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As one of the oldest cities in Bulgaria, Varna is famous for its historical landmarks and the inviting Black Sea coast. Having been steadily developing over the past decades, Varna has become known for its historical and cultural heritage, fresh air, and warm sea.

The main cultural attraction is the Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral located in the city center, which is remarkable for its unique vibrant fresco paintings, carved wood elements, iconostases, and stained glass windows. The Archaeological Museum displays a vast collection of artifacts, icons, weapons, murals, and ancient gold items that represent the city’s historical past. Foreign tourists are particularly interested in visiting the Roman baths (thermae). Constructed in the epoch of the emperor Hadrian, they continue to amaze visitors with their special spacious rooms and the heating system that was highly innovative for its time.

If you decide to spend your vacation in Varna, you can visit the numerous local parks, enjoy the fresh air and fascinating natural treasures. Noteworthy is the Seaside Garden that covers an area of about 8 km. Here, every visitor can come down to the seashore to see the Aquarium, which was conceived and built by King Ferdinand in the 20th century. Its halls display not only about 150 species inhabiting the Black Sea but other exotic sea creatures as well.

The marine park also has a dolphinarium, where dolphins deliver various performances. The show has several language options: Bulgarian, English, Russian, and German. The dolphinarium is an ideal destination for family vacationers. Thanks to tours to Varna, you can fully immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Bulgaria.

But the places mentioned above are situated at a fairly large distance from one another, so if you want to visit all of them, you need to find a solution to the transportation question first. You can do this in the following ways:

Using the public transport or fixed-route taxi services. This is a decent option, but you will be tied to the rigid routes and timetables of public transport, which will prevent you from fully enjoying the places of interest;
Ordering a taxi. This option is good because you can create your own routes and timetables. However, there is a high risk of being deceived by unscrupulous drivers who significantly overprice their services;
Renting a car. This option is highly convenient and cost-efficient. A rental car is at your disposal 24 hours a day. This allows you to quickly and comfortably visit all places of interest together with your family at any time. Besides, the car rental prices at Sky Rent A Car in Varna are considerably lower than what other similar companies offer, which comes as a pleasant surprise even to the most thrifty customers.

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The people of Bulgaria consider Varna the Sea Capital of the country, the pearl of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. Every summer, Varna welcomes visitors from many countries. Its beaches attract both foreign travelers and locals. Vacationers can enjoy the sea, the sun, and golden sand, as well as excellent leisure and recreation opportunities: water skiing, surfing, diving, volleyball, and a variety of entertainment venues. For those wishing to improve their health, there are SPA centers, sanatoriums, and mineral pools. The architectural structures of Varna are fascinating. The floating palaces create exotic panoramas. The city is full of various entertainments, which is why there is a huge number of travel agencies that compete with one other and offer exclusive opportunities. If you need to rent a car in Varna, you can contact a car rental company, such as Sky Rent A Car in Varna.

Varna is the largest port city in the country. In terms of population, it ranks third in Bulgaria. There are many tourists on the beaches of Varna, but locals rarely spend their free time here. They simply have no time for swimming in the sea, as they are busy with their work. A similar pattern is observed in many beach resort towns of Bulgaria. Varna boasts of good transport infrastructure. Buses, trolleybuses, fixed-route and regular taxis work without a hitch. But it’s better to move around Varna in a car. If you don’t have a personal vehicle, then renting a car in Varna is your best option, and it’s also highly convenient for foreign tourists. Sky Rent A Car in Varna is a well-established car rental company that has been developing successfully. We are happy to offer the lowest prices for car rentals in Varna and high-quality services. Using the Sky rental cars in Varna, you can easily and comfortably visit the various cultural assets of both the city and the whole country, and take care of all the important matters if you’ve come here on a business trip.

Varna boasts of a huge number of historical, cultural, and natural assets. In the vicinity of Varna and other sea resort towns, there are plenty of interesting and beautiful sights. Renting a car makes it much easier to visit all these places, eliminating many inconveniences associated with public transport. See for yourself how advantageous this offer is. It would be simply unacceptable to have no chance to see all these wonderful places while visiting Bulgaria! By booking a rental car from Sky Rent A Car in Varna in advance, you acquire a great opportunity to solve all transport issues in a convenient and cost-effective way.

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Car hire at Sky Car Rental Varna

Worth noting, Bulgaria is rich in cultural attractions. The Bulgarians know how to preserve their vibrant culture and history, which allows them to occupy one of the leading places in terms of cultural heritage.The terrarium displays exotic animals and is suitable entertainment for all lovers of extreme sensations. Its collection comprises approximately 120 species of invertebrate fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and small mammals, which will appeal to animal and plant enthusiasts.

Acquiring a rental vehicle through Sky Rent A Car in Varna is very easy. To this end, you only need to perform a few simple steps that take mere minutes to complete:

1. You need to contact our rental car selection specialists by a phone call or via e-mail;
2. Pick a car from the catalog available on the site. If you haven’t yet made up your mind, our managers will help you select the most convenient and cost-effective car in accordance with your wishes, budget, and goals;
3. Book the selected rental car;
4. Specify the time and place where you would like to receive the vehicle – in case you do not want to personally visit the office of our company;
5. Arrive at your appointed time and place to meet with the Sky Rent A Car representative, receive your rental car in Varna, and start using it to travel across the city or the whole country.

You can be sure that our company provides the highest possible quality of service and fulfills all requests as fast as possible. Over the 10 long years of successful operation in the car rental market, we have perfected all the necessary actions to ensure our customers enjoy the greatest comfort and convenience using our car rental services.

You can entrust solving your transportation questions to the professionals of Sky Rent A Car in Varna and rely on our services to travel to any point on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Book a vehicle in Varna with Sky rent a car in Varna by phone or via e-mail. Have a pleasant journey!

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