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The following links, you can view additional information about places where you can rent a car, the most popular destinations, attractions and hotels in Bulgaria, look at our tips for car rentals, pictures and video.
Car rental in Bulgaria
Sky Rent a Car. Car hire and a detailed description of the airports in Bulgaria

Seaside holidays in Bulgaria

Unique nature of Bulgaria, as well as public and private investment has led to the current situation of the resorts in Bulgaria who are considered world-class resorts and tourism in this country has long reached European standards.
The eastern part of Bulgariais Black Sea coast, where the coastline is almost 380 km. The tourist season lasts from May to September, but peak months are July and August. The fact is that in June it rains a lot of rain in Bulgaria, and in May, the sea is still cold for most tourists. September begins the golden season, ideal for lovers of cool air and warm sea. Resorts in Bulgaria are rarely hot air is usually heated to 28-30 degrees, 24-25 degrees to the sea breeze also helps to cool, resulting in heat in the resorts of Bulgaria is rare.
Many Bulgarian beaches have received the “Blue Flag” – a sign of cleanliness and comfort of the European Union. Beaches in Riviera, Elena, Golden Sands, Albena, Garden, Kavatsite.
Albena – the most modern resort in Bulgaria, well-developed tourist infrastructure, hotels that meet European standards, many advanced facilities for water sports and beautiful sandy beaches, very popular among tourists with children because gradually becomes deep in the sea.
Sunny Beach has a beach that stretches for 8 kilometers and tourism infrastructure – the resort has more than 100 hotels.
Golden Sands – the infrastructure of the resort is more than a hundred hotels, which are ideal conditions for water sports, and as the name suggests the resort, the main attraction – the incredible, pristine sandy beaches. International prices also distinguishes this resort.
In addition, there are a lot quieter and less well-known resorts in Bulgaria such as Sozopol, Ahtopol Riviera etc. Which are mainly characterized by the democracy in prices and the lack of large number of tourists. Here is the best place for a quiet romantic holiday for couples or parents with small children.
In addition, the Bulgarian resorts are known to have a very responsible attitude towards other children. There are many government programs aimed at the development of children and in particular tourism in Bulgaria, there are many children’s camps, in addition to aech hotel has a department offering terms of entertainment and recreation for children, which is a cause of great importance to everyone. That together with excellent natural conditions, making Bulgaria primarily known for “children” resort.  rent a car bulgaria
The last few years, cultural tourism has become extremely popular among Russians and every year this type of holiday is gaining momentum. Usually the development of ski holidays limited to factors ski resorts – this is not of the cheapest kinds of entertainment. But in the last few years the life expectancy of Russians has increased, and prices for ski resorts generally have significantly decreased. In this case, it’s not about the price of French or Austrian ski resorts that suddenly began to weaken, here things are different.
In Bulgaria began to develop separate ski resorts. The most famous places for rest of the ski resorts in the mountains in our country Bansko, Pamporovo, Borovets, Chepelare, Borovets, Semkovo Vitosha Beklemeto Usana, Dobrinishte Panichiste, Tsygov Chark Ribaritza, Belmeken Berkowitz, Belica. and others. Usually these places for many years, are loved not only by local fans of skiing, but the Europeans. Over time, skiing has become more widespread, and now everyone can go to ski or visit the ski resort and do not even need to travel very far outside their region or area.
For example, for several years in Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad region are ski resorts, or more precisely ski resorts Bansko and Borovets. To which can be added and the tourist base Pamporovo and even situated between Sofia and Blagoevgrad center for youth winter recreation called Samokov. In this case, if you’ve never skated on the ski slopes or are boarded skiing, it is best to start attending these centers, they are ideal not only for training but also for recreation.
Of course, ski resorts and Samokov can not be compared to Bansko and Pamporovo and Borovets ski runs, but in case if you are a beginner you will not find a better offer in order to learn how to confidently stand on skis. And here is more confident skiers can go to conquer Vihren Bansko or Vitosha, Sofia these ski resorts are located on the same mountain. More experienced skiers can easily go to other resorts in Bulgaria, where they will enjoy a more professional ski runs, but of local color.

Sky Travel detailed description of the city in Bulgaria

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Stara zagora




Shiroka luka

Sightseeing Bulgaria

In Bulgaria you can find all entertainment: there are beautiful beaches, ski slopes, well developed infrastructure, many ethnographic museums and entertainment centers. But the main thing that attracts many tourists in the country – it’s sights. Bulgaria ranks third in the world in number of monuments protected by UNESCO.
A popular attraction of Balchik (town, located 47 km from Varna) – Botanical Garden and the Palace of the Queen Mary. 1931-1938 here was the residence of the Queen of Romania.
Castle, built by the Italian architect, is an unusual combination of European and Oriental elements. It reflects the views of the Queen, referring to the convergence of Christianity and Islam.
Botanical Garden is more than six hundred plants around the world. Traces of white stone in the garden before they were covered with carpets.
In Varna, tourists can visit the Marine Park Gardens, a mass grave was built in memory of the Russo-Turkish War. Of interest is a visit to the lake. In 1907 has paved the channel that connects the lake to the sea. Salt water has led to the death of freshwater fish, and today is inhabited only by marine species.
In the Archaeological Museum of Varna can see a collection of tomb sculptures and gold ornaments from ancient funeral.
Melnik – a small town with a population of several hundred people. Unique monuments of architecture – something that attracts tourists from all over the world. The town has only one street, which is located on the banks of a small river. It contains a Byzantine house that looks like a tower, numerous churches and ancient houses.
The oldest monument in Bulgaria – church St. Sophia. It is in honor of the capital of the country. This is a unique piece of medieval architecture of global importance.  rent a car varna airport
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