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The heir to the most valuable culture of Ancient Greece – the cradle of the civilization of the Western world. State of Southern Europe, whose history began in the third millennium BC. and does not fade away to our time. Greece, or the Hellenic Republic, occupies part of the Balkan Peninsula, numerous islands and is washed by four seas.

This is one of the most visited countries in the world, because on its territories there is a concentration of ancient historical and cultural monuments, many opportunities for an ideal beach and even frosty ski holidays. It can take more than one month to get to know Greece, and the best way to explore all the Greek regions is the “Sky cheap car rental in Greece” service. Sky Rent A Car offers car rental in Greece at competitive prices.

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Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and the concentration of holidaymakers in this country increases dramatically by the summer season. Therefore, from May to August, the number of charter and regular flights from many Russian cities increases manifold. The most popular route Moscow-Athens is operated by direct regular flights by Aeroflot and Aegean Airlines. The flight duration will be 3.5-4 hours.

Ellinair, Aegean Airlines, Aeroflot and UT air provide direct flights to the second most popular destination, Moscow-Thessaloniki. The flight duration will be 5 hours 20 minutes. There are also several direct flights from the northern capital – St. Petersburg in summer.

Charter flights significantly expand the geography of flights in the summer and provide an opportunity for tourists to get direct from many Russian cities to Crete, Corfu, Kos, Zakynthos and Rhodes. The following airlines operate charters: Nord Wind, Aegean Airlines and Aeroflot. In winter, you can get to both the mainland of Greece and the island only with a connection to Thessaloniki and Athens.

You can get to the tourist cities from Athens’ largest airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” or the second most important airport “Macedonia”, Thessaloniki by taxi or bus. However, the best option would be to rent a car in Greece without a driver to the desired address. By choosing this method of travel, you can save a lot of time waiting for public transport, get to the door of the accommodation at any time of the day and with maximum comfort.

Moreover, by independently organizing a transfer to the hotel, you are not tied to the flight schedule and a specific route of public transport. This is especially true if the trip is not part of a package tour, where the transfer is organized by the tour operator’s company. To take advantage of the many benefits of a private trip immediately upon arrival in Greece, it is best to rent a car in advance.

Cheap car rental in Greece is one of the ways to travel around the country, but for many it turns out to be the best and only one. The transport infrastructure is represented by almost all types of vehicles: buses, trolleybuses, metro, ferries and ships, but it is unevenly developed. If in the capital of Greece, Athens, the public transport network is better developed than other settlements, then in small villages it may be completely absent.

Rail transport is an underdeveloped mode of transportation in Greece, but it is worth using it at least once in order to admire the most picturesque landscapes on the routes running through the mountainous terrain. There is an extensive network of maritime communication between the major Greek cities and islands. Ferry crossings are popular especially in summer, but in off-season, their frequency is reduced to a couple of flights per week, which should be taken into account when traveling around the country in a private car.

The bus service on the large islands is better developed than on the smaller ones. In the second case, the flight schedule is made for local residents and does not take into account the interests of newly arrived tourists. Those who do not choose cheap car rental in Greece actively use the services of a local taxi. It is important to make sure that the trip goes according to the included meter, because drivers are often confused in the streets, and passengers have to pay on time.
Renting a car in Greece will be the best solution if you prefer free and fast movement around the regions of the country, without being tied to a specific time, city or region. Finding a car rental in Greece will take about a few minutes if you use the convenient Sky cheap car rental in Greece service.

Car rental prices in Greece may be higher for local companies, depending on their popularity, tariff scale and location – in large or small cities. If you are in Greece for the first time, you will probably not be able to check the reliability of local car rental companies in Greece without cultural and linguistic skills. On the spot, you may have to explain with gestures and choose transport from the available availability.

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greece rental cars

Tourists who prefer active rest to passive, obviously, cannot do without a private car. If you want to have time during your vacation to visit not only the sights of a particular city, but also travel to other regions of the country, you should rent a car from Sky rent a car Greece.

The Greek road network consists of perfectly paved roads that sometimes turn into flat dirt roads at the ramps, which ensures comfortable and fast travel. Traffic jams and traffic jams can be observed more often in large cities, while in small towns the traffic becomes a little more intense only on weekends.

The most popular routes for travelers in Greece:

Athens, Loutraki, Lake Vouliagmeni, Corinth, Nafplio, ancient Mycenae.
Thessaloniki, Olympus, Kalambaka, Meteora, Delphi.
Car rental in Greece in most cases starts from the capital Athens. In the city, it is worth visiting the central historical sights:

Acropolis – an ancient Greek ensemble of theaters and temples, located on the top of a hill, next to which the Acropolis Museum is located, rich in ancient exhibits found in the area;
The Temple of Olympian Zeus is a legendary building, one of the city’s visiting cards, a monumental structure of antiquity, partially destroyed over time, but has not lost its majesty;
Ancient Agora – the central structure in Ancient Athens, where economic, political and religious events took place;
Archaeological Museum of Ceramics – several museum rooms are filled with interesting ancient exhibits of ceramics and other Arfinian household utensils.
The next point on the route is Loutraki, known for its gorgeous beaches and hospitable taverns. Not far from the city, there is a miracle of Greek nature – Lake Vouliagmeni with healing thermal waters. Rent a car Greece and in order to visit Ancient Corinth and see the majestic Temple of Apollon.

Nafplio is often compared to an Italian city because of its narrow, winding streets. It is here that the main eastern port of the Pelopones is located, and the main attractions are the Burtzi fort, the Akronafplia fortress. The Archaeological Park of Ancient Mycenae is striking in its scope. A tourist, in order to go to the thrones of the queen and the king themselves, will need to go through the Lion’s Gate.
The city of Thessaloniki has many interesting sights, the main of which are: Aristotle’s Square, the Archaeological Museum, a group of architectural structures of the Roman Emperor M. Galerius, the Basilica of St. Demetrius and other religious buildings. The legendary mountain range and national park of Greece – Olympus can be reached from Thessaloniki after 100 kilometers.

The next item on the program is the small town of Kalambaka. It is here that tourists stay for the night, in anticipation of an amazing adventure in the Meteor Valley. The latter are natural structures, also called “rocks soaring in the sky”, one of the wonders of Greece. On their rocky peaks, Meteora guard the peace of several monasteries and monasteries. Those, in turn, keep the most ancient relics of the past, in the form of ancient icons, libraries and other treasures. Dolphs are called an open-air museum, where you can see such sights as: the Temple of Apollo the Pythian, the ancient and Ancient Delphic Stadium, and much more.

The presented routes are most conveniently covered by renting a car in Greece. You can order the services of an individual guide to make the trip as informative as possible.

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Restaurants, Hotels and Sky Rent A Car Greece
Greece hotels

Accommodation in Greece can be comfortable for all travelers, regardless of whether they have come on vacation with a modest budget or unlimited. Depending on the popularity of the resort, the season and other aspects, the price for accommodation in the same category of hotel, but in individual cities, will be different.

The Greek classification of hotels differs from the European one – category 2 * corresponds to C, 3 * – B, 4 * – A, category 5 * Deluxe. Hotels B and C often accommodate tourists who have come to Greece on excursions. The rooms are furnished very simply, there is no territory of its own, and the set of services is minimal. It is possible to stay cheaper only in hostels, private apartments and camping areas.

Hotels in the 4 * category should be chosen carefully, because in Greece they can either match their level or offer services at an overpriced price. If you like to book accommodation not before the trip, but on the spot, it is more convenient to rent a car in Greece and explore several options.

Hotels 5 * – the best in the country, almost always offer accommodation on the “All inclusive” system. They are located on the first and second beach lines, have a huge private area, a variety of services and comfortable rooms with all amenities. The most famous deluxe hotels in the country are the hotels of the Greek chain Aldemar. From year to year, they represent the best: service, accommodation, food and entertainment for the whole family.

Greek restaurants and cuisine

The cuisine in Greece is distinguished by an abundance of herbs, vegetables, olives, olive oil, and wine. Soft Greek cheeses are known all over the world, and in such quantities as in this country they are not used anywhere else. Lamb, poultry, and small amounts of beef and pork are also popular. Some popular dishes in Greece: “moussaka” – a casserole of tomatoes, minced meat and eggplant; Pastizio is a variation of lasagna, Stifado is a stew of meat and onions in cinnamon-wine gravy, Spetsofai – pepper sausages with fresh tomatoes, Paidakia – grilled lamb chops.

There can be no problems with finding a catering establishment in Greece, because in every settlement, even the smallest, there is a cozy coffee shop or tavern. In order to have time to taste national dishes in several Greek regions and compare their quality, you can rent a car and carry out your plan. There are restaurants with Greek cuisine in all major cities and they work either based on the hotel or in the city.

The first option is available to all tourists who stay in a five-star hotel. In this case, there is no need to leave the hotel in search of delicious food, because they cook it at arm’s length. Conversely, with the hotel’s own restaurant, many travelers want to get out into the city to sample the simple food that many locals eat. In taverns and street stalls, those interested can expect low prices and large fragrant portions.

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Cheap car rental in Greece from Sky Rent A Car Greece

Tips for renting a car abroad – Greece

It is worth renting a car abroad only after making sure of the reliability of the rental company. It is safer and easier to do even before the trip, and then you will know which vehicle will be waiting for you upon arrival in a foreign country. In addition, in the case of a pre-arranged rental, and even more so on the spot, it is worth adhering to several important recommendations:

Study the characteristics of the transport. In addition to technical features, an important aspect is car rental in Greece, automatic or with a manual transmission.
Decide on insurance. Its registration is mandatory, because in the absence of a document, you will incur significant financial losses in the event of any unpleasant circumstances.
Car rental in Greece reviews can significantly help with the choice of a specific rental company, especially if a person is traveling around the country for the first time. In any case, it is better to choose an accredited rental company than to entrust your finances and health to private individuals.
Clarify the conditions for the distance of travel. The closer the car is to the rental point, the more trust the lessor has. It is important to coordinate long-distance trips in advance so as not to receive an impressive bill on the day the car is returned.
Choose the best car rental conditions in Greece. The most popular service is early car booking. The tariffs are minimal; you can choose a car model from a large assortment or compare your favorite models.
All the advantages of car rental Greece from Sky car hire Greece:

any travel itinerary – you make the program for the day and can change it at any time of the day;
favorable rental price – one of the best among all competitors;
booking a car in advance means choosing a model at the most favorable rate and from the full range of the vehicle fleet;
we take into account all wishes – we offer exactly the vehicle that will fully meet your needs;
reliability and safety – together with renting a car, you get the opportunity to take out insurance from the proposed types, available – documents for the entire vehicle fleet;
easy car rental in the system and the best cost – you just need to choose a car and pay for the rental, everything else is the task of our specialists.
Taking advantage of our car rental services from Sky Rent A Car Greece, be sure of the best price for car rental, high level of comfort and absolute safety on Greek roads.

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