathing the aroma of fruits and vineyards – you will keenly feel the atmosphere of homely peace and comfort.

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Obzor Bulgaria is also an ancient town; it was initially called Heliopolis, which stands for “the City of the Sun”. On the mountain that rises above the town, you can see the remains of a local fortress. Besides, Obzor has the remains of such famous historical monuments as the old Bulgarian village of Byala, the Temple of Jupiter, and the military Roman fortress Koziak.

In a small park in the center of Obzor, there stands a beautiful Orthodox church. Not far from it, you can behold original excavation findings – an exhibition of ancient objects. The capitals and fragments of columns give you a vision of the marvelous ancient temple that stood here centuries ago. Situated not far from Obzor, the village of Emona may also be of interest to tourists.

You don’t need deep pockets to use the car rental services in Obzor. Acquiring a rental car doesn’t take a lot of time either, as you don’t have to come to our office personally. Having been in the car rental business for more than 10 years, we are used to trusting our clients, which is why we are ready to arrange everything remotely. You can contact the specialists of our company by phone or e-mail from anywhere in the world even before arriving in the town of Obzor. Specify the make and model of the car you are interested in, book a car for rent in Obzor Bulgaria, and indicate the time and place of your arrival in the town. A representative of Sky Car Hire Varna will meet you and hand your rented vehicle over. Rest assured our representative will be ready to meet you anywhere in the town – or even anywhere in the country if you use the rental car transfer service. The Sky rent a car Varna, Bulgaria employee will bring all the necessary documents for your comfortable and safe travels across Bulgaria by the rented car. The absence of any mileage restriction will come as a pleasant bonus. With Sky car hire Obzor Bulgaria, you won’t have to count the distance traveled or worry about possible additional expenses – because the peace of mind and comfort of our clients are our first consideration.

Obzor boasts of well-developed infrastructure. The main places to stay are the private boarding houses, family villas, and small comfortable cottages. For the last couple of years, Obzor has been developing rapidly. The construction of new hotels and boarding houses is underway. The service staff speaks English fairly well, and the friendliness and hospitality of the locals will give you a good mood for the whole day.

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The resort of Obzor is particularly convenient for a vacation with children. There are various attractions, slides and water slides, playgrounds, children’s pools, children’s karting, and beaches with a gentle descent to the sea. The temporary nanny service allows parents to have rest and relax, while a professional nanny takes care of the children. For the fans of outdoor activities and sports, the resort offers catamarans, water slides, jets, and scooters. The equestrian center welcomes all horse riding enthusiasts. There is also an opportunity to make a parachute jump. With a rental vehicle from Sky car hire at Obzor, it will take you no time to get to the airfield.

Renting a car from Sky is cheap and fast (it takes only 15 minutes to apply), and it ensures you’ll have pleasant memories from visiting our town. Being able to visit all the interesting places with great comfort, you’ll enjoy using a rented car on a vacation with your family or friends. If you use the services of Sky car rental Obzor Bulgaria, we are sure you’ll want to rent a vehicle from us again the next time you come to Bulgaria.

The unique climatic and natural conditions that combine the sea, mountain, and forest air ensure you will enjoy a wonderful and unforgettable vacation in a pristine environment. Besides, it is known to alleviate various respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, bronchial asthma, etc. The health and wellness centers of the resort offer various programs based around the local sulfuric mineral springs. Regardless, of the season, tourists and vacationers come here from all corners of Europe to improve their health and well-being.

The multitude of cozy cafes and restaurants invite vacationers to taste delicious Bulgarian traditional dishes and the world-famous Bulgarian wine. Most importantly, the prices in the establishments of Obzor are several times lower than in the major resorts of Bulgaria.

Over the past few years, Obzor has changed a lot and created many new entertainments. However, the resort is still devoid of the hassle and hectic atmosphere associated with the major destinations, such as Golden Sands and Albena. Many new bars and cafes have emerged on the coast. On the beach, the magnificent entertainment center “The Castle” offers a disco and a bar. A plethora of aquatic attractions, sun loungers, and umbrellas are there for the guests. Obzor offers everything necessary for a fun and exciting pastime. The shops along the coast provide everything you might need: swimwear, air mattresses, souvenirs, and clothes. The most sought-after souvenirs are flax and leather crafts of local artisans, rose oils from the Valley of Roses, and Bulgarian wines. Numerous stalls offer fresh vegetables, fruits, honey, and various spices. For the convenience of tourists, there are several clinics, a post office, Internet centers, currency exchange offices, banks, excursion offices, as well as regular buses, taxis, and fixed-route shared taxis.

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Car hire in Obzor Bulgaria from Sky car hire Varna

But the affordable and convenient car rental services are what a tourist will appreciate the most. Sky car hire Obzor  Bulgaria is rightfully considered the best vehicle rental company in the area. You’ll enjoy the best level of service for a low price, while the large fleet of cars for rent in Obzor Bulgaria will allow you to find a suitable vehicle for any purpose and task. Rest assured you are safe during your travels, as we pay special attention to the technical condition of our rental vehicles. We guarantee that our rental car will deliver you to your destination without any problems or unpleasant situations, and your vacation time will be filled with nothing but positive emotions. If you want to rent a car in Obzor cheap, use the services of Sky Car Hire Varna!

Super climate conditions, wonderful nature, mineral springs, and magnificent architecture – your vacation in Obzor is going to be unforgettable! And what will further enhance it is the car rentals on excellent terms provided by Sky Rent A Car in Obzor and throughout Bulgaria.

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