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In the recent past, Sarafovo used to be just a fishing village. Today, it is a prestigious area of the popular Bulgarian resort of Burgas, with Lake Atanasovsko separating it from the city center. Sarafovo continues to develop and build up infrastructure with every passing year, but it is less crowded with tourists than many other resorts. Its coastline is five kilometers long and covered with fine sand. The shallow water and the small number of entertainment complexes make this destination perfect for a vacation with children. At the same time, the resort offers many different options for fans of active leisure.

As a result of the construction of the international airport and the active development of tourism and supporting infrastructure in the region, Sarafovo has become one of the best resorts in Bulgaria. If you plan to spend your vacation here, read below to find out what sights of the region are worth seeing and where you can quickly and easily get a rental car in Sarafovo on favorable terms and with minimal documentation requirements.

This resort is the favored destination of families with children and tourists who prefer a relaxing vacation. The construction of beautiful luxurious mansions and villas is going at full tilt, which is why the area is jokingly called the Bulgarian Beverly Hills.

The infrastructure of Sarafovo is excellently developed; all conditions have been created for wonderful vacations. The absence of noisy entertainment venues and huge hotels creates an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort. Sophisticated mansions and villas occupy the greater part of this manicured neighborhood with 4,000 residents.

The mojo of Sarafovo is its location on a hill, thanks to which locals and guests of the resort can enjoy picturesque panoramas of Burgas, as well as gorgeous views of the Black Sea and Burgas Bay. For your convenience and comfortable transportation, the Sky car rental company offers cars for hire in Sarafovo at reasonable and affordable prices.

After going down the hill and walking along the marina, you will find yourself near the beach that stretches for 4 kilometers. Three paths lead here.

The sandy strip is covered with fine, pleasant sand of a distinct dark yellow hue, which is caused by the high content of minerals: magnesium, iron, and manganese. Thanks to these elements, the sand has medicinal properties.

Vacating here is highly comfortable: the beach has breakwaters for preventing strong waves; sun loungers with umbrellas are installed on the coast; lifeguards patrol the beach, maintaining its cleanliness and safety. Families with children appreciate the gentle descent into the sea. Worth noting, on average, the water temperature here is slightly higher than at many other Bulgarian resorts. Cold sea currents bypass this area and the bay waters are shallow, which is why they get thoroughly warmed in the sun.

The infrastructure in Sarafovo is excellent and includes banks, shops, and educational institutions, while the resort is conveniently located near the airport and the center of Burgas. All of this makes it incredibly popular with foreigners who want to buy property in Bulgaria – living here is highly comfortable and convenient. If that’s what brings you to Sarafovo, a rented car is the easiest way to visit all the real estate options – and Sky Rent A Car Burgas will gladly help you obtain a car for rent in Sarafovo.

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Must-see attractions and landmarks of the Sarafovo resort, Bulgaria

The absence of large hotels is what distinguishes Sarafovo from the largest resorts of Bulgaria. This district is dominated by guesthouses, apartments, and small private hotels. This imparts Sarafovo with a special atmosphere of homely coziness. The resort is the favored destination of tourists who want to spend time away from the metropolitan bustle, taking a break from the incessant urban noise.

There are no major supermarkets, shopping malls, and entertainment centers in the territory of Sarafovo – only small private shops. If you seek major shopping and amusement opportunities, it’s better to go to the center of Burgas, which is only 10 kilometers away. You’ll have no difficulty getting to the shopping malls and entertainment centers with a rented car, which you can obtain on the most favorable terms from Sky Rent A Car in Sarafovo Burgas Bulgaria.

You can enjoy a flavorful lunch or dinner at the local cozy cafes and restaurants – they offer a variety of fresh fish, seafood, and national dishes.

A major religious landmark is found in the territory of Sarafovo – the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

About 3 kilometers away, there is the Lake Atanasovsko nature reserve, which is home to more than 300 species of birds. Migratory flocks stop here for the winter. The lake is inhabited by two dozen species of fish. The floral world of the park is also very diverse and includes endangered species.

Other remarkable sights are concentrated in Burgas and the neighboring cities. Sky Rent A Car Burgas Sarafovo invites you to acquire a car for rent in Sarafovo to explore the most interesting places of the Bulgarian coastal resorts.

A prominent architectural landmark of Burgas is the Cathedral of St. Cyril and Methodius. The austere exterior of the holy building hides a luxurious interior.

On the central Troikata Square, there stands a monument to a Russian soldier, the hero berhymed in Soviet songs. This square is where celebrations and festivals take place, and in summer it’s beautified by the fountains.

The marine park of Burgas is a great place for promenades. Here you can enjoy a leisurely walk along the winding paths among the trees, relax on a bench or in a gazebo near the fountains while your children have fun at the amusement rides and playgrounds, and then have a snack at the food court. An unusual sand sculpture festival takes place here in summer.

A romantic evening option is a walk along the Burgas bridge Via Pontica. At night, the structure has beautiful light accents that reflect at the sea surface.

Visitors of Burgas enjoy taking photos at the Kilometer Zero, which is the reference point for calculating the distance to all structures in the city. Locals call it “the navel”; in fact, it is a plate with markings in the pavement in the city center.

Fans of educational travels enjoy visiting the museums of Burgas. There are many interesting historical exhibits, national costumes, ethnographic artifacts, and archaeological finds. In summer, the museums offer handicraft lessons where local craftsmen will teach you to make tableware, jewelry, and other items.

About 17 kilometers from Burgas, fans of history can explore the remains of an ancient Roman settlement Deultum. Consider renting a vehicle from Sky car hire in Burgas Sarafovo to travel to this unique historical place with comfort.

The ancient Thracian settlement of Aquae Calidae invites you to visit its thermal springs. Guests of Burgas come here to bathe in the healing waters.

You can get closer to nature on Lake Burgas, which is inhabited by many species of birds. Here you can go boating and fishing – the lake is abundant with fish.

Lake Madrensko has the Poda Ornithological Reserve, where excellent conditions have been created for pelicans, storks, and waders. Tourists can observe the life of these birds in their natural habitat.

Families with children will be interested in visiting the peacock farm situated in the suburbs of Burgas, which has several species of these amazingly beautiful birds. It is easy to get here if you rent a car in Sarafovo at the office of Sky Rent A Car Burgas.

This is just a small part of all the sights in Burgas and its surroundings that are worth visiting while vacationing in Sarafovo. The bus service is well developed here, but public transport is often overcrowded in summer. Besides, the routes and timetables may be difficult to understand for a foreigner. Ordering a taxi is a more convenient option, but taxi drivers may overprice their services during the tourist season.

The best option for a fascinating trip to all the sights is to rent a car in Sarafovo from the Sky vehicle rental company Burgas. The cost of the service does not depend on the distance you’ve traveled; you pay on a per-day basis.

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Rental cars in Sarafovo from Sky Rent A Car Bulgaria

If you plan a vacation on the coast of the hospitable resort of Sarafovo and want to visit all the sights of interest, our company Sky car hire in Sarafovo Burgas can offer you a large selection of rental vehicle models for an exciting vacation. We have over 14 years of experience in the industry and our employees are competent and professional, so we can guarantee all your wishes will be fulfilled.

For Sky Rent A Car Burgas, Sarafovo, the comfort of customers is the first consideration. Therefore, we offer car rentals throughout Bulgaria at affordable prices, requiring only the minimal set of documents. You can arrange everything in advance, before you even arrive, and book a rental car in Sarafovo online on our website or by calling us at +359 894 622 363.

Due to the reasonable requirements and low prices, our company occupies a leading position in the car rental market of Bulgaria, and the numerous positive customer reviews confirm the high level of services we provide.

The process of renting a car in Sarafovo takes only about 15 minutes. You need to inform the Sky specialist about the model you are interested in, and the time and place of receiving the rental car. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a Sky representative – you will need to conclude a contract and receive brief instructions.

We have simplified the procedure for registering a car rental so that your stay in Bulgaria is as comfortable and interesting as possible.

The car fleet of Sky Rent A Car in Bulgaria offers a broad choice of vehicles that are in sound technical condition and fully meet all safety requirements. We offer both small models for convenient trips around the city and spacious minibusses for corporate events or large tourist groups. Sky Rent A Car Burgas, Sarafovo will gladly help you organize an exciting vacation, providing you with a rental car of the optimal model with an automatic transmission so that you can explore the country and the resort independently.

For the convenience of travel, you can rent a car with GPS navigation, which will help you map the best routes.

You can book a rental car in Sarafovo from Sky before arriving in Bulgaria – in which case you will receive your vehicle right at the airport. Besides, our experienced driver can meet you upon arrival and take you to the hotel or other destination, or the selected rental car can be delivered to any specified address in Sarafovo.

Sky Rent A Car Burgas, Bulgaria, Sarafovo has offices in every large city in Bulgaria, simplifying the car rental process and providing high-quality customer service. All employees of the company are professionals in their field; they will gladly meet you at the airport upon arrival and provide any relevant consultations. We offer affordable prices and the most favorable car rental conditions. A Sky rent a car Burgas is a guarantee of your comfortable travels across the resorts of Bulgaria.

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