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The Kamchia river delta is one of the most beautiful areas on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is located 34 km south of Varna and 504 km east of Sofia. The resort is characterized by its endless beaches, which start in the north from the area of Paletsa and end in the south near the village of Shkorpilovtsi.

The complex built today is divided by the mouth of the river into 2 parts – Kamchia in the south and Kamchia in the north. After all, this river is formed by the confluence of two small rivers. It flows through the forested area of the Longoz Nature Reserve. In the forest there are more than 40 species of beautiful trees and different types of bushes, reeds, ferns and yellow water lilies grow. Some tourists believe that here is heaven on Earth, while others call this area a fairy tale. Now the Kamchia River is a protected area under the protection of UNESCO, the length of which is 40 km, and in some places it reaches more than 5 km. In the reserve, tourists can see deer, roe deer, sea eagles and hawks, wild cats, wild boars, etc.

If the desired city is not familiar to you and you do not want to deal with finding addresses and directions, then a more convenient way for you is to rent a car in Kamchia with a GPS system and automatic transmission. To make your stay in the city unforgettable, interesting, comfortable and exciting, you just need to contact Sky rent a car Varna and place an order for a car rental without a deposit and without a credit card, which will please you. The process of ordering a cheap rental car in Kamchia on the Internet will take you just a few minutes, in fact, as a phone call to our 24/7 hotline: ☎ +359 894 622 363.

If you choose Sky rent a car Varna, then you will undoubtedly make the best choice among the many companies that offer car rental in Kamchia, as our company will provide you with affordable car rental for your hassle-free and relaxing travel throughout Bulgaria. When choosing a rental car in Kamchia, keep in mind that Sky rent a car Varna, if necessary, offers additional equipment for the rental car, namely: snow chains, roof rack, GPS system, child seats and many others.

During the festive season in Kamchia there is a constant transport from Varna, as well as from the nearby villages. The Sky rent a car Varna company provides car rental services. Water transport on the river is wonderful. Renting a boat at the lowest prices from is not only a mode of transportation but also a tourist attraction.

The Shkorpilovtsi resort complex is located near the village and extends all the way to White Cape. It has two campsites – “Horizon” and “Izgrev”. The territory is quite free. Both in the village and in the campsites there are many restaurants. Walking on foot, you can see the Black Cape stretching out over the sea, with its centuries-old oak forest and cool water springs.
Even closer to the south there is a bay with a fountain in the Black Cape, and on the opposite side there are limestone cliffs of the White Cape. Closer to the north of Kamchia is the village of Bliznatsi (5 km from the coast), and to the southwest – Novo and Staro Oryahovo, near which there are many holiday houses.

The Kamchia resort is located near the village of Dolen Bliznak, only 25 km south of the city of Varna. The resort is quite famous among tourists. Popular among various vacation spots, for example, the most famous are the mouth of the Kamchia River and the Romantika complex, which is located near the center of the resort and the confluence of the river with the Black Sea.

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Contacting the company Sky rent a car Varna means renting a car from professionals in their field. For more than 10 years, we have been working successfully in the field of car rental not only in Kamchia, but also throughout Bulgaria, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews about cars for rent in Kamchia from our happy customers to whom we offer you. Make sure that renting a car from Sky rent a car Varna will be your best investment in your comfort and safety.

The Kamchia Reserve is located along the lower reaches of the Kamchia River (the territory of the Kamchia Sands) and was declared a reserve in 1951 to preserve the largest secular forest in the Republic of Bulgaria. The task of the reserve is to preserve the natural appearance of the forest, which in places reaches 50 m in height. Trees grow here, most of which are already 150 years old or even older. The vines that form a canopy in the moist areas of the forest attract considerable attention from tourists. In the river you can find yellow lilies and other aquatic plants.

Over 200 species of birds live in the reserve, 55 of which are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria. Kamchia Nature Reserve is the only place where many rare birds survive the winter. Among the birds rare for Europe and Bulgaria that breed in this reserve can be mentioned: the orko falcon, black stork, wasp eater, big hawk, etc. In the forest you can also find many types of animals: deer, wild goats, wild boars, wild cats, foxes, etc.

In terms of conservation interest, the otter is included in the European Red List. Approximately 40 species of fish, 9 of which migrate from the Black Sea, and 8 species are listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria. The flooded coastal forests along the delta of the Kamchia River belong to the boundaries of the reserve of the same name. Today, they are the most representative forest specimens found in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. This ecosystem has a unique character resulting from the special structure of the composition of ecological conditions and forest vegetation in which it develops actively and very interestingly.

If you arrived by plane, even before you arrive at the airport in Varna, you have the opportunity to rent a car from Sky rent a car Varna. You can use another option – rely on Sky’s professional drivers rent a car Varna, who quickly and safely they will take you anywhere in the city. Also, Sky Rent a Car Varna provides services for the delivery of a rental car in Kamchia to your address or Hotel, and the ordered rental car will be on the spot at the specified time and at the specified address.

Kamchia occupies a special place among other resorts in Bulgaria. Located at the mouth of a river and a short journey from the enchanting Longoz Nature Reserve, this resort stands out for its unique beauty. In addition to architectural and natural features, this resort is distinguished by a unique climate. Here, the sea, mountain and forest air is incredibly combined, and the healing mineral springs and the water in the sea are several degrees warmer than in other regions of beautiful Bulgaria.

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Tourist attractions in the vicinity of Kamchia Bulgaria

The nature of Kamchia is actually one of the most picturesque and interesting places along the coast of the entire Black Sea. By visiting this resort, you can not only enjoy the healing air of these places, but also swim in the warm sea. At the same time, there will always be interesting sights around you that are worth seeing properly. For this, a large number of excursion companies work on the territory of the resort, offering to fully enjoy the stay in the picturesque resorts of Bulgaria.

In addition, the price of excursions in this region of the country is still very affordable. Sky rent a car Varna is a company created by professionals with motivation and extensive experience in renting cars in Varna and throughout Bulgaria. Depending on your needs and wishes, our specialists will advise you on choosing an economical rental car. The company’s managers will provide you with the necessary information for the trouble-free use of the services of Sky Rent a Car Varna.

Sky renta car Varna offices for car rental in Bulgaria are located in all major cities of Bulgaria. This guarantees high quality and fast service to the guests who come to Bulgaria. The close location of the offices to the airports in Bulgaria will save you time for car rental services.

The consultants of Sky Rent a Car Varna will meet you at the airport and provide you with the necessary assistance for a successful stay in the city. The company has a variety of cars at the best prices and conditions. Renting a car in Kamchia from Sky rent a car Varna, you can be sure that you have made a very good deal.

The periodic flooding of the river and the swampy area of the local forests somehow resemble the tropical climate of this resort. Everywhere you can find a riot of greenery, lianas hanging from the branches and high humidity. You can always go on a river trip by taking a boat with you. By the way, this is a very popular pastime among visiting tourists, although it is possible to move around the reserve by land transport, for example, jeeps, thanks to which you can see a large number of picturesque places in a fairly short time and, possibly, meet some rare birds or animals of which there are many.

The delta of the river of the same name belongs entirely to the protected area, so such cases are not uncommon. Of more than 200 species of representatives of the local fauna, most of them are listed in the Red Book and are under special protection of the state. This territory was declared a reserve in 1951, and in 1977 it was added to the list of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves under a special program implemented by UNESCO, the aim of which is to preserve unique natural ecosystems, which in this case is the lower stream of the forests of Kamchia.

If you want to enjoy the resort of Kamchia, tour the resort complexes and unique sights by yourself, you can do it in the best way by contacting Sky Rent a Car Varna to order a car rental in Kamchia.

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Cheap cars for rent in Kamchia from the company Sky Rent a Car Varna

Booking a car hire in Kamchia online is quick and easy using the booking form on the Sky Rent A Car website. To rent a car, you need to fill in the reservation form with all the necessary data and after completion confirm the rental car reservation. A Sky Rent a Car Varna representative will contact you as soon as possible to agree on all the details of your rental car order. Another option to rent a car in Kamchia at the best prices is to contact us by email: or on our phone: ☎ +359 894 622 363.

This company offers a very wide range of services in the field of car rental.
– Rent a car in Bulgaria quickly, comfortably, confidentially, advantageously and efficiently. Sky Rent a Car Varna will offer you to rent a car at the lowest prices on the market. You can book a rental car in Kamchia around the clock and at a time convenient for you.
– In order to deliver the car to the specified address, you must submit an application to Sky Renta Car Varna and its representative will come with the car of your choice at the specified time and to the specified address.
– Car rental with a professional driver. If you want to enjoy a trip without the obligation to drive, then Sky Rent a Car Varna specially invites you to book a rental car with a personal driver at your disposal. All you have to do is leave a request to book a rental car with a personal driver and Sky Rent a Car Varna will take care of it.

– Moving to the city or anywhere else in Bulgaria. The company provides a service for moving a car anywhere in the country. For the convenience of your trip, a professional driver will take care of it, who will take you wherever you want. Sky rent a car Varna also offers organized tourist or business trips for a group of people at the best prices.

The cars offered by Sky Rent A Car Kamchia will provide you with the maximum level of comfort. All services of our company are provided to:
– 24 hours a day in Bulgaria;
– Cars with unlimited mileage;
– Insurance.

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