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Sandy beaches, warm climate, real estate in Bulgaria, great offers, low prices – this has become a reason for many Russians to visit Bulgaria. Buying a new house that needs renovation, a luxury villa, an apartment, a room or an apartment by the sea for annual living or a building plot for investment – all this has been pulling buyers from all over Europe to Bulgaria for more than 5 years to buy their piece near the sea.

Once, having visited Bulgaria, it will not become unfamiliar and you will forever have a feeling of a wonderful feeling from the days you lived, as if you were visiting good friends. You will see for yourself that Bulgarian and Russian are very close and it is easy to understand 60% of what you hear. For the remaining 40%, translators will be needed, or you can learn Bulgarian, but you will do it willingly. If you are going to visit Bulgaria, we recommend that you rent a villa or a suburban house, you can by the sea to chat with the Bulgarians, who are always happy to hear the Russian language.
Renting a car here is simple and convenient, with a minimum of formalities when concluding a contract. Car rental helps tourists both in traveling around the country and in walking around the neighborhood of the settlement where they are staying.
The mileage of the car is not taken into account when renting it in Bulgaria, there are also no mileage restrictions (only some minibuses fall under the exceptions). In its tariffs, this service includes road tax, civil liability and CASCO insurance, as well as maintenance of the car, except for the wheels and the bottom.
Price per day for car rental depends on the duration of his stay with the customer. Also, the cost of renting a car is related to the configuration of the car.
In Bulgaria, you can count on car rentals with manual transmission, which are needed for better dynamics, especially in the mountains. There is no need to hope that the rented car will drive on straight and even roads lying on the plain.
If you take into account that local drivers in Bulgaria are generally quite polite on the roads, then car rental will please you very much, however, at the same time, you also need to understand that the motorways are not in very good technical condition, most of the cars are already outdated, so the person who rented the car should be careful.

Where to go in Bulgaria?
Bulgaria is currently experiencing its tourism renaissance. This is because this country has much more to offer than just a lazy vacation by the sea. Here are the most interesting sights in the immediate vicinity of the popular Bulgarian resorts. Not far from Primorsko
Primorsko is a popular resort located in southeastern Bulgaria, which is famous, first of all, for one of the longest beaches in the country. In addition to the beautiful beaches, the Beglik Tash megalithic sanctuary, which is called the Bulgarian Stonehenge, is a must-see. The ancient temple consists of boulders located on a circle with a diameter of about 56 meters. It was probably built in the 14th century BC. Experts say that the temple served not only as a place for performing mysterious rituals, but also performed practical functions, for example, an astronomical calendar. How it was possible to move and lay huge boulders is still a mystery. The entire territory of the former temple occupies six hectares. What to visit in Sozopol?
Adored by tourists, the resort of Sozopol is the oldest city on the Black Sea coast. The first mentions date back to before the Bronze Age. In 1970, UNESCO recognized Sozopol as a protected area. First of all, it is worth visiting the local old town, with narrow streets and historical architecture, this is an ideal place where you can take a break from the heat. A famous architectural landmark is the so-called southeast wall. It separates the city from the sea. From here you have a wonderful view of the waves crashing against the walls. It attracts a lot of tourists, so to avoid the crowds, it is best to come to this place in the morning. While in Sozopol, you can also visit the island of St. John. There is a nature reserve, a habitat for rare birds, including endangered species. In addition, on the island you can see an old lighthouse and ruins built in the 5th century. In 2010, during work in the monastery, a reliquary with the remains of St. John the Baptist was found. Although among scientists there is a dispute about the authenticity of the relics. Sunny Beach and the surrounding area
Sunny Beach is by far the most popular resort in Bulgaria. This city practically does not sleep, for which it is called the European Las Vegas. Although, in addition to the usual entertainment, there are many historical sights around this resort.

For example, Nessebar. It is a city full of unique historical monuments listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the city, you can admire the wonderful architecture and visit the ancient Orthodox churches, the oldest of which were built in the 13th century. In Nessebar, it is also worth visiting the Archaeological Museum with an impressive exposition about the history of this unusual city.

An amazing attraction is also a year-round skating rink. It is located in a transparent tent, which overlooks the sea.

Golden Sands and surroundings.
Golden Sands Resort was built from scratch in the fifties as a typical tourist destination. There are no ancient churches and ancient walls, but it is full of clubs, bars, casinos and amusement parks.

Those who want to spend time sightseeing should go towards Varna.

Here you can visit the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin. This is the second largest Orthodox shrine in Bulgaria. The frescoes and stained-glass windows in it impress even people who are not connoisseurs of art. In addition, in the city you can admire the monuments of Roman, Turkish and Byzantine architecture.

Varna is not only old buildings, but also modern interesting places. There is a famous dolphinarium in the city. Shows with dolphins take place here two or three times a day, and are still very popular among tourists. In the vicinity of Varna, it is also worth visiting a mysterious place called the Stone Forest.

Bulgarian coast – in search of wild beaches

In Bulgaria, although it is visited by many tourists, beautiful and almost unchanged corners of the sea coast still remain.

Bulgaria has mostly sandy beaches, the water is salty and therefore crystal clear, without rocks or rocks. Not surprisingly, hotel complexes occupy a large area of the coastline. It is very convenient for vacationers, but over time it can get boring. In search of wild beaches in Bulgaria, you need to move south from Sunny Beach and move along the sea. The beaches found will be wild with a slight touch of civilization in the form of a campsite or a cafe somewhere in the distance.

Around Sozopol
To find a wild beach near Sozopol, you need to turn left at the place where a small river flows into the sea. On its left bank there is the Laguna Beach Resort hotel, and on the right bank there is a campsite for vacationers. Thus, here everyone will find something to their liking – a hotel vacation or independent tourism. There is a wide sandy beach “Golden Fish”. It stretches for several kilometers, to the next town – Chernomorets. Therefore, there is enough space for lovers of laziness, sun loungers and umbrellas, lovers of sunbathing and swimming away from others.

Lozenets is a small village in Burgas region. Here, almost on the beach, the Tavan restaurant is located with the freshest fish dishes, salads and views of the huge waves that contribute to the popularity of surfing here. Just for the sake of this spectacle and beautiful sunsets, it is worth coming to this place.

Tsarevo and Ahtopol
The farther south, the cities are less reminiscent of tourist Turkey or Egypt. Often these are sleepy fishing villages where you want to stay and forget about the world around you. These are Tsarevo and Ahtopol. Both settlements are quite typical of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Old moorings, boats moored to the shore, colorful stalls and streets typical of old Europe. In addition, Ahtopol is only 14 kilometers from the border with Turkey, so if you plan to visit not only Bulgaria, but also take a day trip to Istanbul, this town is an ideal place to relax.

Sinemorets is the last town on the Bulgarian coast. Next comes Turkey. There are only a couple of hotels and almost no tourist infrastructure, so this is a paradise for lovers of wild holidays. People come here for tranquility and the melancholy atmosphere of the “end of the world”. The local rocky cliffs are covered with green meadows, the landscape is like from an Irish postcard. And of course the beaches. Among them, one is absolutely unique, located at the mouth of the Veleka River. Before it flows into the sea, a few hundred meters it goes along and the local beach boasts salt and fresh water. There are few tourists here and it is very calm.

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