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Devin is a resort village created for people seeking health and vitality, as well as for lovers of direct contact with nature. Devin is the starting point for a special experience. This area is extremely rich in interesting places and other attractions – breathtaking gorges, mysterious caves, bizarre rock formations, as well as protected areas and reserves with rare species of plants and animals.

Devin can boast of inexhaustible mineral springs, as well as a rich cultural and historical heritage. The area is literally littered with archaeological sites from the Thracian era – mounds, remains of settlements and majestic necropolises. Lovers of hiking in the vicinity of Devin will be very interested in the well-maintained eco-trails in the Strulitsa area. The Kaleto Fortress, the Jagodina Caves and the famous Roman Bridge, which was built from perfectly laid river stones without the use of any binding materials.

However, it will be extremely difficult to enjoy the local beauties if you do it without personal transport. Buses or taxis will in no way be able to provide you with an appropriate level of comfort, which is why your impressions of the time spent here may be overshadowed. The best solution for your transport problem in Devin will be the company Sky Top Rent a Car, ready at any time to provide you with a clean, serviced and modern rental car.

Natural attractions

Devin is rich in natural attractions:

  • The unique natural phenomenon “Wonderful Bridges”.
  • The whimsical rocks of Orpheus.
  • The beautiful Trigradski and Buinovski gorges.
  • The local cave “Devil’s Throat”.
  • The wonderful architectural and ethnographic reserve “Shirolya”.
  • A huge body of water.
  • Other sights.

Only 20 km from Devin, in the southern part of the Central Rhodopes, are the famous mineral baths of Beden. 4 km from the village of Nastan, in the Vacha river valley, you can personally see the natural phenomenon “Elephant”. It is a rock figure in the shape of an elephant, which, leaning against a solid rock, forms a hole in the rock with a width of 2.5 – 3 m. For a long time, it connected the city with the village of Nastan and the river.

The Trigrad Gorge

One of Devin’s biggest attractions is the Trigrad Gorge. It is a natural beauty, striking in its size and shape. The gorge was formed at the time when the channel of the Trigradskaya River sank deep into the bowels of the mountains. This has led to the formation of various karst forms and huge caves.

The length of the Trigrad gorge is about 7 km. Its unusual forms are the result of the long impact of the river. For millions of years, she has been breaking down marble rocks and painting her unusual natural landscapes. The Trigrad gorge, with its cliffs up to 250 meters high, is a real find for climbers who come from all over the world to test their strength. In the gorge itself there are many caves (about 150), but only some of them are suitable for study.

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More sights in Devin

For example, the Harami Cave, located on the eastern side of the rocky peak of the Trigrad Gorge, has a very interesting history. It was originally the residence of ancient inhabitants during the Neolithic era. This is evidenced by the remains of cave dwellings that can be seen at the beginning of the cave. Another majestic gorge, attracting tourists, is formed above the Buinovskaya River. The proximity of the upper parts of the rocks gives him the illusion that he can jump from one side to the other. That is why the inhabitants of the nearby village of Teshel call this part of the Buinovo gorge “Wolf’s Leap”. Entrances to numerous caves can be seen at various heights above the river.

Yagodina cave

Jagodin Cave is another priceless gem in the crown of the unique natural beauty of the Rhodopes. The five-story cave with many labyrinths is about 10 km long. We are sure that your breath will stop before the incredible “pictures” of the cave: draperies, stalactites and stalagmites, cave pearls, leopard skin painted on the wall and much more. Of particular interest to visitors in this cave are the characteristic vessels. They are made on a potter’s wheel using exclusively manual labor: bowls, containers for storing various products and vases, the ornament on which is made of multi-colored ocher in combination with graphite.

The Devil’s Bridge

The natural phenomenon “Devil’s Bridge” can be seen not far from the Yagodin Cave. This stone bridge connects the two shores of the lake formed by the waters of the Borinskaya River, breaking through a gap in the rocks. Stop for a moment, breathe in the fresh mountain air and immerse yourself in the quiet song of nature, enjoying every second spent here.
And to save all the moments of your vacation in Devin, the top company Sky renta car will help you. We will provide you with a car rental in Devin to anywhere in Bulgaria, because we have no mileage restrictions. You can book a car in minutes without leaving your home. The use of rental car from Sky rent a car opens many opportunities for you to explore the local attractions, which are hundreds.

What can you see in Devin?

Devin’s surroundings offer many roads and eco-trails. For your satisfaction, they will open a diverse and majestic scenery:

  • age-old dense forests
  • unique species of plants and animals
  • rocky peaks
  • green meadows covered with fragrant flowers and herbs
  • magnificent gorges
  • waterfalls
  • The Devin Canyon on the banks of the beautiful Devinska River
  • the most beautiful cascading waterfalls
  • Stara Gora reserves
  • Castraclii and Kazanite.

Kazanit is a unique reserve, located only 20 km from Devin, on the territory of the village of Mugla.

Kazanit is a “home” for mixed forests of fir, black pine, beech, spruce and their characteristic plant and animal species. Kastralis, on the other hand, is located in the territory of the village of Borino. Located at an altitude of 1000 – 1200 m, it preserves untouched black pine forests, the age of most trees exceeds 200 years. The “Old River” nature reserve is located in the upper course of the Chair River and includes a beech-spruce forest, more than 200 years old.

The Chairite Protected Area, with its ancient landslide lakes, is also among the natural wonders that Devin offers his guests to explore. The Chairite area, located 30 km from Devin, is famous for its six natural landslide lakes. The lakes are surrounded by spruce and alder forests. The green mountain pastures are full of flowers in the spring and overgrown with tall grass in the summer. The lakes are constantly changing their volume and size due to landslides. That is why the rapid landslide processes have caused the appearance of the famous “Drunken Forest” phenomenon. All the trees in it are leaning in different directions, and many of them are half torn from the ground. In fact, the trees are trying to regain their vertical position relative to the ground, as a result of which they take on strange zigzag shapes.

cheap car rental Devin
Cheap car rental Devin

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Local places will also be interesting for fishing enthusiasts, because in local lakes and rivers such types of fish as perch, red perch, bream, mullet, carp and many types of white fish are quite common. If you are a fan of hunting, do not miss to visit the forest reserves around Devin, where wild boars, deer, partridges, wild goats, wild pigs, rabbits and other animals can be found.

If you decide to spend more days in Devin, then do not miss the opportunity to visit the Bulgarian fortress in the Kaleto area. It is one of the last fortresses where the Rhodopes defended their freedom from the Ottoman conquerors with unprecedented courage. The area of Devin is uniquely beautiful, and the untouched nature here will fascinate you with its beauty wherever you go. Go on a long and exciting journey with cheaper and more convenient rental car services from the top company Sky Rent a Car Devin.

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