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Sozopol is a small picturesque town in southeastern Bulgaria located on the coast of the Black Sea. It occupies several small peninsulas in the southern part of the Gulf of Burgas. The heir to the Greek colony of Apollonia, Sozopol is considered the oldest town in Bulgaria. From ancient times until the 17th century, Sozopol was an essential trading hub. It was known as a fishing and wine center and played a crucial role in the Thracian grain trade. Later, the town developed as an important religious center with many medieval monasteries. What attracts crowds of tourists to Sozopol every year is its cultural and historical past, its authentic architecture of the 18th-19th centuries, its sand beaches and annual art festivals. This town combines ancient architecture and a romantic atmosphere. As of today, Sozopol is equated with a museum. The resort offers small cottages, private houses, family hotels, and two sandy beaches for a tranquil vacation.

Sozopol is situated on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, in the southern part of the Gulf of Burgas, 35 kilometers to the south of Burgas. Sozopol consists of two parts: the Old Town and the New Town, with the Sea Garden squeezed in between them. The Old Town sits on the small Skamniy Peninsula, which lies between the Sozopol Bay and the Korenyata Bay. The New Town – Harmanite – stretches along the Korenyata Bay to the Budjaka Peninsula. The BudjakaPeninsula together with the Kavatsi Bay marks the town’s southern border. The Gulf of Sozopol contains the island of St. Ivan and the small island of St. Peter. You can visit them at any time with the help of Sky car rentals in Sozopol.

Renting a car in Sozopol or any other city in Bulgaria is simple and uncomplicated. It doesn’t take a heap of documents and a lot of time – you can do it quickly and remotely. To rent a car at our company, you need to take only a few easy steps. Contact our managers by phone or e-mail and name the make and model of the rental car you are interested in. Specify the time and place of your arrival in Sozopol if you do not want to visit our office in person, and book a rental car of your choice. After considering your application, we will deliver your rental car in Sozopol. Rest assured our employee and your rental car will be waiting for you at the appointed time in any location within the city or even within the country. Using our rented car delivery service saves a lot of valuable time for our clients. After signing all the documents necessary for using a rental car in Sozopol, you will receive brief instructions. After that, you are free to set off on an exciting journey in your rented car.

Initially, the Greeks named the town Anthea. Later, its name was changed toApollonia, in honor of the ancient Greek god Apollo. To distinguish it from other towns, Sozopol-Apollonia was called Pontica, Chernomorska, Magna,Velika. In the late epoch of Ancient Greece, it was named Sozopolis. During the Ottoman period, the town was referred to as Sisebolu or Siseboli. After the Liberation of Bulgaria, it assumed the name Sozopol. The Sky car rental in Bulgaria – Sozopol gives you a unique opportunity to find the best rental carand get familiar with the seaside resorts of Bulgaria.

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Information about Sozopol from Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria

Founded in the 5th century BC, Sozopol is the most ancient settlement on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. In the vicinity of Sozopol, you can find several popular campsites: Gradina, Zlatna Ribka, Kavatsi, Veselie, and Smokinya.

Located 3 kilometers to the south of Sozopol, Kavatsi is a locality with an adjacent camping spot of the same name. The campsite boasts of a sand beach that borders on a forest. It’s also famous for its nudist beach. The location’s name is related to the word “kavak”, which is the Turkish for “poplar”. As the name suggests, there are lots of poplar trees in the area

At the foot of Strandja Mountain, approximately 3 kilometers away from the town of Sozopol, you can find the Green Life Beach Resort. The complex is located in front of the Kavatsi beach. If you arrive at the Burgas airport, you can reach the resort in 40 minutes. The Green Life Beach Resort is a gated complex with its own, unique and picturesque Green Life Beach, framed by the natural green space of Strandja.

At the Green Life Beach Resort, you can relax, receive guests or hold a business meeting. The complex offers many opportunities for leisure, recreation, and sports, as well as all the necessary amenities for a wonderful and carefree vacation. All buildings of the complex boast of the Mediterranean design style. The veranda of your apartment will offer mesmerizing views of the sea and the forest.

The vacation village Santa Marina sits on the coast of the Black Sea, 34 kilometers away from Burgas and 1 kilometer away from Sozopol. Vacationers are offered comfortable holiday cottages, spa centers, a swimming pool, a fitness room, and other amenities. The beautiful coniferous forest and the sunny “Royal Beach” allow the guests to listen to their emotions in a relaxing atmosphere or enjoy the rhythm of summer entertainment.

If you decide to visit Bulgaria, make sure to walk along the streets of ancientSozopol and behold the arresting architecture of the authentic Bulgarian houses. For your convenience, the Sky vehicle rental in Sozopol offers the most convenient opportunity to get acquainted with the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and visit all the attractions in Sozopol. Besides, if you intend to use the services of the nearby campsites, a rented car makes getting there much more comfortable. Renting a car is easy, convenient and enjoyable! Sky Rent A Car inSozopol is always at your service. Our company’s highest priority is to make sure you enjoy your stay and have a convenient way to travel! The Sky car rentals in Sozopol come at competitive prices and allow you to travel all across Bulgaria!

Sozopol is famous for its architecture and its churches (which comprise a large portion of the popular tourist sights). In 1961, at the behest of the Holy Synod, the building of the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius was used to create a museum. It aimed to preserve and exhibit various archaeological materials found in Sozopol and the vicinity. At the end of 1978, additional halls were allocated for this purpose in the Cultural House. The museum has two majorfoci: archaeology (the fifth millennium BC – the 17th century) and Christian art (the 18th and 19th centuries).

The architectural and historical complex “Southern Fortress Wall and Tower” is one of the museum buildings. It is situated in the southeastern part of theSkamniy Peninsula. You can reach it by going in the east direction from the Sea Garden along the street called “Southern Panoramic Alley”.

Art Gallery was founded in 1991. It is a cultural monument housed in the building of the Old School. The gallery holds a collection of 287 paintings and about 40 sculptures created by both Bulgarian and foreign artists. You can visit this landmark with comfort, using the Sozopol car rental services from the Sky Rent A Car company.

We care about the safety and convenience of the people who contact our car rental company. Therefore we only offer rental cars that are fully technically sound. All our vehicles regularly undergo maintenance at the specialized service centers of Sky Rent A Car in Sozopol. This guarantees you won’t have to deal with unforeseen road situations caused by a malfunction of the rented vehicle. This is what distinguishes us from other car rental firms that pay little attention to the condition of their car fleet.

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Historical monuments in Sozopol

The architectural and archaeological conservancy area “Old Sozopol”. In 1974, the old part of the town was declared an “architectural and historical conservancy area”. It contains over 180 houses that boast of the authentic architecture of the 18th-19th centuries. The main part of the conservancy area sits on the Skamniy Peninsula.

Thracian fortresses in the area of Medni Rid, which is a mountain ridge surrounding the fields and the town. The most remarkable fortresses are the ones sitting on top of Atia, Bakyrlyk, Malkoto kale, and Lobodovoto kale.

Thracian mounds

The Medni Rid heights and the coastal hills have many mounds, which are the traces of the Thracian burial rituals. There used to be about 1,500 of them, but fewer have preserved to see the present day.

Ancient Necropolises. The most famous necropolises of Sozopol are situated in the Sea Garden and the areas of Harmanite, Budjaka, and Kalfata.

If you’re willing to neither sacrifice your comfort in roomless and overcrowded public transport nor overpay for taxi services, renting a car is the best solution that will allow you to visit all the sights of interest in Sozopol with great comfort. Sky Rent A Car offers the optimal car rental terms in Sozopol. We have been successfully operating in this market for more than 10 years. The high quality of our services is confirmed by the plethora of positive car rental reviews from thousands of satisfied customers. We offer swift and remote reservations of a rented car in Sozopol, after which our employees will deliver the vehicles to your place of arrival or any other location you specify. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the competence and professionalism of our drivers and managers, as well as our low prices for car rentals in Sozopol. Our company boasts of a wide variety of rental vehicles, which means our clients can find a suitable option for any purpose, task, and budget. Our car fleet ranges from small city cars to large minibusses for traveling families.

Fortified walls (6th-14th centuries)

The Medieval Sozopol was surrounded by a strengthened wall and towers that had been built during the reign of Emperor Anastasius in 511. Many fragments of these structures have preserved; some of them reach 3-4 meters in height. As of today, the fortified walls have been restored.

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Vehicle rentals at Sky Rent A Car in Sozopol, Bulgaria

Rent a car and discover the authentic fortresses and towers surrounding Sozopol. Take advantage of the beneficial Sky car rental offers in Sozopol. Our friendly, responsive and competent team will help you find the optimal rental car for your vacation! Opting for the Sky car rentals in Bulgaria – Sozopol, you get to enjoy the professional and cordial approach of our company!

Renting a car is a great way to fully enjoy your vacation in Sozopol. With the Sky vehicle rentals in Sozopol, you can rent a car at a competitive price. You can place a reservation for your car rental by phone or email. Our employees will provide the necessary information and answer all your questions. Sky rent a car Bulgaria is always at your service! Contact us now, we are waiting for your call!

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