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All the summer resorts of Bulgaria are situated on the Black Sea coast. The water is clean along its entire lengths; in summer, its temperature is warm and comfortable for swimming. The wave height never exceeds 7 meters, and the ebbs and flows are almost unnoticeable and average out at 10 cm. A noteworthy advantage of the Black Sea is that there are no dangerous animals and fish among its inhabitants. St. Vlas is a fairly young resort village. It’s a quiet destination with a beautiful sea, calm bays, and mountains that neighbor on the coast. For people with bronchial asthma, this destination is ideal due to the combination of sea and mountain air. The resort of St. Vlas is located just 4 kilometers away from the famous Nessebar and Sunny Beach. It’s a small resort village widely known in Bulgaria for its wonderful climate and the array of historical attractions located in this region. The name “Sveti Vlas” honors of the patron saint of commerce, God Veles. The patron has been doing his job quite diligently because the young St. Vlas is developing dynamically and becoming a well-known Bulgarian resort. There are at least a few reasons for this – the healing climate and the convenient location. The resort has been flourishing; the village is neat and tranquil in appearance, with its low houses with bright burgundy tile roofs, surrounded by the azure waters of the Black Sea and the vibrant greenery of the forests. The resort boasts of exceptionally clean air that is largely considered healing. It improves your lung function, which is one of the main factors that attract tourists from different countries.

In Sveti Vlas, the transport infrastructure is well established. It takes only 30-40 minutes by bus, regular or fixed-route taxi to travel to this resort village from the international airport of Burgas. The bus line runs every 20 minutes. The fare is 1 lev (€0.5).

But what if you want to fully enjoy the Sveti Vlas resort, traveling between the resort complexes and to the unique sights on your own? The best way to do this is to contact Sky Rent A Car in Burgas – Sveti Vlas and order a rental car.

If you’ve arrived by plane, right at the airport you will have the opportunity to rent a vehicle from the top-ranking car rental company Sky Rent A Car in Burgas – Sveti Vlas. If you do not want to drive the rented car, you can use the alternative option and rely on the professional drivers provided by Sky Rent A Car in Burgas – Sveti Vlas, who will take you anywhere in the village and its vicinity. Ordering a car rental online only takes a couple of minutes, just like a phone call at our round-the-clock number: +359 894 622 363.

Ordering a rental car in Sveti Vlas takes just a few simple steps that do not require a lot of time or a broad array of documents. To order a rental car, you only need a passport and an international driver’s license. The first step is contacting our managers at the above phone number or email address. Name the car you would like to rent in Sveti Vlas, specify the time and place of your arrival in the city, and place a reservation for the rental car. After we consider your application, you will be able to take the car for rent. Our representative will arrive exactly at the appointed time and place, bringing your rented car and the full package of documents necessary for renting a vehicle in Sveti Vlascomfortably. After you sign the papers and receive brief instructions, you will be able to go on a long and unforgettable trip in a rented car from the company Sky Rent A Car inBurgas – Sveti Vlas.

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Attractions in St. Vlas and the vicinity to visit after renting a car from Sky

Bus routes link this resort to such popular resort centers as Elenite and Nessebar, which allows tourists to expand their geographical horizons and enjoy their vacation traveling in different directions along the Black Sea coast. The outstandingly wide sandy beaches are spacious – even in peak season, there is enough room for all fans of bathing in the bright and hot sun to acquire the most beautiful tan. The tourist infrastructure is superbly developed, offering aquatic sports, modern comfortable hotels and shopping malls, and all kinds of entertainment. This is an additional incentive for the crowds of tourists who come to St. Vlas every year. Unlike many Bulgarian cities, this resort village has no traditional seaside promenade – but this downside is excellently compensated for by Mak Street and Tsar Simeon Street. The latter contains a variety of stores and souvenir, fruit, and vegetable shops. These sell exotic fruits at very low prices, as well as the standard southern array of fruits: bananas, melons, watermelons, grapes. Several shops offer beautiful jewelry. Along Marina Dinevi where numerous yachts are docked, there liesMak Street with its cafes, restaurants, bars, and pizzerias. Customers are always given a warm and friendly welcome here and offered a variety of delicious drinks and dishes. All the establishments nestle on the Black Sea coast have a stupendous view of the open sea, which allows tourists to admire the Black Sea landscapes over a meal. The main architectural attraction of the village is the Temple of Athanasius the Great, which was built in the second half of the 19th century. Every year St. Vlas celebrates an array of solemn and festive events; they are held in the open amphitheater called the Arena. The venue also hosts folklore nights, various shows, and theatrical performances. The MarinaDinevi port organizes annual yachting competitions, exhibitions, retro motorcycle parades, street exhibitions, and other vibrant events.

Using the car rental services in St. Vlas from the company Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria means trusting your travels to professionals. More than 10 years of successful operation in Bulgaria’s car rental market have had their effect. We know exactly what our customers need and offer the most favorable car rental conditions in St. Vlas. The swiftness of our work, high level of responsibility, and the professionalism of our employees are but a small part of the advantages of Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria over other car rental companies in St. Vlas. We offer the opportunity to order a rental car from our extensive fleet of vehicles either remotely or in one of our numerous offices throughout Bulgaria, at some of the lowest car rental prices in St. Vlas. No mileage restrictions will apply, and there’s the option for the delivery of your rental car to any city in Bulgaria.

We’ve been following the correct development path in the field of car rentals, as confirmed by the assemblage of positive reviews from our satisfied customers. Over the years, we have ensured the most comfortable transportation for several thousand people, who were very satisfied with our services. Rent a car in St. Vlas or any other city in picturesque Bulgaria to experience the high quality of our services. We are sure you will be extremely pleased with our professional approach and will take a car for hire in Burgas – Sveti Vlas from Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria every time you visit this destination.

Those who can’t imagine a vacation without noisy nightlife and other similar entertainments frequent neighboring Nessebar and Sunny Beach, which offer an array of discos and bars. While you’re there, make sure to pay a visit to the wonderful water park, which is recognized as one of the best in Bulgaria. The resort of St. Vlas has many interesting excursion routes to offer to foreign tourists. The most famous and popular are trips to wine tasting events in Burgas, tour trips to the capital city, Sofia, trips to Turkish Istanbul to discover the city’s cultural and historical sights, and trips to other nearby regions of the country. Those guests of Bulgaria who prefer not to leave the resort have virtually unlimited opportunities for active leisure on its wonderful and clean beaches. Experienced professional instructors are always ready to assist you in learning the basics of water skiing or scuba diving. Fishing enthusiasts can rent a boat or a motorboat and go fishing in the open sea – there are many special fishing places along the Black Sea coast.

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Sky cars for rent in St. Vlas – a young but fast-developing Bulgarian resort

Along with the development of the tourism industry, the resort pays a lot of attention to the safety of vacationers. Throughout Sveti Vlas, there are many cottages owned by major public figures of Bulgaria, and many expensive yachts are docked in the city port. Due to these circumstances, round-the-clock video surveillance systems were installed on city streets – which only boosts the sense of comfort and tranquility for the citizens. In 2006, a large-scale construction project was started at this resort. It was designed to create additional hotels, as well as new shopping and entertainment centers. The construction work has been underway, but it is always suspended during the summer season to avoid a drop in tourist activity. Among all the hotels in the village, the 5-star Garden of Eden hotel stands out due to its exceptional level of service and highly qualified staff. In its territory, there are restaurants, swimming pools, a SPA salon, sauna, gym, tennis court, and several other sports grounds. Other hotels have 3 or 4 stars, but the quality of their services is very good, too. Apartments near the sea can be rented for about €30-50 a day, while the prices in the Old Town are about three times as low – €10-15.

This resort has a mild and comfortable climate with an average air temperature of +27° in summer. Rainfalls are infrequent and do not interfere with the vacationing of the tourists and locals, as there are very few rainy days in May-September. Interestingly, from the beginning of June to the end of October, the water temperature stays between +21° C and +24° C, which prolongs the beach season. In the last month of autumn, the water is no longer suitable for swimming, and the air temperature drops to +13° C.

In Bulgaria, the St. Vlas resort enjoys a major success with connoisseurs of beach vacations, which is a good indicator of the resort’s quality resulting from its rapid and dynamic development over the past 10 years.

How to book a car in St. Vlas online? It’s quick and easy using the reservation form on the website of Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria. To obtain a rental car, you need to fill out the online reservation form, providing all the requested information, and then confirm the reservation. A representative of Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the details of your rental car order. Another option for renting a car in St. Vlas at the best prices is to contact us at the e-mail address:

Offices of Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria are available in all major cities in Bulgaria. This ensures invariably high-quality and swift services to guests of our country. The proximity of our offices to the airports of Bulgaria helps you to save the precious time of your vacation. Consultants of Sky Rent A Car in St. Vlas will meet you at the airport and provide you with the necessary assistance for a comfortable stay at the resort. The company’s database contains a variety of cars offered at the best prices and rental conditions. When hiring a car from Sky Car Hire in Bulgaria , you can be sure that you’ve struck an excellent deal.

We care about the safety and comfort of our customers, so all vehicles we offer for rent are fully technically sound. Our fleet of rental cars regularly undergoes maintenance and servicing. This guarantees the utmost reliability of the vehicle during your journey to any attractions or places of interest in Sveti Vlas and Bulgaria on the whole. All rental cars from Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria are rented out without a mileage limit, which allows you to travel without any concerns about the distance traveled, without any fear of overpayments for using the rented vehicle. We do our best to ensure you can fully enjoy trips to sunny Bulgaria, plunging headlong into the atmosphere of joy, warm smiles, gentle sunshine and sea breezes for the merriest memories of your vacation or business trip.

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