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Bulgaria has long ceased to be considered by Russian tourists as a destination aimed only at a beach holiday at sea. This beautiful and diverse country is known by all alpine skiers and snowboarders for its great winter resorts. Bulgarian ski resorts are particularly popular in Russia due to their pleasant price-quality ratio.The ski season in Bulgaria lasts from the beginning of December to April. The average air temperature during the coldest winter month does not reach minus 6. Ski resorts in Bulgaria provide tourists with wonderful ski slopes of varying difficulty and lifts. You can rent the necessary equipment in ski centers. And in ski schools, experienced professional instructors will teach everyone to snowboard, alpine skiing, there are also programs designed for children and beginners.

In order to spend your vacation in Tsigov Chark with maximum comfort and tranquility, it is imperative to take care of the transport with which you will travel between the majestic ski slopes and other interesting places of this paradise. Of course, public transport and taxis are quite well developed in Tsigov charka, but these types of transport will not be able to provide you with the same comfort and speed of movement as a rental car economy or high class.

For curious tourists in the Bulgarian mountain resorts, there is a great opportunity to get acquainted with its interesting places, history, beautiful nature, folklore of the Bulgarians and, most importantly, the daily life of the local residents. In such a small country, which is located at the beginning of Europe and Asia, the vast majority of the great ancient cultures have left their mark.

Romans, Thracians, Byzantines, Greeks, the Ottoman Empire – they all managed to visit the Bulgarian land, they all left here numerous architectural monuments: fortresses, temples, works of art, tombs and mosques.

Tsigov chark is a resort area in Bulgaria, located in the very center of the Rhodopes of magnificent beauty: bubbling streams and rivers, wide meadows with wild mountain flowers, forests of ancient trees of juniper and white pine, Balkan pine and spruce, aspen and beech . It is located on the banks of the Batak Reservoir, among the green centuries-old forests of the Western Rhodopes, which preserve the myths of brave outlaws and young men, the tempting sound of shepherd bells and folk songs, mountain crystal streams, and the fresh mountain air of Tsigov Charka, which conquers hearts with its unique nature combined with the patriarchal spirit, customs and traditions. It is located 5 km from the historical town of Batak, 19 km from Velingrad, which is famous for its healing hot springs, and 150 km from Sofia International Airport.

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To the south of the resort is the Golyama Syutka mountain, which is great for cycling or hiking. From the top of the mountain there is an impressive view of the Rhodope mountain range.

During the summer season, the shore of Batak Dam is a favorite spot for those who love camping. The moderate continental climate and 1036 meters above sea level provide an excellent opportunity for tourism throughout the year. During the autumn-winter season, sunny days dominate. The winter season is characterized by heavy snowfall, and the snow cover reaches 140 cm. The summer is pleasant and cool. The south wind is typical of this region; the locals call it “The White Wind”.

Here in winter there are quite excellent conditions for ski tourism in winter. The resort area has 3 slopes that are equipped with ski lifts, as well as a track for those who like cross-country skiing with a length of 20 km. The Batak Reservoir is 17 km long and 4 km wide. In summer, besides fishing, there are other entertainments: there is the possibility of water skiing or boating. In winter, the thickness of the ice cover gives every chance of fishing under the ice through the holes. The town of Batak is considered a starting point for several tourist routes. At a distance of 20 km from it is the “Beglik” nature reserve, on the territory of which nests a rare species of red crane, included in the Red Book.

There are also other inhabitants of the reserve, such as: roe deer, red deer, fox and bear. On the territory of this reserve there are “Little Beglik” and “Bolshoi Beglik” reservoirs, which are simply an excellent set for fishing lovers, as trout fish are bred in them. Fans of ecological tourism will also be able to visit the protected area “Dupka”, which is part of the ranks of biosphere reserves, which is under the auspices of UNESCO. Here, all tourists and vacationers can enjoy the magnificent forests of 200-year-old white pine, where bears, roe deer, rabbits, wild goats live; flower meadows of sedge tea and Rhodope haberleia, yellow yarrow, yellow primrose and white clover.

For those who appreciate history, there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the remains of Roman, Thracian, Slavic bridges, fortresses, chapels, graves, to visit the “Holy Week” tomb church, where the remains of thousands of residents of the city lived for the liberation of The Republic of Bulgaria during the Turkish invasion.

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Also in the resort there is a 3 * hotel called “Slenchev Tsvyat”, which is located next to the Batak Dam. The hotel has a restaurant that offers national Bulgarian cuisine, quality service and a pleasant atmosphere. The hotel is open year-round and is suitable for holidaymakers of all ages who are looking for peace, quiet and comfort during their holidays. “Slanchev Tsvyat” offers all modern amenities, ecological, historical and water tourism, tourist services, as well as the possibility of family, solemn or corporate events.

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The three-star family hotel “Kalvachevi” is located in the picturesque Rhodopes, near the Batak Dam. Take advantage of a fully equipped modern kitchen, LCD TV, internet, barbecue, free parking, children’s playground.

Hotel “Vreme na Goda ***” was built in the very center of the Rhodopes, located on the shore of the lake. The hotel has a unique atmosphere of style and elegance, and the interior creates a feeling of luxury. The hotel offers comfortable and elegant rooms. Each room has a terrace with a spectacular view of Batak. All rooms are equipped with satellite TV, minibar, telephone, Internet access and everything you need for a pleasant and unforgettable stay in a wonderful atmosphere. Visitors to the restaurant can taste the restaurant with traditional Bulgarian cuisine, visit the lobby bar, the cafe. And for business guests there is a well-equipped conference room.

“Petya Villas” is a complex of quite small villas, which were built on the shore of Batak Tsigov Chark lake. The area of the villas is mostly 2300 square meters.

There are 4 single-storey villas offering three triple and two double rooms, as well as one suite. The rooms have everything: bathroom, TV, central heating, refrigerator and a terrace a few meters from the lake.

There is a tavern that is fully equipped with dishes, TV, stove, music and fireplace. Free parking is available. The resort is also filled with very comfortable villas and a few more three-star hotels.

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