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Pamporovo is the southernmost resort of all ski resorts in Europe. From the TV tower at the top of Mount Snezhanka, you can spend hours enjoying the picturesque Aegean Sea. Due to the proximity of the sea, the climate in Pamporovo is very mild. The nature in Pamporovo is very picturesque, and the combination of forests and mountains provides clear air. Book a rent a car in Bulgaria and enjoy all the benefits of this beautiful ski resort. The car rental company Sky car hire Plovdiv provides favorable conditions. Choose a suitable car rental model from the catalog of Sky car hire Plovdiv and use it in Bulgaria. Near Pamporovo are interesting places such as the ancient town of Chepelare, which is located in the Rhodope Mountains. There you can also ski or just relax in the cozy hotel’s pleasant spa. Using the services of a car rental company in Pamporovo Sky car hire Plovdiv, you can always visit by car rental the mountain town of Smolyan, which is popular for its architecture, rich cultural life and beautiful nature. In this mountainous area, there is a place to go and something to do. Pamporovo resort is located at the foot of Snezhanka peak (1926 m), and the snow cover in the height of the season up to 1.5 m. There are 18 lifts that take skiers to the safest places in this area, which is a good opportunity for beginners and children. Book a car rental and you will be able to visit all the beautiful places of Pamporovo. If you eat in Pamporovo as a family, it will be convenient for you to travel by car, renting a van. The car rental company in Pamporovo Sky car hire Plovdiv offers favorable conditions and low prices for car rental. The car can be ordered before you arrive in Bulgaria, just go to the company’s website and contact company representatives by email or phone. Using a car rental in Bulgaria will turn your vacation in the ski resort Pamporovo into an unforgettable trip for the whole family.
The resort also provides an opportunity for those who are experienced skiers – the narrow, uneven and steep slope “Wall”.
In Pamporovo, you will enjoy sunny days and not harsh winters. Another advantage of this place is that it houses several healing centers. This is due to the hot springs that spring from the ground in Pamporovo. They attract many tourists. Everyone wants to rest and at the same time improve his or her health. There is nothing better than spending your time usefully.
Pamporovo is famous for its hotels, which welcome tourists very kindly and hospitably. The choice of hotels is quite large; some provide special services such as swimming pools and saunas.

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Modern tourists love to conduct their excursions by helicopter, so you can see all the beauty from above. There are many beautiful places in Pamporovo that never cease to amaze both locals and tourists. Snezhanka Peak is very popular. If you climb to the top, you can see the whole neighborhood.
There are many beautiful and interesting places near Pamporovo that will help you make your vacation richer. The most mysterious place in this country are the Wonderful Bridges. These are huge marble arches that connect the two banks of the river. There is even a legend about this place, how it was created. There is a story that these bridges were created by a huge monster that wanted to harm the local shepherds. However, today, both bridges are safe and tourists are happy to admire the local beauty.
It is believed that Pamporovo is a wonderland. The area where this resort is located is full of tales, legends and stories. They are even mentioned in the literature. Therefore, your holiday in Pamporovo will give you a great atmosphere and will help you relax from the daily hustle and bustle.
If you are in Pamporovo, you should definitely see “Yagodinska Cave”. This is another attraction of the resort. There are special excursions for tourists, so people who know this cave well will show you all its charms. It consists of three floors, and special entrances and exits have been created for the tour.
Another privilege of a holidaymaker in Pamporovo is that he can easily reach the most beautiful places in Bulgaria. It is not difficult for tourists to go on a tour to the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, ancient Parapara, Plovdiv and other charming places where they can spend their time usefully.
From Pamporovo many tourists go to one of the oldest cities in Plovdiv. In this city, you can enjoy ancient architectural buildings as well as new modern buildings. This city will fascinate you immediately.

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For holidaymakers is well offered hotel Perelik in Pamporovo. It is filled with various shops, so they can spend a lot of time in the mall. By the way, you can easily find this place, as it is in the heart of the city.
Be sure to visit the local taverns. There are many in this resort. There you can try local cuisine and appreciate the wine. Bulgaria grows its own vineyards, so the taste of the wine is different from the one you tried. Excellent European cuisine and, to your surprise, very low prices.
From Pamporovo will remain unforgettable impressions and will remain wonderful memories of this fabulous place. In addition, most importantly, you will return from this holiday with new strength and great inspiration. Bulgaria is always happy to welcome guests and creates the best and most comfortable conditions for tourists. Car hire in Bulgaria, Pamporovo from Sky rent a car in Bulgaria will help you fully enjoy your vacation

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