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Airports in Istanbul

Istanbul is a unique ancient city. There are a variety of entertainment options for tourists. Therefore, having arrived in this beautiful city, you definitely will not have to sit in one place! The city is full of sights and interesting places, and in order to have time to visit them, it is best to use the services of car rental with Sky car hire Istanbul Airport. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey – the industrial, commercial, economic and cultural center of the country, and is also one of the largest cities in the world. Book a car from Sky car hire Istanbul Airport company in Istanbul Airport before your arrival in the country, so your vacation will be comfortable and pleasant. Our representatives will meet you at the airport in Istanbul, provide you with all the necessary information, a city map and everything else for the comfortable use of a car for rent.
Istanbul has two airports “Ataturk” and “Sabiha Gokcen”, the plans of the local authorities include the construction of a third airport. However, at the moment, Ataturk and Sabiha Gokcen airports are the air gates for tourists and guests of the city. If you decide to come to Istanbul for a vacation or for your business, then you cannot do without a car in this huge metropolis. Book a car from Sky car rental company at Istanbul Airport, online or by phone, and our specialist will meet you on the day of your arrival. If you did not have time to contact us before arriving in Istanbul, you have the opportunity to contact the representatives of our company at the airport, who will immediately help you get a car for rent.
On the territory of Istanbul airports – “Ataturk” and “Sabiha Gokcen”, there is everything you need: a medical office, cafes, restaurants, shops, offices of real estate and car rental agencies, free internet, underground passages with escalators that connect the terminals, as well as communication from the subway. Ataturk Airport even has its own hotel. It is located 15 kilometers from the city center, in the Yesilkei district. This large air hub in Eastern Europe serves about 100,000 passengers daily.
Sabiha Gokcen Airport is the base for many charter carriers. The air hub is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, 50 kilometers from Taksim Square. Known for its punctuality and high level of service on board. Book a car rental immediately after landing your plane, our specialists of the car rental company Sky car hire in Istanbul Airport, will provide you with high-quality and expedited service. We offer competitive prices for car rental, as well as unlimited mileage and all the necessary documents. Our car rental services include: auto insurance, unlimited mileage, 24/7 emergency car assistance, and CDW and TP. Renting a car from Sky is easy and profitable at Istanbul Airport. Contact us by phone or email, the Sky car rental company at Istanbul Airport is always at your service!
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Istanbul city

City of Istanbul (Istanbul), the ancient capital of the former empires of Rome, Byzantium, as well as the Ottoman and Latin empires. The city is full of architectural monuments, cultural and historical monuments. Once, the period of the reign of the famous Suleiman I Qanuni, who was one of the most enlightened rulers of the great Ottoman Empire, became especially significant for the city. Suleiman I was not only a respectable ruler, but also a brilliant commander. It was during his reign that the empire reached its peak of prosperity and expansion – the annexation of Iraq, Libya and Southeast Europe.
Are you planning to visit this beautiful city? Book from company Sky car hire Istanbul Airport and your trip will be comfortable and unforgettable! There is a lot to see in Istanbul, but in order to have time to see at least the most famous sights of the city, you need to have a car. Renting a car by phone or via the Internet is quite an easy and not complicated process. Contact our car rental specialists prior to your arrival in Istanbul. Car rental company – Sky Istanbul Airport is at your service! We offer favorable conditions at favorable prices, as well as club cards for regular customers. If you have to frequently visit Bulgaria, Turkey or Romania, you can become our regular customer and enjoy all the concessions and promotions using the club card of the Sky rent a car at Istanbul Airport. Also, we will provide you not only a good rental car, but also all the necessary conditions for its comfortable use.
There are many sights in Istanbul that are known to the whole world. This is a wonderful place to travel, as you can learn a lot of new and informative things if you visit this city at least once.
You will not be disappointed if you go first to see one of the oldest monuments in Istanbul. The Galata Tower has an enormous height of sixty-one meters. That is why, you can easily find it, no matter what part of the city you are in. It can be seen from everywhere. A huge number of tourists come to see it. The tower was built around the fourteenth century, therefore it has an ancient structure, which attracts special attention from travelers. Then it was called “Tower of Christ”. A feature of this tower is the opportunity to see the capital of Turkey from a great height. The unique and stunning view that can be observed from this tower never ceases to amaze and inspire tourists and residents of the capital. We at Sky cheap rent a car Istanbul airport offer rental cars for visiting Istanbul city, so rent a car from Istanbul airport

The most impressive thing that Istanbul can present to its guests is a walk with Sky cheap car rental Istanbul Airport in the Sultanahmet district. A special route has been created, along which you can see many sights of the city. Starting from the Hagia Sophia, the route visits the best places in Istanbul. It includes the Hippodrome, the Egyptian Obelisk, the Serpent Column, the Obelisk of Constantine, the Sultanahmet Blue Mosque, the Grand Palace Mosaic Museum, the Imperial Gates and other remarkable places. There are so many attractions in this city that it is impossible to see everything, even in a week. It is one of the best cities to stay in and is an unforgettable experience. Since 2012 Sky cheap car hire Istanbul Airport offers car rental services for visiting Istanbul.

There are several things you can do in Istanbul so that you don’t regret your trip. It is certainly worth admiring the mosaics at Ayia Sofia. There has never been a single tourist who did not appreciate Byzantine art. The images inside are so amazing that even those who do not understand anything in art and are not at all interested in history will be able to adequately appreciate this Cathedral.
One of the favorite places for tourists is the restaurant near the Galata Bridge. It is said to have the largest selection of fish. Plus, you can choose the live fish you like and get it freshly prepared. It is believed that there is nothing better than fried fish at the Galata Bridge.

Also in Istanbul there is a special place where you can raise the level of your spirituality. It is called differently, Divan, Mevlevahane, but one of the most popular is the Museum of Literature. In this place you can learn a lot and get a good store of knowledge. But people come to the museum not only for this. Many simply enjoy the atmosphere, which pacifies and fills with a special life wisdom. Nargile became very popular in this place. This is a Turkish hookah. For tourists it will be something new and unusual. This is probably why the museum is so popular. Book a cheap car in Istanbul from Sky car .

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Istanbul provides a good opportunity for tourists to feel the real atmosphere of the city not only with the soul, but also with the body. There are special SPA treatments that will help you relax and forget about all your worries. It is also called Hamam. There you can have a great time with friends and enjoy excellent services.The capital of Turkey never ceases to amaze its guests with its many attractions. But it is impossible to see everything at once, especially if you don’t have your own transport. Fortunately, in this city you can rent a car with Sky Istanbul Airport Car Rentals and enjoy the journey. After all, the most important thing is comfort. You can contact us at the indicated viber wattsapp by mail or by phone to book a cheap car rental in Istanbul Airport online or by phone
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